Calvin’s Captains – CORRECTION

Oh dear, bugger me. I am really sorry but I made a huge error in my tired state when researching this… please accept my apologies and I’m glad it’s not too late, please read this correction as found by buckers.

CHEERS BUCKERS… here is the fixed version, my first CCs mistake ever and nearly a BAD BAD BAD one – sorry again but here it is.




Gary has great numbers against the Lion with an average of 123 in his last 3 games against them. His previous score are 140, 88, 139, 101. The 88 though was in his last game Vs them at the Gabba and his poor record at the Gabba still stands with that 88 being his highest score Vs them there from his 4 runs(but his last game there was in ’07). Gary will be a fine choice as captain this week, if you can look past his bad form at the Gabba. I’m glad he still made my top 5 and I’m sorry for the mix up here guys. As I said… first mistake from a lot of number crunching, and thanks again Buckers.