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Weekend Wash-Up

The Weekend Wash-Up – Round 5

How did Matt go this week in carnage round?

It was the big boys who let us down this week, luckily best 18 was there to save the day. Suspensions, injuries, vests and pissants are going to make our trades a circus show next week. It’s all ahead on the weekend wash-up.


Gawn (149) – Sweet jesus. There was a lot of talk about how much he could average this year… His covid season may not have been a fluke. How does 122.5 sound! No VC for me, of course, but an awesome score nonetheless.

Dunkley (123) – Old mate Dunks is sneaking under the radar this season. I find it hard to trust Brisbane but he’s looking like an awesome POD. Can’t go wrong.

Zorko (117) – At this point he is a straight up must have for our forward lines. The half back role is here to stay and he looks awesome. Injuries are a fair question mark, but as a non-Yeo owner…… Don’t overthink it. Gun.

Caldwell (108) – What a strange Friday night game this was. Caldwell was benefitting from injuries to Setterfield and Perkins and made it count. If you wanted him it had to be last week, I wouldn’t go there now.

Hill (150) – Brad Hill scoring 150 says all you need to know about this contest. It was a free for all.

Marshall (138) – BANG! Averaging 137 against dark green teams, and we have two to go. Last week was the chance to get him, now you hope for an injury or Tom Campbell. Oh captain my captain.

AFL 2024 Round 05 - GWS v St Kilda - A-47168690

Steele (122) – F**k this bloke. Death taxes and Steele 120s. He’s unreal.

Whitfield (120) – This score was huge. Having just clocked up light tons after Round 0, this is more of what we’re after. He’s averaging 113 and looking like a lock top 3 defender. Very expensive now.

Walsh (145) – Sweet Jesus. 23 CBAs, 34 disposals, 13 tackles… We saw more than enough to jump on that, the question is will he average closer to 100, 110 or 120? If he’s going to be 115+ we need him. However he did this last year also, let’s hope his body holds up.

Rankine (106) – Adelaide finally flipped the switch. Izak Rankine had 20 CBAs, more than Crouch and Dawson. Huge flag. He is elite.

Anderson (154) – I’m not sure what you can really take out of this game given the state of the Hawks, but Noah Anderson is a beast!! I was 12 months early.

Flanders (125) – That half back role is so real. The biggest flag here is he was ON KICK INS THIS WEEK. Good to see him taking authority. Must have.

AFL 2024 Round 05 - Gold Coast v Hawthorn - A-47204119

Graham (104) and Clohesy (94) – The absolute definition of legends!!! We all have at least one. I think you need both! What a bonus.

Butters (113) – The score is very good, but more importantly because he’s a Brownlow chance, he plays next week! In all seriousness Bailey Banfield went at that contest similar to how I would, and it’s the old saying. If you go in soft you’ll get hurt.

SHEEZ (159) – Bloody hell. LEGEND. Nothing else to add here, he’s 19 years old and on his way to the pig pen. Averaging 130 so far.

Powell (113) – This is more like it…. The 15 tackles were great but I love to see a full stat sheet! 26 disposals and 9 marks will work, especially against Geelong.

Waterman (148) – When we speak of having a game son, 8 contested grabs and 6 snags is it. Legend! Draft winner?

Reid (81) – That second half had me stiff as a board. A 13 disposal third term?! Yeah I think we can play him on our grounds, and I’m not sorry to anyone who traded him! King.

AFL 2024 Round 05 - West Coast v Richmond - A-47226574


Neale (83) – Lachie does this a lot. The commentators can’t get off his d*ck all game, but what does he score? Oh, 80. This probably equates to 3 Brownlow votes. It’s not enough…

Salem (5) – Anybody who owned Salem at any point this season should be saying a prayer together. One of the great kissings. No good. You never like to see injuries, but this may have saved Blake Howes. Or the Marty Party.

Petracca (64) – This is why you’ll never see me own Christian Petracca. Downhill skier and all round pretender.

Parish (68) – I’ll never forget his Linnsanity season. He looks absolutely awful this year, but for my boy there’s a price I would start to consider it. Stupidly.

English (68) – Hopefully Bevo can fully drive the knife into him before he moves west next year. What the hell is this? Total first round draft killer and not close to the top 2 rucks.

