Official AFL Injury Update: Ahead of Round 7

The latest injury lists are now in from the clubs. Mathew Boyd isn’t on there, Sam Mitchell is listed as a test, Joel Corey is now listed as 1-2 weeks and bloody Luke Shuey is still 1-2 weeks with his knee. Check out the list and start stressing about whether your players will play or not.

James Craig (hamstring) – 3 weeks
Patrick Dangerfield (hand) – 2 weeks
Ricky Henderson (hamstring) – 1 week
Trent Hentschel (knee) – TBC
Jarrhan Jacky (hamstring) – 4-5 weeks
Chris Knights (foot) – test
David Mackay (groin) – test
Brodie Martin (knee) – indefinite
Brad Moran (knee) – indefinite
Andy Otten (knee) – season
James Sellar (hamstring) – 2 weeks
Sam Shaw (shin) – 2 weeks
Rory Sloane (ankle) – test
Brad Symes (knee) – indefinite

Jamie Charman (ankle) – 2-4 weeks
Xavier Clarke (knee) – indefinite
Daniel Merrett (hamstring) – 1 week
Justin Sherman (thigh) – test

Brad Fisher (knee) – 3-4 weeks
Shaun Grigg (ankle) – 2 weeks
Richard Hadley (knee) – 2 weeks
Shaun Hampson (hamstring) – test
Andrew Walker (collarbone) – 6 weeks

Anthony Corrie (knee) – test
Brad Dick (shoulder) – test
Tristan Francis (quad) – 2-3 weeks
Josh Fraser (knee) – test
John McCarthy (hamstring) – 2-3 weeks
Sean Rusling (calf) – 1-2 weeks
Ben Sinclair (concussion) – test

Darcy Daniher (quad) – 1 week
Ricky Dyson (knee) – 4-6 weeks
Michael Hurley (knee) – test
Tayte Pears (arm) – 3-4 weeks
Kyle Reimers (thumb) – 3-4 weeks

Antoni Grover (knee) – test
Des Headland (knee) – 8 weeks
Garrick Ibbotson (shoulder) – 2-4 weeks
Nick Suban (ankle) – test

Gary Ablett (hamstring) – test
Joel Corey (knee) – 1-2 weeks
Brad Ottens (foot) – 6-8 weeks
Steven Motlop (shoulder) – 9 weeks
Max Rooke (knee) – 1-2 weeks
Matthew Scarlett (back) – test

Max Bailey (knee) – TBC
Shaun Burgoyne (jaw) – 1-2 weeks
Josh Gibson (hamstring) – 8-9 weeks
Rhan Hooper (hamstring) – test
Luke Lowden (groin) – 3-4 weeks
Sam Mitchell (hamstring) – test
Wayde Skipper (hamstring) – 1-2 weeks
Simon Taylor (fractured leg) – TBC
Travis Tuck (foot) – test

Rohan Bail (quad) – test
Max Gawn (knee) – indefinite
Liam Jurrah (shoulder) – 8  weeks
John Meesen (ankle) – 4-6 weeks
Cale Morton (knee) – test
Ricky Petterd (shoulder) – 16 weeks
Luke Tapscott (hip) – indefinite

Matt Campbell (ankle) – 2-3 weeks
Drew Petrie (foot)-  2-3 weeks
Ben Ross (hip) – TBC
Ben Speight (broken jaw) – TBC
Gavin Urquhart (knee) – 2 weeks

John Butcher (back) – indefinite
Nathan Krakouer (groin) – test
Marlon Motlop (foot) – indefinite
Jasper Pittard (hamstring) – 2-3 weeks
Matthew Westhoff (groin) – 1-2 weeks


Trent Cotchin (hip) – test
Dylan Grimes (eye) – TBA
Dustin Martin (soreness) – test
Richard Tambling (hamstring) – test
Troy Taylor (knee) – TBA

Jason Gram (hip) – test
Luke Miles (stress fracture fibula) – indefinite
Nick Riewoldt (hamstring) – 10-14 weeks
Jesse Smith (ankle) – indefinite

Craig Bird (foot) – 2-3 weeks
Craig Bolton (achilles) – 7-8 weeks
Daniel Hannebery (shoulder) – 1-2 weeks
Ben McGlynn (quad strain) – test/ 1 week
Brett Meredith (knee) 1-2 weeks
Jake Orreal (back soreness) – indefinite
Mark Seaby (ankle) – 12 weeks
Kristin Thornton (knee) – 2-3 weeks

