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AFL Teams 2023: Round 23

Round 23 teams have dropped!

Thursday – Early news

Round 23 Teamsheets have dropped! Early news, Jakob Ryan (Def $246k) debuts for the pies and Lloyd Johnston (Def $200k) gives us a bargain basement def rookie debut for the suns. NOTE: Apologies for no teamsheets last week, my flight was massively delayed flying home.

Important times to remember:

Weekend Teamsheets ~6:20pm EST Thurs

Sunday games Extended bench selection ~5:00pm EST Friday


GAME 1: Pies vs Lions

Friday August 18, 7:50pm EST Marvel

Notes: We have a def rookie debut with Jakob Ryan, although a bit pricey.

In: S.Sidebottom, J.Ryan   In: K.Coleman  
Out: D.Moore (hamstring), B.Hill (hamstring), J.De Goey (glute)   Out: J.Gunston (knee), J.Prior (omitted)

GAME 2:Tigers vs Roos

Saturday Aug 19, 1:45pm EST MCG

Notes: Hopper is back in for the tiger affecting the midfield structure. Some rookie outs with Bauer and Coulthard for the tigers as well.

In: T.Cotchin, J.Hopper   In: D.Howe, W.Phillips, H.Greenwood, T.Powell Out: J.Archer (omitted), C.Lazzaro (omitted), J.Stephenson (thumb), B.Cunnington (retired), G.Wardlaw (managed)
Out: J.Bauer (omitted), M.Coulthard (omitted)  

GAME 3: Suns vs Blues

Saturday Aug 19, 2:10pm EST MCG

Notes: The biggest news here is that Docherty, after being subbed last week isnt out with an injury.

In: L.Johnston, B.Fiorini, C.Budarick, B.King, A.Sexton   In: H.McKay Out: L.Fogarty (soreness), E.Curnow (sub)
Out: D.Macpherson (omitted), J.Farrar (omitted), S.Day (omitted), E.Hollands (omitted), N.Holman (knee), J.Tsitas (sub)  

GAME 4: Giants vs Dons

Saturday Aug 19, 4:35pm EST Giants Stadium

Notes:Not much DT relevance in ins and outs here.

In: T.Bedford, B.Daniels   In: S.Draper, J.Stringer Out: N.Bryan (omitted), W.Snelling (sub), K.Baldwin (omitted)
Out: N.Haynes (illness), T.McMullin (sub), J.Wehr (sub)  

GAME 5: Saints vs Cats

Saturday Aug 19 , 7:25pm EST Marvel

Notes: Tom Hawkins is in, which a few might get because he may kick a bag next week.

In: Nil   In: T.Hawkins, J.Bews Out: G.Rohan (hamstring), R.Stanley (hip/adductor), B.Parfitt (sub)
Out: H.Clark (sub)  

GAME 6: Crows vs Swans

Saturday Aug 19, 7:40pm EST Adelaide Oval

Notes: Nothing DT Relevant here unless for some weird reason you still have Pedlar, hes out..

In: I.Rankine   In: D.Rampe, B.Campbell, J.Buller Out: A.Francis (omitted), M.Roberts (omitted), J.Amartey (hamstring), R.Clarke (sub)
Out: L.Pedlar (omitted), L.Nankervis (omitted)  

GAME 7: Dogs vs Eagles

Sunday Aug 20, 1:10pm EST Marvel

Notes: Don’t Forget to check extended bench selections at ~5pm Friday. Maric is back in for Eagles if you have him on your bench, and unfortunately if you had Libba, whos been in great form, hes out injured.

In: L.Cleary, L.McNeil, A.Scott, J.Sweet   In: R.Maric, J.Petruccelle, Z.Trew, C.Jamieson Out: G.Clark (suspension)
Out: T.Liberatore (concussion)  

GAME 8: Dees vs Hawks

Sunday Aug 20, 3:20pm EST MCG

Notes: Don’t Forget to check extended bench selections at ~5pm Friday. A few possible cheap debuts so watch extended bench selection.

In: C.Spargo, B.Laurie, A.Tomlinson, J.Schache   In: T.Brockman, J.Serong, B.Ryan, M.Ramsden, H.Hustwaite, N.Long Out: C.Wingard (Achilles), M.Lewis (foot), B.Macdonald (sub)
Out: M.Hibberd (sub)  

GAME 9: Dockers vs Power

Sunday Aug 20, 4:400pm EST MCG

Notes: Don’t Forget to check extended bench selections at ~5pm Friday. Nothing here too important DT wise.

In: N.Wilson, T.Emmett, T.Colyer, B.Banfield   In: T.Boak, J.Mead, H.Jackson
Out: M.Walters (calf)  

A windy cold day in 2015, I was bored, sick with the flu, and decided to start a blog about Teamsheets. I was immediately recruited by Warnie and somehow am now a DTTALK author. NOTE; Im Back in 2022! woooo Twitter @shagbags2023 ~REMEMBER: Friends don't let friends DT TEAMS become ghost ships.

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9 months ago

Who do I field between Mills and Dangerfield. Have to use one of them. Helpful advice appreciated.

Squirrel Gripper
Squirrel Gripper
9 months ago
Reply to  Plugger

Mills is now on my NeverAgainList

Ando the brain dead barfly
Ando the brain dead barfly
9 months ago

Jake Stringer late out, replaced by Jye Caldwell

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