Bont (53) – Some of these scores this week are a total disgrace. The Bont. Marcus Bontempelli. All round rooster and best player in the competition, can’t take a single mark against Essendon. ESSENDON. I would have bet my life last week that the Bont was back. In fact if I had the cash on hand and was after a mid he would have been the number 1 target. I’m sorry, but if a Sam Durham tag is all it takes you need to take a long hard look. He looks cooked, but you have to hold. And pray.

AFL 2024 Round 05 - Western Bulldogs v Essendon - A-47161529

Sanders (39) – Luke Beveridge. You’re fired. Surely! Not only are you playing Caleb Daniel in the VFL, you are making Bailey Dale the sub, and then subbing off your best young player after 40% TOG!!!! 8 disposals, 100% efficiency, 5 tackles… Give the kid a chance mate. Even though the cash generation is stunted, there’s one point that needs to be made. Libba is out this week with concussion (Sorry, rolled ankle) so if he’s not dropped perhaps you should hold. The Doggies shouldn’t hold though, get this fraud out of a job.

Gallagher (29) – The cash generation issues this week…. It’s a tsunami of sh*t.

Sinclair (74) – Just not close to good enough. There’s way too many mouths to feed back there this year, surely a move into the midfield happens at some point.

T.Green (72) – Wow. Perhaps we got carried away with our Tom Green love… Just a little. I just hope he didn’t captain himself this week, because that is sh*thouse. He was totally owned by Jack Steele and has gone 0, 88 and 72 after that flying start. I almost traded him in off his bye and that might have been the end of this article. Huge yikes.

Cogs (59) – His knee twist looked really bad, and it’s a huge loss for draft owners. Hopefully it’s not serious and we can get him cheap, apparently he has avoided an ACL so fingers crossed.

Crouch (86) – I don’t think I can hold this against Crouchy, that kind of attack on the ball is what I want to see from my players. Therefore I’m holding. In all seriousness it’s at that point of the season it’s vital to keep improving our teams and I have the cash to make some big moves. Having said that, his TOG% is ridiculously low (67%) and Walshy looked awesome. Just note that Matt returns against North…

Laird (75) – Until he gets DPP, Lairdy is out of our calculations. God it was a great run.

AFL 2024 Round 05 - Carlton v Adelaide - A-47182330

Dawson (60) – I throw up in my mouth every time I mention this guys name. I imagine this is what Bont’s owners are feeling like. There I was upset that Dawson was ‘only’ scoring low 100s, he says get a load of this one Matt. He had 1 disposal in the first quarter, ONE. And that was as a pure midfielder. I have to half apologise to Matthew Nicks, he’s a sh*t midfielder. But in the age of half backs, why is Dawson suddenly a full forward? Pull your head out of your ass Nicks. At this point all I have is to pray he plays out the square and gets fwd status. And then everyone jumps on board!

Cam Mackenzie (14) – The Hawks… what can we say about them? I actually started Cam Mackenzie. Christ amen I got away with his Round one 40. Embarrassing.

Jai Newcombe (40) – Mid. Season. Draft. Pick. Is Jai injured or is the act up? I really don’t think he’s good at football, but he did also poll 18 Brownlow votes while I sat on my couch. Truly bizarre stuff.

Brayshaw (78) – I was red hot on Andy Brayshaw last week, and that is as good a red flag as any. The role is good, the consistency is not. I still think he ends up averaging 110-115, but it’s not a fun rollercoaster at the moment.

Fyfe (62) – Yeah…… I think it’s time to go. James Jordon type stuff.

Clark (66) – This is where the fact Jordan Clark didn’t capitalise last week hurts. This matchup was always going to be tough however, and he faces the Eagles, Dogs Tigers and Saints in his next 5. You get one more chance Jordy…

Clark (2) – I know the writing was on the wall but f**k me, we could have hoped for a saved 30! Chris Scott, you’ve done it again.

Short (11) – Vomit emoji. You just can’t be picking Jayden short in fantasy and showing yourself in public, but this a draft killer. Firmly on the never again list for me.

AFL 2024 Round 04 - Richmond v St Kilda - A-47072396


I am never spending over a million dollars on a player again. It started with unrealistic expectations, where I was gutted Dawson was ‘only’ averaging 108. How stupid do I look now? Bont and Tom Green owners can attest. Meanwhile, I didn’t pick Jack Steele? Complete and utter stupidity, and I hold my hand up. Never, ever again. This game really sh*ts me.


