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Cash Cow analysis, Ryley Sanders talks Dogs – Ep. 662

PODCAST: Roy, Calvin and Warnie chat the best of the rookies.

The rookies dictate your AFL Fantasy Classic team structure. Roy, Calvin and Warnie discuss the key options from each position as they gear up watching some of these practice matches. Ryley Sanders from the Western Bulldogs chats about his pre-season and has some information on the Dogs and other draftees.

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1:30 – Takeaways from the Melbourne v Richmond match simulation.

3:35 – Thomson Dow had plenty of midfield time, but the Tiger were missing a few.

5:40 – Do we put a line through Marty Hore?

9:55 – Damian Hardwick said they will be feeding Sam Flanders at every opportunity.

14:00 – Clay Hall was injured in West Coast’s intraclub game.

17:35 – The boys are joined by Ryley Sanders from the Western Bulldogs.

20:30 – Where has Ryley been training?

22:50 – Jack Macrae has been training with the midfield, but will have to play some different roles.

24:00 – “Lock him in I reckon” – Ryley is keen on Nick Coffield playing round one.

26:20 – Which other draftees does Ryley think can be Fantasy options for us.

29:45 – Defender rookies are led by Daniel Curtin, but Warnie thinks we won’t start any on our field.

33:40 – Bodhi Uwland is one to watch from the Suns.

36:45 – Which rookies do the boys have in their backline?

39:40 – Everyone’s midfield will have Colby McKercher, but is he M6 or M7?

42:40 – Jeremy Sharp looks to have a wing spot wrapped up.

47:00 – What structure is the current set up for Calvinator, destROY and Warne Dawgs?

48:00 – Can we spend up for Jordon Sweet or Toby Conway?

53:10 – Any $200k rucks for the bench?

54:15 – Harley Reid is the most owned player in Classic and with good reason.

56:45 – Warnie is super-keen on Charlie Lazzaro as an on-field member of his forward line.

1:00:30 – Darcy Jones may get a gig in Opening Round.

1:04:25 – How are the boys feeling about Finlay Macrae?

1:07:00 – What structure are the boys rolling with up forward?

1:08:50 – Questions from social media – follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter, @aflfantasy on Instagram and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

1:10:10 – What players have The Traders got hotter and colder on in the last week.

1:16:10 – Who is more risky to start with: Jeremy Sharp or Caleb Windsor?

1:20:25 – Can we start Harry Sheezel?

1:23:20 – Who to hold onto for your keeper league: Josh Ward or Mattaes Phillipou.

1:26:15 – Zac Fisher versus James Jordon.

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