Dear Dane Swan Owners… I’m Sorry!

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to everyone who has Dane Swan in their team. I, Warnie… Coach of the Warne Dawgs, picked Swanny up this week… at the expense of Luke Ball (who has been mediocre and today was no different, thank f**k).

I needed something to spark my team and help me climb from the awful 20K+ ranking. My other trade this year, to make me some cash, has been awful… thanks heaps Mark Seaby!

How about giving him some responsibility? Let’s put the C on him for the first week. Sounds good – considering he has been looking pretty good, averages well against Essendon… and in a team likely to smack the Bombers up. Oh hang on, they did!

So yeah, sorry for picking him up. I am sure it has been my DT luck this year that made him suck arse today.

But for those of you that don’t have him… wait a couple of weeks and he will be as cheap as he will ever be this year. Break even of 150+ and will bottom out just in time for Trengove or whoever to max out in price. Awesome.