Tim Houlihan (foot) – 5 weeks
Brett Jones (arm) – 2-3 weeks
Daniel Kerr (hamstring) – 10 weeks
Chris Masten (knee) – TBA
Ryan Neates (finger) – 5 weeks
Luke Shuey (knee) – 1-2 weeks
Ashley Smith (quad) – test

Tim Callan (knee) – 1 week
Ayce Cordy (shoulder) – TBA
Christian Howard (hip) – 1 week
Brad Johnson (groin) – TBA
Liam Picken (ankle) – 3-4 weeks
Shane Thorne (knee) – 11 weeks
Jason Tutt (ankle) – 1 week
Callan Ward (groin) – 4 weeks


  • If Gram doesn’t get named this week, he’s getting the chop.

    • gahhhhh same with furrrkkking shuey named as 1-2 weeks AGAIN

      • Yeah it is frustrating hey, but i would still hold on to Shuey as he has a super low BE and will be good for a later downgrade/upgrade as he is still to rise a bit!

  • Do we trade riewoldt back in when he comes back?

    • I wouldn’t trade him back in straight away. If u wait a week or two his scores might not reach his BE, which means his price will drop :)

      • Thats what i call planning for the future!!! He is a gun, if you have trades to burn at that stage – he defnitely will help you come finals time. For me, waaaay to early to determine what I’ll be doing come round 17-21!!

      • Good call. Depends when/if he actually comes back too… He might not be back til round 20 or something shit still! I wouldn’t be surprised if he misses the rest of the season to be honest…

  • Hope shuey gets back soon! No vid this week lads? piss poor effort.

    • Well its not ideal but they have lives to live and jobs to do. While running the star may be fun to run it most certainly isn’t there main income. So think before you critise

      • ooh no video for a week why dont you make one with your mates ayy . fck u got none ay bro

      • I was just taking the piss, you are the cum your mother should have swallowed Ben. Get a life

        • Right now Im the bad guy? You seem like a logical one…….

          Interesting to see Joel Corey as 1-2 weeks. Would think he he would have been back

        • feel free to make your own video, muppet

      • I’d say they’d be making some money, from ads.

        • Very minimal. Pays for the hosting and a few beers, that’s about all! Any money we make goes back into the website. At the moment we’re trying to save up for a better quality video camera with a mic.

          • Just buy more beers.

          • Shit, you guys must at least get a discount on those Tassie frothies that sit on your desk (very briefly in Warnie’s case)

    • Its only Tuesday too – give them a chance, it might turn up later in the week. For a FREE site its bloody awesome!

      • No ep this week though. Been crazy with work and a slightly stressful situation over the weekend. We’ll have a ripper one next week for you! ;)

  • Mitchell better play!!

  • Maritn better play, can’t the doctors down at WCE count higher than 2? Would have been nice if they told us that Shuey was going to be out for 6 weeks….

    • yeah would like to know wtf is going on with him..

    • yeah i figured it was more than 2, traded him out a few weeks ago

      • Same here, when I heard it was a knee I was worried, and I was facing a donut so I took the quick grab of cash and got Moles in – geez it’d be nice if he’d get a game!

    • Had heard that he was out for 6 weeks in the rooms the week after he was injured from a club official. Thought I may have posted this somewhere, maybe was on FanFooty.

      Anyhow, I traded him out as soon as I found that out. I still reckon he will be another few weeks away,

  • hams in for Maguire
    judd in for davis

    i know i probably should have held onto davis to let him prove to me why i picked him in the first place but the guy has made me more and more angry each week

  • Regarding Sam Mitchell, Chanel 9 sports report tonight suggested Mitchell trained today away from the main group and was unlikely to play this weekend.

    • As someone said before… with a trip to WA, they mightn’t risk it?! Sucks for Mitchell owners!

      • seems like it must have been a low-grade tear rather than just tightness…don’t know why some clubs think they gain anything by playing ducks and drakes

        • i figure the hawks desparately need him to play so i reckon he is a good chance to be back

  • Anyone know what happened to Jordie Mckenzie last weekend, he’s not on any injury list and havent heard a reason??

    • General soreness, being a late withdrawal was a bitch though, surely they’d know he was generally sore on Thursday!!

