Fantasy Freako’s Round 5 Rave

The latest Fantasy Freako Rave has been emailed out and includes the awesome and hard to find Time On Ground stats. Heaps of advice from the Freako.

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  • believe it or not I haven’t had a chance to trade Rieroldt yet.


    • trade him and upgrade two medium range players.

    • Go either Ablett or Chapman, Neither are going to get any cheaper. I’m afraid I’ve missed the Gablett boat, chappy is sitll a slight possibility if he hovers around his current price for a couple of weeks. But first I need to sort my seaby situation! In saying that I would take Chappy over Ablett anyway, cheaper, but pumps out similair scores. Chappy is a 115 season average. DT GUN was stupid for not haiving him from the word go.

  • I am so good at dream team, but I am not even ranked in the top 20k.

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        • why react guys fair enough warnie saying something but every1 else saying something is just making him happy. Hes a troll he wants u to get upset.

      • I think it should go back to you must make an account to be able to post. that way it would be easier to get rid of repeat offenders

    • I’m ranked at about 6500 largely based off Warndogs (and the other DT boys) advice. So yeah, f**k off.

      • Agreed Phil, my rankings are an all time high I even got to as high as 345 on the back of tips from Calvin, Roy and Warnie. So what if Warnie is around the 20k mark, as much as we all like to think DT success comes down to footy knowledge, it is, in reality 80% luck and 20 knowhow.

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        • Danger, replying to these faggots only fuels the fire. If these retards are ignored, they will disappear. But I do agree destROY is a f**ktard.

          • yeah dont react guys cause he is wrong anyway Warnie didnt you climb to 18,000 odd this round….Back IN the top 20k!!!!! lol me I dropped out of the 20k bracket this week down into the thirties……I am unfortunately crap at DT but still good fun!

  • It is an absolute disgrace that Pavlich has only scored 100+ 2 times against the Dockers …. mmm something not right there Freako

    • yeah i was going to say something about that. haha.

    • Must be his average against West Coast he was refering too. I was slightly confused also!

  • Planning my upgrades for the year.

    3 down back – Goddard, Gilbet, Hargrave.
    1 in the midfield – Hayes (if I have enough trades maybe Montagna as well).
    None in the rucks (besides if I have enough trades to turn Hille into Cox).
    1 up forward – Riewoldt (if or when he comes back) if he doesn’t come back, Chapman.

    • I think you’ve got your defender upgrades spot on there and I’ll be trying to get them to compliment Enright, Hodge, and Gilbee. Probably waiting another month on Hargrave though, still has a high breakeven.

  • The last few weeks Fantasy Freako has been pretty ordinary but this weeks is great, finally listing the break evens. This would have to be the exact break evens one would think.

    • Be nice if they were, seems to be a lot of differing opinions on how they are calculated. We’ll have to wait until next week. Might be the only think to save Freako from becoming as irrelevant as Dr Dream Team.

    • Good to see those, yeah. I would assume he’s got the right ones direct from the horse’s mouth. Better newsletter this week, no blatantly dumb advice like last week.

    • Nor sure on that one, it was in the freako a few week back where he said the BE’s may not be 100% accurate, but are a good indication.

  • Is it time to bring in Cox?

    • I’ve got Sandi & Nic Nat and don’t know whether or not it’s worth upgrading Nic Nat to Cox! Could wait another week because it’ll be a tough Derby, Cox won’t score much more than his 78 breakeven.

    • Pull it out

  • lol the last three weeks ive score 2020, 2018 and 2021 consistency :D
    but before that (before i switched to DT TALK) i was 1560 and 1800

  • Should I do this??

    Cox for Seaby
    Didak for Hall

    And keep Dangerfield on the bench with Rockliff.


    Cox for Seaby
    Dangerfield for Davis

    Any help appreciated. Thanks!

    • I’d be going option number 2.

      Davis has had a slow start, but he’ll come good. Averaged 99 last year, so he’s bound to improve.

  • Hmmm…We should apparently avoid all Bombers players except for Stanton. Any reason we should be avoiding Hille???

  • swan for gazza?

  • Stanton, Hayes or Didak in for McVeigh? This looks like Stanton’s break out year while Didak and Hayes have started slow and will probably take off in the next few weeks.

    • My only advice is to work out what team you want at the end of the season and work towards it.

      Don’t get dragged into the CHEAP players unless you want them.

      But I’d pick Stanton.

  • but gazza never pulls under a century

    • If Swan’s your worst midfielder then it’s a good move, else look to upgrade somebody else to Gaz.

  • thanks for the advice, im a first year

    • Then let’s be clear. Swan couldn’t be your worst midfielder. He is, at worst, your second best, if you have GAJ. Swan is UNTRADEABLE.

  • BE in Freako within 5 of actual BE. FFGenie has the most accurate BE’s.

    6!!!!!!!!!!!!! (none this week)

    and i have players who i am very unsure about

    Who have to go. I saw the articles on dangerfeild and hunt but others listed are probly worse
    SO who of these should i keep and who should go

  • hey do u guys know when the next eliminator fixtures will be up?? hoping to get far this year..

  • Will there be a Hylander post this week? He has conditioned me to be too lazy to crunch my own numbers!

  • Guys got two potential scenarios would like some comment on. The main thing is I have decided Masten has to go and Hunt appears ripe for the trade given his BE. I am defo going to trade just don’t know which odf the following options to take…

    A) trade down Hunt to Davis/Hams and upgrade Masten to Abblet. This will leave me a stack of cash and should have me lined up to get Cox in for Seaby next week and a new cash cow to milk if I get desperate later in the season (in all likelihood whichever I take will be my bench cover with Nason for the season.)


    B) trade Masten to Stanton and Hunt to Carrazo

    either way gets me two premiums in. The negative for scenario A is it burns an additional trade and I miss out on approx 40 points not having the extra premium in a week eariler. The negative for scenario B is I am likely to end up with a weak Ruck of Seaby/Hille for the remainder of the season. I figure there will be more chances as I milk cash cows to get in premium midfielders as someone will always be down but premium rucks are pretty rare and Cox is very appealing.

    I also considered varying scenario B to go for Sylvia over Stanton which may leave me the extra cash I need to get in Cox next week but my worries here are 1) Seaby has another shocker and dips in price 2) not 100% sold on Sylvia as a true premium yet….

    whaddya all reckon?