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Roy’s Real Estate: Round 18

Well, the last round of the season is upon us. So much depends on where your team is placed at this time of year, as to whether its worth burning a trade.

  • Roy

Well, the last round of the season is upon us. So much depends on where your team is placed at this time of year, as to whether its worth burning a trade. If you have locked in a top 4, or are safe in the 8 with no chance of cracking the four, its safe to hold trades if you are getting low. If you need % or a win to play finals as opposed to the Tit Head cup, trade away! Here is a look at what could get you over the line.

I’m going to look at some ultimate forward and midfield inclusions with price and unique”ness” to consider bringing in this week.


Jonathan Brown: It’s been a long time between drinks since Browny has cracked 3 figures but I think he is ready to go. Traditionally against the Cats as the Cattery, Browny struggles to get 60, let alone push 90 as he did last week. Taking into consideration that he scored almost all of those in the second half, I think Melbourne will struggle to contain him in his first game back at the GABBA since his layoff. To think running into finals JB can be picked up for $303,200, you be dreaming… but its actually true. I’m thinking this may be the “semi unique” 140 hit people may need to get them over the line.

Alan Didak: Face it people, Dids is running hot and is a must have for any finals campaign. No longer is he completely shut down by a tag and to be able to pick him up as a forward, its a no brain-er. Don’t be turned off by his annoying “shimmy” which commentators seemed to cream their pants over (losers) just look at the 122 he scored to back up his 114 from the previous week. Apart from the great scoring, the best thing about having him in your team is that you get to cheer for him, and no longer hate him. He is priced at $398,400 and must be considered a bargain, even at that hefty price.

Lance Franklin: Due to niggling injuries and stupid suspensions, Buddy has flown under the DT radar for most of the year. It’s time to wake up and smell the…. um, numbers. In the last month BudWOOD has been smoking hot, averaging 108 and looking unstoppable. He seems to be playing right of the edge of a massive breakout game if a few things go his way. Lancey is priced at $416,000 and looks set for a whopping 100 to get a few teams over the line through the finals campaign.


Colin Sylvia: I’ll start the mids with Warnies mate. Apart from his awesome form, the reason I am starting with him is because you can also select him as a forward. In the last month since recovering from his detachable toe, Col’ has averaged 117 including 124 against the Swans, who usually give his scores alot of grief. On the positive side if you make this selection, it is unique, it would mean 2 people have him (share with Warnie). On the negative side, his name will remain Colin. Priced at a bargain $388,000.

Adam Goodes: While on on the duel position train, I might as well mention my main man, Adam Goodes. While many wrote him off  as he endured a couple of poor weeks,  even falling victim to Chop’s chopping block, he has bounced like all good DTers should. In the last month, the big fella has been allowed to get into the game through the midfield and mix it up with a forward role. well, guess what? it’s working, he has averaged 123 in the last month and is rolling into finals baby. With Sydney chasing a top 8 spot, look for this form to continue. Priced at $422,000, he was at about $322,000 5 weeks ago, so I hope you are good enough at maths to see where he is headed.

Joel Selwood: Hello, people seem to have forgotten about me in the DT world, my name is Joel and I am absolutely killing it. In the last month Selwood has been an elite dream team-er. He had a slow start to the year and many people wrote him off far too early. Coming off an awesome 162 to follow his 118, it takes his 4 week average to 123. In the same period Gazza has averaged 106 which must cause a few Barlow trade regrets. He is still reasonably unique and well worth the $447,600 tag. Grr I hate that word “tag”.

Well, good-luck, may all your finals aspirations come true haha. Use today to give us a rundown of why you will, or will not trade this week as well as your planned scenario’s to get you over the line. On another note, we have an interesting situation in out league where a locked top 4 team could throw a game to help a fellow DTtalker make the finals. It would be a low act, but hey, “whats the offer?”  haha. Is there any dirty play going on in your leagues?



The most successful DTer out of the boys prides himself on his multiple top 200 finishes... nearly as much as he prides himself on his guns! The coach of destROY wants you to follow him on Twitter: @RoyDT.



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