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Marcus Bontempelli – Deck of DT 2024

Sanch from Hat Chat profiles the Bont.

Player Marcus Bontempelli
Club Western Bulldogs
Position MID
Price $1,056,000
Bye 0 & 15
2023 avg 117
2023 gms 23
Proj. avg 114
Draft range Early 1st

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Why should I pick him?

Welcome back to my annual report on The Bont.

After 5 straight seasons hovering around the 100 point average and the departure of Josh Dunkley last preseason, the writing was on the wall for the year of The Bont. Yes, he started the year slow with frustrating scores of 99, 92 and 94, with all these games realistically being 3 quarter efforts. The Bont was randomly being thrown into the forward line for entire quarters causing owners serious frustration. Then came the rest of the season. Going on to average 117, with monster ceiling scores of 140, 142, 148, 151 and 158 to go along with his career high fantasy average.

Why are you looking so heavily at last season I hear you ask… Well thats because essentially nothing has changed for the Bont this year. He comes into 2024 healthy again, like we have rarely seen, and the core midfield group from 2023 has remained the same. Yes, Baz Smith is out for the season, but James Harmes has been brought in a bit of depth. There were many question marks around the forward line of the Bulldogs last season, yet this year that is very quiet and all these talented talls have had another preseason to keep The Bont out of that forward line. Bring on the REAL Brownlow Bont.

Bontempelli caps off a huge year with new children's book - ABC listen

Why shouldn’t I pick him?

Simply put, he is priced at 117…

$1 Million is crazy to just place in your side and forget about. Given that we have never seen The Bont do these insane numbers for an entire season it would be silly for me to just say yep he can go even higher, yes maybe he can, however in the current economy of Fantasy we are always looking for upside.

Can The Bont stay injury free again? He rarely misses games, which is perfect for Fantasy, But not for the Bont. In past seasons there has been a chunk of the year in which he has been nursed through game, often thrown into the forward line to rest but still be an impact on games. If there is any news that The Bont has had a hiccup in the preseason that should raise serious alarms to any coach considering starting.

Deck of DT Rating.


Ah yes, The Bont. He is a genuine A+ player of the comp and he has now shown that he is a genuine A+ fantasy stud! The only way he let’s any of us down this year will be through an injury that slows his scoring down. Without that there is nothing to say he won’t be a 115-120 premium mid again.

Will he seriously burn non-starters early?

Will there be a way for non-starters to jump on?

Will you bite the bullet and start the $1 Million man?

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In like Flynn

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Scotty doesn’t know
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Out like a Mike Tyson bout

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