Chop’s Chopping Block: Round 6

I know that a lot of people might have their teams close to being set and not keen to trade, but there are certainly some players out there that are not pulling their weight and if you have them then you may want to consider getting rid of them. Whether it be injury or poor form we have no room for passengers in our teams. My advice…. give em the CHOP

Mark Seaby– Now I know that this guy has been my whipping boy this year and I am so glad that I didn’t get him in but I have a few mates (term used loosely) that do so I will mention him. What an incredible start that he got off to. Won the first ruck hit-out only to fail with the whole landing on the feet thing. Mark, we actually bow to you and thank you for finally giving us a solid reason to trade you out. Unlucky, but every cloud has a silver lining and this is it. At least now no dream team with have the Seabster in their team, and now I won’t have to sit there and listen to people whinge about his crap.
Options: Sandilands ($421k) avg – 102, Maric ($261k) avg – 71, Hille ($328k) avg – 84, Nic Nat ($269k) avg – 69 hehe

Barry Hall – A risk at the start of the year Barry hasn’t actually been that bad. But he was on the weekend. For someone that came off 98 last week he really did let his coaches down with a pathetic score of 43. I am totally aware that Barry was part of one of the worst games ever witnessed (didn’t see it myself, going off others reports) but seriously Barry, fire up and hit someone… just do something. Let’s face it, you’re not going to trade him so I won’t give you any options and expect the big gun to bounce back against the Dees this week.

Leon Davis–If you picked this guy up at the beginning of the year then you would not have been scoffed at by your mates and they may have even been as kind to say something like “nice pick, I was thinking about getting him”. No doubt now people are saying, “sucked in, why on earth would you have picked him?” I think that Leon got confused with the whole concept of giving on the weekend and was way too generous, giving away free kicks like it was some charitable act. Scoring only 35 points is a terrible thing for coaches that already have him, but a blessing for those that don’t… Would you be keen in Leon if he continues to drop. Let’s face it, he has dropped $115k already and looks to drop again… Maybe get on him

Lewis Jetta– I love a good rookie and they normally love DT, for the first few weeks anyway. But for some reason with these rookies they have a little timer ion their head when they think. “I’ve made my coach some money, now I’m just going to suck.” I’m afraid that Lewis has got to that stage. He has reached $205k but now has a break even of 45, which judging by last weeks performance is no certainty. 30, even from a rookie is not good enough… time to downgrade! Options?
Options: Troy Selwood ($214k) avg: 79, Ben Cunnington ($141k) avg: 42

Who will you be locking in as your captain for Round 6?

  • Dane Swan (32%, 607 Votes)
  • Marc Murphy (18%, 341 Votes)
  • Joel Selwood (16%, 297 Votes)
  • Tom Rockliff (6%, 115 Votes)
  • Matthew Boyd (10%, 178 Votes)
  • Scott Pendlebury (10%, 193 Votes)
  • Sam Mitchell (2%, 31 Votes)
  • Someone else (6%, 112 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,868

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