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Before I begin this latest rant/installment, I just wanted to thank the kind folk of the DT Talk forums for providing me with positive feedback, wishing me the best in my recovery and generally being nice! I could have got slapped around, but thankfully, everyone was kind, so I have decided to let rip again this week…Here we go! (Oh, and Calvin, great Captains again last week! I took your advice for once and it paid off!)

DT was alright with me……..

Well, this week is the final chance to make a run at the finals, or consolidate yourself in the top 4. Lets face it, it really does not matter where you finish on the ladder when it comes to top 4, because there is no such thing as home ground advantage in DT world! Best of luck to all, I say this because im over it!

I have had an “Annus Horribilus” year to quote that Pommy Crown wearing old bat the Queen of England.

  • My First League is ranked 145 off 44133 and I’m coming 15th
  • My Second League is Ranked 81 and I’m coming 10th with a very very slim chance of making finals.
  • My Third League im ranked 1 (Koutas SEN League) but I take nothing from that as it is ranked 4444.

So basically what I am getting at is the fact that I have given up on DT this year! My ranking overall has turned to gooey mush, and the leagues that I am interested in I cant win from where I am!

This lead me to thinking about next year.  With the introduction of The Gold Coast Suns, there is a big problem for us common DT folk, as well as some major issues for the team at Virtualsports. Lets have a look at what lies ahead that we will all need to get our heads around:

The Bloody Bye!

What a massive pain in the arse this is going to become for all of us! It’s hard enough to ensure there is enough bench cover for injuries with playing players, let alone having to worry about an entire side not playing! To make matters even worse, there are going to be some rounds where 3 teams all have a bye on the same week to ensure all teams have the same number of Byes throughout the year! My head is spinning like crazy now!!!!

This is going to cause enormous amounts of grief for all of us when this happens. “So what is the solution Cuz?” I hear you all ask…… I’ve whacked on the old thinking cap, loaded up the peace pipe and turned into philosopher to come up with a few different scenarios that may assist the boys at Virtualsports.

Option 1 – Increase the Bench

The idea of increasing the bench is an interesting one. Having a list of 34 (1 extra bench player per position) is a viable solution. Question is though, do you increase the salary Cap with it? I personally can’t see this solution working (for myself at least!) because I seem to be forever left with no bench cover anyway! Adding 1 more player might help, but who knows….NEXT!

Option 2 – Increase the Trades

Rather than have a maximum 2 Trades per round, make it 3. Then increase the total number of trades for the season to 30. This should assist with ensuring a full squad is running out each week!

Option 3 – It aint broke, don’t fix it!

That’s right. Our game is perfect the way it is. So there is going to be 1 year where there is going to be lots of pain for all of us. The thing here is, everyone is in exactly the same leaky boat! Let’s not confuse the situation by making changes!

At the end of the day, were all going to be playing by the same rules. The thing we all need to keep in mind is our strategy. It’s going to have to be different to this year if you want to get the chocolates! The good news is, Im already thinking way ahead of most of you so you may as well install Cousins Coke n Ice as the early preseason Bolter for season 2011! Boo Yeah!

So lets help the good folk of Virtual Sports out. If you had to pick from one of the above options which would it be?

On a personal note, Option 2 would be my choice!


Cousins Coke n Ice

Golden Stubby - Round 2

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