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AFL Teams 2023: Round 2

Remaining Teams have dropped for round 2!

Thursday – Early news

Remaining round 2 teams have dropped. Tyler Young (DEF $200k TIGERS) will debut and Darryn Joyce (DEF $241k LIONS) is also in. There are a couple of potential rookie debuts for Sunday squads so make sure you check extended bench selection 5pm Friday.

Wednesday – Early news,

Blues vs Cats Thursday teams have dropped! Cats have confirmed Cooper Whyte (MID/FWD $200k) will debut, but alas it will be as the sub. Also Jack Bowes (DEF $607k) will make his club debut for the cats. Make sure you check the injury list here. In case you weren’t paying attention to the carnage last week, players like Tom Stewart are out for awhile.

Important times to remember:

Thursday game ~6:20pm EST Thurs

Remaining Weekend Teamsheets ~6:20pm EST Thurs

Sunday games Extended bench selection ~5:00pm EST Friday


GAME 1: Blues vs Cats

Thursday March 23, 7:20pm EST MCG

Notes: The Question marks on Hewett and his hand injury have been answered with him out rested for Durdin this week, and in a bit of a twist the rookie named to debut Cooper Whyte will be the sub. Those concerned about Tanner Bruhn job security will be happy he kept his spot on the wing. Both blues rookies Oliver Hollands and Lachlan Cowan have held their spot.

INS C.Durdin INS J.Bowes
OUTS G.Hewett (injured), L.O’Brien (Medi-Sub) OUTS T.Stewart (injured), B.Parfitt (Medi-Sub)

GAME 2: Lions vs Demons

Friday March 24, 7:55pm EST Gabba

Notes: Keidean Coleman is out with concussion protocol which is a shame if you had him as a POD as he was looking great. Rookie Bailey Laurie has been omitted, but Judd McVee and popular trade in Kade Chandler held their spots. A player on a few coaches never again list Dayne Zorko is in, and is on my watchlist.

INS D.Zorko, D.Fort, D.Joyce INS S.May, J.Viney, B.Fritsch
OUTS J.Tunstill (omitted), D.Robertson (omitted), K.Coleman (concussion), J.Prior (Medi-Sub) OUTS A.Tomlinson (omitted), B.Laurie (omitted), K.Pickett (suspension), J.Melksham (Medi-Sub)

GAME 3: Magpies vs Power

Saturday March 25, 1:45pm EST MCG

Notes: Billy Frampton will make his debut for pies, I dont think he is too DT relevant but will watch for performance and role at his new club.

INS B.Frampton INS J.Burgoyne
OUTS J.Howe (arm), R.McInnes (Medi-Sub) OUTS T.McKenzie (ankle), F.Evans (omitted)

GAME 4: Crows vs Tigers

Saturday March 25, 4;35pm Adelaide Oval

Notes: Popular bench ruck rookie Sam Ryan is getting a run, and def rookie Tylar Young is getting a debut for the Tigers.

INS L.Sholl INS S.Ryan, T.Young
OUTS J.Butts (omitted), T.Brown (omitted) OUTS B.Miller (omitted), R.Mansell (omitted), J.Ross (omitted)

GAME 5: Dogs vs Saints

Saturday March 25, 7:25pm EST Marvel

Notes: As we already knew from last week, Jack Bytel is out with a serious injury, with Sebastian Ross back only worth a note as he has been DT relevant in the past. Surprisingly Liam Jones for the Dogs has held after what looked a nasty injury last week.

INS H.Crozier, R.West, R.Garcia INS S.Ross
OUTS J.Johannisen (omitted), M.Hannan (omitted), R.Lobb (ankle), A.Treloar (injured) OUTS J.Bytel (knee), J.Webster (hand)

GAME 6: Dockers vs Roos

Saturday March 25, 7:30pm EST Optus Stadium

Notes: As Expected Goldstein is in for an Injured Xerri. Popular preseason cashcow Will Phillips looks to be the sub yet again. Maybe as a POD cashcow, Aiden Bonar has been omitted.

