AFL Dream Team Chat and Discussion: Round 10

Wow! We are already into double figures of rounds. This year is going crazily quick, much like our trades… actually, our trades are going a whole heap quicker! Make sure you are all locked in heading into this round. Have you read Calvin’s Captains? Checked out any rookies worth picking up in Chook’s Rooks? Got some advice on trading with Roy’s Real Estate? And obviously checked out the AFL Teams for Round 10?


  • Feck…Barlow OUT!

    • beat me too it! Howlett comes in handy yet again!

      • I’ll get Martin’s 71 so not too fussed. 2/3 of my opponents don’t have cover for him. :)

    • i’ll probably lose all three of my games because i’ve got no mids bench cover. thanks shuey and banner

      • crap crappy crap crap crap. This week has been woeful. Shuey and JKT on bench. defs a FMDT week

    • I’m actually stoked about Barlow being a late withdrawal… Should ensure I get through in the Eliminator seeing as Bartel as captain was a shocker yesterday!!!

  • Carn Mitchell got to 100

  • Buddy on report. With his record I wouldnt be suprised if he missed a week

  • I about to drop outside the top 50. Infact I think i’m about to drop outside the top 1000

  • Is everyone finding this a fairly low scoring round?

  • sigh, ROK and syliva are turning into too major mistakes :|

  • This is the first week im playing against someone who doeasent have Barlow.
    But hes got J.Bennel from Melbourne who got 27 so the fact he doesent know what hes doing works both ways. Haha

  • When the team scores come out, I think there are going to be a fair few DT Duds!
    1725, Cox’nWaters still going, Sandi,Pav,Mayne, oh shit, +Howlett’s 65
    2000-2050 I’m thinking/more hoping!
    My league opponent has C.Pearce so gonna be close now, yeiks!
    He had pods as emerg for rockliff on bench too!!!

  • Waters playing mids? Defs a keeper. Top scorer in my backline.

    • haha yeah mine too

    • He pisses me off bigtime. If he was in any other team, he’d be scoring 60 tops but because he plays for those spuds, he racks it up every week…shit dt f**k.

      • Probably the only eagle with heart, hard at the ball good kick, actually wins a contested ball unlike the rest of his team. I’m saying all this considering i’m a Freo supporter and i don’t have him in dt. Any other team would have him and he’d get more uncontested ball in any other team, what you just said is complete bollocks.

        • Has heart, and is hard at the ball, frequently disgraceful disposal. Josh Hunt is twice the player and averages 60. Wouldn’t rule the roost at any other team.

  • Barlow…….. third week in a row i´ll be copping a fat 0, wtf is up with ROK, is he playing deep???

  • Got Scotland in this week for Kennelly, proving to be a good move after his performance today :D

  • FMDT. What is NicNat doing? Id love Judd, but my Fwd/Def need work before my mids. Fark.

  • Barlow, Mckenzie and trengove all score didnt play so i get 2 donuts. just great. 1851 with just fyfe to pretty good effort i reckon considering 2 donuts and i win my main league game.

  • This will be my worst week of DT, thanks to heath, hargrave, carrazzo, bitchcock (brennan), rok, bartell

  • thanks ellis webberly bartel hille rok barlow rohan carrazzo

    • hille played allright. you couldnt expect 3 good games in a row he played about the same as cox

  • what are your thoughts on keeping burton. will he be good when he comes back? was gonna get ROK but he dosnt look worth the trade

  • Did anyone see Bock injury, does it look bad?

  • Pav = WTF 4 points 20 minutes into the game – was expecting at least 120+ from him against the roos. And Barlow is out FMDT

  • First league loss and its looking like it’ll be by a huge margin too :-(

    Will be lucky to get to 1900 with Sandi and Bastinac only left given Barlows late withdrawal which gives me a big fat midfield donut (Trengrove / Moles on bench).

    Gibbs’ 166 pretty much saved me from a completely disastrous score but I’m already starting to think about DT 2011.

  • Was hopeful that Pav and Sandy could string together 220 for me to drag me to 2k. Looks like I’ll be scoring 1900 tops.

  • 2067 with harvey left to play happy with that in a low week

  • Will be lucky to get anything over 1950 atm. Ive got Pav and Sandi still playing and Howletts 65 still to come in for Barlow.

    At the moment im on 1778/21 (thats including Howletts score)
    hoping to pump out 1950 but 1900 seems more likely the way Sandi and Pav are going

  • In the words of Calvin a few years ago

    “Sandilands, ya weak arse sh!t” Need Sandi to have a good game and get 100

  • 1797 with Pav and Sandy still going. Easy 1900 atleast…

    Still backing Pav for 120.

  • On 1860 with Balla and Sandi playing and Martin’s 71 to come. Hoping to get to the 2000.

  • Hm…Going Balla-Chapman instead of Martin (meant Howlett starts)-Swan/Monty seemed like a good move at the time….

  • Sandi VERY quite……and bloody Duffeld and Basntic are going well

  • This week was the first week ever that I have forgotten to update my emergencies, and it was the one week that I needed my mid emergency. FMDT! I really hope Bastinac has a shocker and only ends up with 40 because its gonna kill me with him sitting there.

    • Shit! I can’t get over that. How bloody stupid am I?! So frikkin angry at myself – frikkin Barlow. Looks like I’ll settle for 2100 with a frikkin donut! No chance to be gunnin for a car with crap like that goin on

  • I am +230 vs Pavlich, Hill, Mayne, Hayden, Suban.. Half of footy to go, I should just have him??

  • fyfe is a gun

  • whats up with sandy?

  • gonna be super lucky to crack 2k this week. Was definitely realy lucky

    i double traded trengrove and mckenzie for montagna and armstrong. amstrong added the extra bench cover for Barlow so i was realy lucky – especially considering montagna smashed it

  • This game is amazing sometimes!!!!
    Harvey, Bartel (c), Gia, ROK, H.Shaw, Carrazzo won’t even average 60 each…………

  • looking at 2150ish. Fyfe is almost a sure to get a gig on my team next week, the guy is a gun!!

  • What is going on with O’Keefe????

    Picked him up for Rooey at the end of Round 3, and he has pulled me ONE 100.

    Not happy.

    As far as I can tell, he isn’t injured. I watched the game against Hawthorn, and he wasn’t being tagged either. He seemed lazy and was just jogging.

  • Hello to the DT Talk lads,


    I’ve not been scouring the forums or had my ear to the radio so I don’t know if anyone has yet given Gysberts a nickname, but as soon a I heard of him, I immediately thought ‘Guy’…Why Guy? Its short for Guy of Gisbourne, the Sheriff of Nottinghams lackey from Robin Hood.
    Now I realise that Guy of Gisbourne was oft made to look foolish by Robin Hood, but he was pretty mean to the poor peoples, so I think Guy fits for Gysberts cos if his heroics vs the yardstick at Kitty Litter Park were anything to go by, he will be terrorising the opposition for some years to come.