1951. 11.5k rank. We’re moving in the right direction, but it’s just back to back weeks of close calls and could have beens. If my aunty had balls she’d be my uncle, but guess what. She doesn’t. And Jordan Dawson did have the bye this week. Glad I avoided bye players. The less said about my mediocre bunch the better, thankfully I have some cash on hand to make a nice upgrade this week.

Ryley Sanders or Matt Roberts will make way for Graham, allowing me to get Jordon to Flanders, finally.

Sanders -> Graham

Jordon -> Flanders

Be sure to follow us @weekendwashup on twitter to keep up to date with the podcast and get amongst it! We’ll see you WA legends on Thursday and Friday!!

Best of luck next week everyone! Legends.

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Anthony Ellul
Anthony Ellul
1 month ago

Great article again Matt.

Quick question.
McKercher and Sanders to Garcia and Walsh or should I pay up for Sheezel by using Yeo?

1 month ago
Reply to  Anthony Ellul

Walsh for me

1 month ago

unfortunately, i started the szn with Bont & Green, but did get lucky last week as i prioritised getting in Clohesy AND Graham, at the expense of missing AndyBray, figuring the cash gen from the GC rooks was more important long term than 1 week of 110+ (expected score) from the docker..

holding Sanders and Gallagher this week due to McKercher’s injury and high BE.. would love Zorko (its real isn’t it) in for Campbell, but after Colby’s 2 i am falling short by about 20k, so thinking Campbelll down to Dury giving me around 500k for next week which will be fun..

brian Smith
brian Smith
1 month ago
Reply to  doug

Drury could trip over his boot laces running out to the first bounce and still make a truckload of cash, but he also has the potential to only have two weeks cash gen in him – a couple of 20s will kill it very quickly.

1 month ago
Reply to  brian Smith

Campbell out only gives me 771k, so Hill/Rankine territory, neither of which i’m confident will be a top 6 FWD, hence my focus on cash gen by rotating rookies with low BE until i can get Zorko or Bolton (post bye)..

1 month ago
Reply to  Matt

hadn’t thought of this.. interesting, both get me to Zorko..

Sanders out and Zorko in as a FWD means not having to play 1 of Gallagher or Drury, allowing Reid to be my F6, puts Sharp at M8, but leaves Thomas as my bench cover (for 1 week at least)..

SOLD!! many thanks Matt..

1 month ago

(1)McKercher and Clark(cats) to Graham and Brury or (2)McKercher and Fyfe to Walsh and Brury? Just short of Graham by 9k on (2)

Jason Else
Jason Else
1 month ago

Def Sheezel, Young, Yeo, Whitfield, Williams, Ambrosio (clohesy, pink)

Mid Dawson, N Martin, Bonner, T Miller, M Crouch, J Viney, Sanders, McKercher (Roberts, J Clark)

Ruck Grundy, Xerri (Barnett)

Fwd Heeney, Flanders, Powell, Fyfe, Dempsey, Reid (Burgess, Lazzaro

Utl Gallagher
Was going to Mckercher to Graham and not sure on 2nd trade any help would be appreciated, thanks

1 month ago
Reply to  Jason Else

Upgrade Dawson to Walsh or someone else or Ambrosio to Graham and McKercher to Walsh or Zorko

Jason Else
Jason Else
1 month ago
Reply to  NateG

Okay thanks, I have 130k currently in the bank before trades

1 month ago

Got 106k in the bank, what trades should I look at doing this week?

DEF: Sheezel, Whitfield, Young, Houston,Zilliams, Clohesy (Reid, Howes)
MID: Zerrett, Green, Rozee, N Martin, Bonner, McKercher, Sanders, Roberts (Mannagh, Clark)
RUC: Gawn, Grundy (Barnett)
FWD: Heeney, Flanders, Jackson, Powell, , Reid, Dempsey(Ramsden, Campbell)
UTIL: Cadman

1 month ago
Reply to  Liam

Campbell to hugo garcia and Williams to yeo maybe.
I also have jackson and with darcy likely back jackson to zorko would go alright

1 month ago

What’s the deal with mckercher we reckon?

Pesh Pete
Pesh Pete
1 month ago

What has happened to Sicily?

1 month ago
Reply to  Pesh Pete

he’s currently in a sic-dog phase.. he’ll surely bounce back to his sic-dawg phase soon..

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