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“No, I don’t think so” – Sam Mitchell

Sam Mitchell is a hot chance to miss this week match Vs the Eagles… AGAIN. Since he missed the losses to North Melbourne and Essendon and is almost certain to sit out against West Coast as well.

Sam Mitchell was asked on Thursday morning if he was a chance to make his way West.

“No, I don’t think so,” he said,,, WHAT!!! Oh Sam I’m mad!!

He went on to say…. “I’ve been fighting with the medical staff all week, but I think they’re on the side of caution when you’ve got to fly over to Perth.”

Apparently the 4 hour flight is too demanding… ok then, lets wrap him in cotton wool and sit him on bubble wrap, can’t handle a plane trip, what have these tough footballers turned in to?

Bugger me, this better be a bluff

GOOD news for Buddy Franklin  fans…

Buddy suffered an injury scare on Wednesday when he rolled an ankle at training.

“[The] ankle’s good.” he said. “I’ll be right to play.” – Good to hear Bud, careful on the flight though! These big flights are risky!! ARRRGGG.



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