    • I haven’t heard anything, but it could have been a match up problem. Bailey may have thought Rivers would be better for a particular role. Just a theory, but it does happen…or maybe he was caught talking to the Gold Coast, seems to be a popular theory for some other players being dropped.

      • Yeah i didn’t exactly hear the rumour along those lines, but supposedly the “general soreness” surrounding McKenzie was more of a discipline problem than actually coming out and saying it straight to the media. He is in my team as well so i also got burnt not knowing it till last minute!

        • yeah isnt general soreness just a cover for being dropped or rested for another reason

  • well my hand has been forced on the ottens trade, was hoping to wait another week or 2 for sandi’s 88 to filter thru but i guess i’ll have to trade now.

    with a bastinac downgrade to howlett u need just 14k in the bank to do it.

  • Good to see Danger is only 2 weeks. Hopefully he plays then and becomes my cash cow he promised to be. As long as Pods or Rockliff play i’m happy to keep him on the pine!

  • off topic but did hill get looked at this week at the tribunal

  • Bah Mitchell still not going to play wtf…?

    Why do coaches teams suggest he is almost right for 3 god damn weeks. What a crock of shit.

    I’ve lost two games because he hasn’t played and would have won them if I’d known he was out this long, traded to someone useful.

  • Yep, if it’s serious enough to keep him out for 3 weeks, it’s serious enough for me to trade his ass in.

    If Mitchell isn’t named this week he is goneski. I need some league wins now dammit. I’m in a pretty tough league and pretty soon the top 8 will become out of reach.

    Think I have enough to grab Gabblet… *looks for calculator*

  • Glad Phil Davis not listed…listening to the commentators in last weeks game, said he was off the field with some type of niggle (in final quarter I think)…then heard nothing more on it. Don’t think he game back on the ground cos his DT score didn’t move so was a little worried.

  • who should i trade in for petterd? i’ve been thinking ever since the game who i could get in but i cant think of anything. i want someone who is scoring at the moment (not davis) and not any rooks cause ive already got 3 in the forward (iPod, gumbie, and hitchcock). im also tading in hargrave this week because he will raise price with a breakeven of 55 (as long as he continues last weeks form). i need gablett, mitchell, and martin to play this week cause i had 3 zeros last week!!!

  • COX/SANDI/COX/SANDI/COX/SANDI????? which one and why?

  • whats peoples thoughts on hargrave? is he back to his best? i mean last week he scored 100, but so did harbrow120 lake 90 and gilbee 160 they switched across halfback all day cause of the saints rubbish so scores where infalted??

    • yeah i was going to trade him for kennelly this week. kennelly is playing geelong at geelong and he is unlikely as it is to get his BE of 76. ???????????????????? Hargrave?????????????

    • Who would you be trading out for Hargrave????

  • torren if you can get sandi in DEFINATELY get 211.

    wins so many taps (30 odd points there alone) and he doesn’t look like an uncoordinated shrek this season (getting more involved). Not as injury prone as cox and doesn’t have to share ruck with Nic Nat who is a wizard. He is consistent and will average you 95+ !

    my 2 cents anyway

  • Why did I go Corey over Judd/Gibbs/Selwood? :(

  • im considering silvagni –> hargrave this week. anyone heard if gram/mitchell are coming back in seeing them benched the last few weaks is painful to say the least

    • gram has a fitness test to play. im just worried that because its a monday game they might not announce it until the weekend. best bet is to put him on the field with a good emergency :)

  • With the high amount of injuries (and resting) to key player (well my key players this season) I have used more trades than I should have at this point in the season.

    I looking to one last double trade to hopefully cover me for injuries so I don’t have to trade for 5-6 rounds

    Joel MacDonald -> H. Grundy
    Armitage -> L.Gilbee

    The reason for this I have a weak Forward line currently with Gumby, Hitchcock and P Davis.. This will enable me to move P.Davis in Defence and H Grundy into the Forward line..

    By having Gilbee in my Midfield will allow me to rotate Hodge, Goddard if god forbid something happens to Def-Mids

    In my head this will save me trades if any defender or forward goes down.. Is this the way to go.. or do I just get Hargrave and Stanton…

  • Franklin in doubt for this weekend. Rolled ankle during training, needs scans.


  • kreuzer or hille for ottens?? cant afford sandi, and already have cox. hille’s had some great scores lately, but this week’s score was against hawks.. who, lets face it, have pretty dud rucks. kreuzer looks a bit more consistent… wadda u reckon?