Time to eat a Tadhg Kennelly donut

For all of those people wondering what happens with the zero that Tadhg Kennelly ended up with today after his injury, the short answer is… it counts.

In the past, it was a ‘handy’ little loophole in DT where the system counted them as a non playing player… this year, that has changed because he took to the field. This means while he had a zero, your emergency doesn’t get a gig for him. In even sadder news… if the injury is serious and we need to trade him, then he will have taken a price drop as well (his breakeven was approximately 80 for this round).

Here are the details from the rules section of the Dream Team website:

NOTE that in the 2010 competition, players who are actually named and in the starting 22 for any match, AND score a 0 for any reason, will NO LONGER be replaced by an emergency. Their 0 score will also have an affect on their value, being recorded as having played a game.

Can I go a weekend without saying FMDT?