DT TALK 2010: Episode 9

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Highlights include:

  • Around The Grounds and news of the week
  • Boag’s Draught Golden Stubby Award
  • Warnie trials Josh Gibson for his Dream Team
  • We name heroes and villains in the rucks and forwards
  • Chopper is back from Kokoda
  • Some housekeeping including Thursday night start this week

Don’t forget we alternate between doing a 10minute YouTube/Podcast show and a live show each fortnight. So join us on the Thursday before Round 15 for the live show and then we’ll be back the following week with the next episode.


  • good shit

  • I scored better than all of you DT Talk coaches this week.

    I may have to start my own DT advice website?!


  • Quite a nice chop that one :D

  • Thank you Chop! He is pissing me off!

  • AAWWLLLL – so not true fags

  • I love you warnie

  • I liked that DT Version. A little more DT but entertaining, I think you got the balance right.

  • DT Talk is alright with me… Oh yyyeeeaaahhh!

    Good ep boys

  • Villain Defenders – Davis, Brown and Tippet


    Otherwise good ep lads. Def in the boat of having Bartel and needing Gysberts to play…. Koby Stevens in?

  • Good episode lads, great interview with Gibson :)

    • He was good value. Because they used this for their TV show in Tassie, I couldn’t ask how many DT points he thought he should have got for the time he spent with the Pussycat Dolls! ;)

  • Yep, that was a late night stuff up… not thinking when I put that title in there. The whole copy and paste thing gets lost sometime when you aren’t switched on!

  • Hey Warnie great work with the ep, reckon gibbo deserved the golden stubby over Barlow for the effort with the Pussycat Dolls ;)

    Just a quick q, need to avoid a donut in the forwards this week as will have both Brown Dawg and Stevie J out and only Gumby to cover. I have $86k in the bank, 6 trades left and am considering either Brown to Dids or Stevie J to Dids.

    This will give me a forward line of Chapman, Pav, ROK, Stevie J/ Didak, Gia, Brown/ Didak and Pods.

    Obviously Stevie J will only miss 3-4 and Brown is an unknown but get the feeling that Brown will fire big time when he returns, where as Stevie J might be rested and/or hampered by his broken hand.

    Any thoughts?

  • Great work again guys, my biggest concern now is that im going on holiday for 2 weeks and i wont be able to check or change any of my team for 2 weekends. Not good!!!! Im looking at the silver lining, i wont be able to trade.

    Other then that was a good ep

    • No interweb where you are going??

      • Im going to Bali, which is awesome, get out of this cold Perth weather. Last time i went with my mates it was ok, we checked and fix our DTs, however im going with the misses this time, and knowing her she wont understand, and will be like why are you going on the comp. Might buy in Ablett/Swan this week lock as captain and then see how i go when i get back.

        • grow a pair and tell her that you’re allowed to use the net if you want to! say you’re checking e-mails or something…

          • Just tell her that you need to look at some porn, then do your DT instead.


        • You are pussy whipped!! Ha ha! Just tell her your using the net to check your DT. It doesnt take that long.

  • Good work guys, entertaining as usual

  • Great Post guys!

    Breaking news at Brisbane not too far away… Serious rumor regarding a couple of their forwards!

    • WHAT?

    • Are they gay?

      • Im not 100% sure just waiting for confirmation. It will be breaking news!

        • Please when will we find out, i am a Lions supporter. Please don’t be kidding around. I think you might be waiting for the injury report to come out in a hours or so… GOOD NEWS PLEASE i already have David Hille

          • yeah same…winning 1 from our last 9 isn’t great…better than my local footy team tho. We played our best game of the year on the weekend and still lost by 65-75 points

        • They’re probably all going to be dropped or something like that.

    • oh god…this season is getting worse for us. Care to shed some light?

    • actually i bet he is going to say brown is out for the year; or something anti-climatical and completely pathetic like ‘err um rockyliffe won the rising star bahaha im so funny’

    • You’re tricking us, no news on the AFL, only the injury list which states nothing about Brisbane except Brownie’s two weeks away. Hardly ‘serious news’.

      • to be fair afl.com is the quickest website to get news up. But it looks like it was only just a rumor

  • Hille gone for 2-3 AGAIN. Re-injuring his hamstring as training


      • would Warnock come into the blues side this week ? Hope so for cover.

        • do you thnik we should keep hille and trial warnock for now??
          Carltons team comes out wednesday this week so we will know!

          • I pulled a drunken trigger tonight on Hille to Cox after already putting up with Trengove’s shite for a fortnight. Hope I have no LTI’s that leaves me a trade short by finals time. Still seems like a reasonable trade while having Stevie J & Brown in the pine.

  • well hopefully warnock comes in this week and gives me 50 points per week while CHAPPY errrrrrrrrrrr sorry hille recovers from his hammy recurrence.

  • you would fucking think warnock would come into the blues side this week, if he does i will not trade hille out.

  • Hille out……. reinjured hammy on afl site fuck another 2-3 weeks

  • Sorry Dildo haha

  • Very good news for me on the Hille and brown rumours. i traded them both out last round :D

  • will the eagles team sheet be released
    and who should i get any mid under 424

    • Mate there are alot of gun players under that price, Judd,Murphy,Dal Santo, Selwood e.t.c depends who you already have. I reckon Bernie Vince @ 384 is a good buy-Crows should come home strong (believe it or not) and he is their gun midfielder. He will save you some coin and has alot to prove to the club toward the end of the season.

  • I feel like such a dumb c**t, I’ve just realised I can substitute players that are “multi position” to other areas of my team….prob could have covered a couple of doughnuts if I knew this earlier!!! fuckin DC

  • Jordan “Muston” Gysberts – Back (2 weeks)

    • Saw that, and to think he was the only prem rookie choice mid season this year! Did you see that Corey is out for ‘elbow’ amount of weeks, what the?!

      Good to see that Chappy and Bartel are available. I am not so sure that Chappy was really hamstrung or whether Thompson was playing mindgames and resting him.

      • Corey elbow? did u mean Stevie J?

      • Chappy had soreness in hammies apparently, not tear/strain. Rested to prevent a tear would probably be what happened. Hope its feeling better.

  • Baker is handed a nine match ban after he fails to have ban overturned !!

  • hi, does anyone know if there is a prize for winning eliminator, and if so what it is?

  • The word on the street is that Fev had the crap beaten out of him by Jono Brown at a BBQ on the weekend because he was hitting on Sherman’s missus. Expect to see him suspended tomorrow by the club.

  • Ive heard from a source close to several players that were at the bbq brown clipped fevola for being having a crack at shermans missues and then mouthing off!
    he doesnt fucken learn the stupid prick

    • brown got him good i hope

    • Fox sports news just said fev is out due to an abdominal injury, and…. rumours of an altercation at a team BBQ… but… lions deny any altercations happened! Funny that!!!!

      • Yeah, that injury has just flaired up again so he is going to be “rested”. Yeah right……….saves them suspending him and making it all public.

    • Haha Fev…love your work big fella…keep the off field (and on field) antics coming! Screw what everyone else says!

  • nice work lads…. i liked the “damaged goodes” chop, BEST CHOP EVER! also the gibson interview was pretty good too…

  • Sorry this hasn’t got anything o do with the video, but who should i bring into my team this week, gazza or swanny?
    would love some advice