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Calvin's Captains

Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 18

The pirate has spoken… Top-3 VCs and Top-5 fallback captains options are here.

Welcome to another edition of Calvin’s Captains. This wee’s edition looks a little different as I have so many players playing tonight that would have featured in my top-5. In fact, the three mentioned below would have taken the place at No. 2, No. 4 and No. 5.


If you’re seeing this article in time, below are my top-3 VC options for tonight’s game. Below that are the next best captains, ordered how I will pick them this week.

CAL’S ORDER: Gulden, English and Bontempelli 

Errol Gulden is #3 on form with previous scores of 126, 128 and 145. He loves playing at the SCG where he has scored 128, 145, 83, 101 and 153 in his last five to average 122. Last week against the Dogs, Quaynor 118, Josh Daicos 114, Nick Daicos 112 …were solid enough and the week before that we saw Serong 134 who led the way for Freo as four of them hit 100+. The best VC option, and actually sat #2 on my list for the week.

Rucks v Sydney have gone… Nank 113, Stanley 63, Williams 83 and Marshall 129. Tim English must be considered despite scoring 94, 108 and 134 in his last three. He hasn’t been great in the last two weeks but will bounce back here. Another great free VC hit if you like.

Marcus Bontempelli…. Sydney rank #2 hardest for MIDs this year and #3 hardest over the last five weeks. Sydney in Sydney is and always will be tough. Bont has averaged 129 in his last three games and still has a lowest score of 108 in his last 9 games and he scored 94 and 100 on the Swans last year.

AFL 2023 Round 17 - Richmond v Sydney - A-40572882


No. 1 – Tim Taranto v West Coast
@ Optus Stadium, SUN 4:40pm 

Over the last three weeks, the Eagles have given up BIG scores to…. Neale 127, McCluggage 118, Ashcroft 113, Lyons 110…. Crouch 137, Marshall 130, Sinclair 101… Gulden 145, Rowbottom 129, Heeney 128, Warner 128, Sheldrick 111… ok, you get the picture.

West Coast are still the #1 easiest for MIDs this year and as you can see from above, they give up plenty. Even though Taranto is coming off 97 and 80… If you chased Neale last week, chase Tim here.

AFL 2023 Round 13 - Fremantle v Richmond - A-39769177

No. 2 – Jordan Dawson v GWS
@ Adelaide Oval, SAT 7:40pm 

I’m worried how tough the Giants can be and this isn’t me making shit up. Giants rank #3 hardest this year and have only given up 3×110+ to MIDs in the last six weeks… and a total of 6×100+ over the last six weeks.

This is slightly concerning. But Dawson is averaging 145 in his last three games, ranked #1 over that time. Dawson has scored 120 in five of his last six games though but did play the Giants in round 2 and on that day he had his 3rd lowest score of the year with 92.

AFL 2023 Round 17 - Essendon v Adelaide - A-40667286

No. 3 – Nick Daicos v Fremantle
@ the MCG, SAT 1:45pm 

112, 120 and 150 are his last efforts and here he meets the #5 easiest team for MIDs this year. Last week, four Carlton players hit 105+ and Nick is back at the MCG where he hasn’t been great scoring 120, 79, 115 and 84 in his last four games. Surprising.

AFL 2023 Round 17 - Western Bulldogs v Collingwood - A-40597706

No. 4 – Zach Merrett v Geelong
@ GMHBA Stadium, SAT 7:25pm 

Merrett hit his 3rd score of 150 in his last seven games and always must be considered with the main job… or a late VC play. Geelong in Geelong can be tough but that hasn’t stopped Merrett in the past where he scored 82 (in round seven), 119 and 143 (GMHBA) in his last three games. Based on form alone, he must be here.

AFL 2023 Round 16 - Essendon v Port Adelaide - A-40518649

No. 5 – James Sicily v Kangaroos
@ Marvel Stadium, SUN 1:10pm 

Yes, yesy, yes… WATCH-OUT the dog is back. Before missing the last four games, Sicily was coming off scores of 130, 165 and 125. He even played the Roos in round three and had 132. Expect BIG things.

AFL 2023 Round 07 - Western Bulldogs v Hawthorn - A-27841542

Do you need a Captain? Then Calvin will help you out. Don't want a Captain? Calvin will tell you anyway. The man who digs deep into stats will help you pick a great captain and give you plenty of Fantasy advice. Follow him on Twitter: @CalvinDT

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10 months ago

I had to work long hours yesterday, when I heard Darcy Cameron was going to be out. I reversed my trades so I could fix that issue. I changed Gulden to VC but accidentally left my captain as Bont in my rush. So much for loop-holing. I think it turned out OK, because I probably would have taken Gulden’s score.

10 months ago

Sometimes all you need is dumb luck.
On the other hand, I changed VC from Bont to Gulden 5 min before game start. D’oh!

10 months ago

Hey Brownlow Daicos mate what do you think of these trades
Sheezel to Sicily or Himmelberg to Cogs?

Already traded Ashcroft to Mills this week which hasn’t worked out that well

10 months ago
Reply to  George

Sorry for the late response, as I have long work hours. I have brought in both Sicily and Cogs this week, so I can’t argue against either trade. Berg still has money to make, with a BE of 60. Sheezel has topped out, so I would go your first option.

Jacob Korneder
Jacob Korneder
10 months ago

how about crouch on gc?

10 months ago

How about Tom Green as Captain?

Actually, never mind.

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