FAQ for AFL Dream Team 2011

We’ve been asked quite a few questions over the last few weeks regarding AFL Dream Team in 2011. So we thought we’d put together a bit of a post that covers the stuff we know that you may have missed… kinda like the start of a TV show: “Previously on… DT TALK”.

When will AFL Dream Team open in 2011?

The competition site will be open on February 1. There is a countdown in the sidebar of our site! Get excited!

What is going to happen with the byes and Dream Team?

Virtual Sports have slightly changed the rules for the 2011 season to help us cope with the byes. Put simply, we have 24 trades over the 24 rounds and we now have a squad of 33 players (an extra bench player for defenders, midfielders and forwards). There are the 5 rounds where 3 teams have a bye (for example Brisbane, St Kilda and Western Bulldogs have a bye together in round 4). There won’t be any Dream Team league games in these rounds, but if you’re playing for overall ranking, your score will still count. You will need to be smart with what to do here. Check out the AFL Prospectus for an article we wrote that will help you out with this.

Do we get more money in the salary cap to buy these extra players?

Not really. The salary cap has risen, but that is inline with what the real AFL salary cap is. We will have $8,212,500 to spend in 2011. The player prices will be slightly adjusted to be able to fit the 3 extra players into our squads.

I’ve heard rumours of player position changes. What do you blokes know?

If you watched our first preseason episode of our video show, you would have noticed that Albert Lord let the cat out of the bag with a couple of player positions. Bryce Gibbs and Brett Deledio will eligible to be selected as DEF/MID players in 2011. Brendon Goddard remains as a DEF/MID. We can also confirm that Luke Hodge will now only be a MID and that Sam Gilbert will have DEF/FWD eligibility. Stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook as we’ll leak the info wikileak style for you! We will know more when the AFL Prospectus comes out.

When does the AFL Prospectus come out?

If you pre-ordered before Christmas, then you should receive it before January 15. It will be in shops from early February. If you buy online, you’ll get it earlier than you will in shops. We’re looking forward to our copies to see ourselves in print! Published authors! Our yeah!

Your Deck of Dream Team is sh*t! Why did you do *insert players name here*?

Listen buddy, we do who we want and who WE might see as relevant. This player may not have been anywhere near your radar, but we thought they’d be an interesting player to write about! If you’ve got suggestions on who we should do, feel free to chuck them in the comments!

When will we see the next episode of DT TALK?

We probably won’t get another episode up until the launch of DT (Feb 1). We’re on holidays at the moment and massively enjoying the sun! Also, we’re keen for the website to keep ticking over with the Deck of DT. That will finish on January 31. Then it will be full on up until the first game of 2011 on March 24. We will be blogging out little hearts out to help you pick the best team possible and get the results you want! Like a fitness program. Do you want overall success? Or do you want specific results, like a league win? We’ll help you with both… as in 2011, there will be plenty of different strategies to think about.

If you have any other questions, ask in the comments… we don’t know anymore (or can’t tell you anymore, wink wink) about player positions or pricing or whatever. We can speculate… eg. Gary Ablett is no chance to be a MID/FWD like some have suggested.