Roys Real Estate: Round 7

Well I’m just about over it! Trading is supposed to be all about fun and filling your team with stars. Once again I am going to have to burn trades in order to cover doughnuts. Mark Seaby is barely a straight swap for a bag of mixed lollies so the 0 created by him must be covered as well as the 0 from Sam Mitchell (scared of flying), Luke Shuey (inj) and Lewis Jetta (likely dropped). I am usually really positive about turning a forced trade into a tasty upgrade however this 1 really has me bored. For 1 I am over the rucks and cant be bothered wasting trades there and 2 the only ruck of any interest to me at this stage was Dean Cox who I fall 8K short of. So, instead of looking at my boring options, I might have a look around the league and see what the market is doing. Lets go shopping!

Weren’t you the talk of the town?

Jared Brennan: After all these years, why were some of us silly enough to think you might have changed? Jared is back to his old Katy Perry tricks again with two pathetic scores of 69 and 59 to back up his two x 120 games to start the year. He now supports a BE of 147 in which he will be lucky to get within 100 if his first half form of last week is anything to go by.

Jonathon Brown: The big fella sat in every-body’s team through the pre season, only to disappear in some by the first lockout. When the Volt went down, Browny was the perfect answer. It was a chance to right your wrongs and get back on the train, especially considering his career best form. Well that score of 38 vs Melbourne and a month since scoring 100 has Brown Dawg facing a BE of 139. Maybe if you were playing the blues mate!

If you dont grab em’ this week, it could be too late!

Paul Bower: What? did you just read that correctly? surely not, go back and have another look. Oh my goodness, yes it is a Dream Team article about Paul Bower (he plays for Carlton). Brett Ratten has the Blues boys running hard out of defence and Bower seems to be on the end of a lot of it. He definitely falls into the role change category and with an average of  112, 92% game time and 0.9 points per minute, how can you ignore him? His break even is 4 so he is sure to rise rookie style this week.

Ryan Hargrave:Finally, the moment I have been waiting for and I cant do anything about it. Ryan is ripe for the picking this week after dropping $117 thousand and coming off a nice 100. I have actually been so excited to do this trade for weeks and now it has been taken from me. You will never see a quality backman this cheep again. He is 292,100 with a BE of 39. Sniff sniff, enjoy scabs.

Dare me to do it? Someone please dare me to trade him!

Sam Mitchell: Hot tip Sam, it doesn’t do much for player-coach relations when you come off the ground early in a match saying it is only precaution, and then we don’t see you again for a month. Compounded by the fact that this week you pull the pin due to being scared of a four hour flight. After this weeks game, Mitchell has contributed an average of 16.5 points per week in four matches (similar to the rookies I have covering him). Not good enough! Had we known you were this soft, the pin may have been pulled weeks ago. Stop leading us on and have a warm tinnie of HARDEN UP.

Leon Davis: Wanted a unique premium? Lets hope you looked elsewhere. Leon has had a really bad run so far this year dropping over $115 thousand and thats just the start of it. If you did pick him, I think its best to stick with it, there is no value in a trade now and he will be sure to turn it around at some stage soon. If you don’t have him, a price that low and a BE of 144 leaves him as an attractive straight swap option in the coming weeks.

Well hopefully some of you out there are in a position to enjoy your trades. Either way, please share your plans as I waste another trade getting my third ruck in Seaby’s position for the year.