INS INS A.Corr, T.Goldstein
OUTS J.Treacy (omitted) OUTS A.Bonar (omitted), T.Xerri (ankle), W.Phillips (Medi-Sub)

GAME 7: Swans vs Hawks

Sunday March 26, 1:10pm EST SCG

Notes: There a re a few possible debuts here so don’t Forget to check extended bench selections at ~5pm Friday. Popular cashcows F.Greene and MacKenzie are named on field.

INS J.Amartey, L.McAndrew, A.Sheldrick, C.Warner INS J.Scrimshaw, D.Grainger-Barras, S.Butler, T.Brockman
OUTS L.Franklin (suspension) OUTS C.Wingard (calf)

GAME 8: Bombers vs Suns

Sunday March 26, 3:20pm EST Marvel

Notes: Don’t Forget to check extended bench selections at ~5pm Friday. Jye Menzie who did very well last well is on the extended bench as is Bodhi Uwland for the suns who looks a popular pickup if named. Charlie Constable who some were worried about Job Security is named on field.

INS W.Snelling, K.Baldwin, M.Guelfi, M.D’Ambrosio INS L.Weller, C.Blakely, M.Rosas, A.Sexton
OUTS A.McDonald-Tipungwuti (soreness) OUTS A.Davies (omitted)

GAME 9: Eagles vs Giants

Sunday March 26, 6:20pm Optus Stadium

Notes: Don’t Forget to check extended bench selections at ~5pm Friday. Eagles rookies Ginbey, Long, and Chesser are named on field.

INS J.Waterman, E.Hewett, S.Petrevski-Seton, G.Clark INS H.Rowston, C.Brown, A.Cadman, C.Hamilton, C.Stone, L.Keeffe
OUTS J.Petruccelle (omitted) OUTS J.Kelly (concussion), H.Perryman (hamstring), L.Whitfield (concussion)

A windy cold day in 2015, I was bored, sick with the flu, and decided to start a blog about Teamsheets. I was immediately recruited by Warnie and somehow am now a DTTALK author. NOTE; Im Back in 2022! woooo Twitter @shagbags2023 ~REMEMBER: Friends don't let friends DT TEAMS become ghost ships.

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11 months ago

Is TDK an option with pit bull again not getting named, especially for xerri owners?

11 months ago
Reply to  Isaac

Not at all. Always going to have question marks with a 2nd ruck being brought in, and he’s not showed enough to be a value pick.

11 months ago

Xerri and Kelly prob have to go for me. Is missing Chandler a bad move?
Or should I prioritise getting Chandler for another rookie and hold Kelly…

11 months ago
Reply to  Baz

Should be trying to generate cash early on i reckon Baz, so holding Kelly for a week isn’t ideal imo. Depends how badly you want him back next round or so though

11 months ago
Reply to  Baz

Too much cash to miss out on.

11 months ago
Reply to  Baz

If you can get another rookie up to Chandler though, that’s acceptable.

Losing a premium score for a week, maybe 2 isn’t ideal though, even without considering the probable value loss. So it’s a bit of a coinflip with that 2nd trade.

But the reverse of that is, if you downgrade Kelly, you’re a week behind with upgrades.

If you have a dud rook that you don’t rate, I’d probably go with that, and stay a week ahead with upgrades by keeping Kelly.

11 months ago

Last shout out for RDT leagues 296089 of 955586. Need a couple more teams to fill them. Good luck everyone.

11 months ago

Need a few more people to fill my classic fantasy league starting in Rd 2. Jump in. JHZM2TH7

Richie Cunningham
Richie Cunningham
11 months ago

I noticed that they are not giving us a review of Captains as they want us to now pay for reviews

11 months ago

Boy oh BOY do I need some help… Ranked top 8000 but this will be a nasty round

Holding Kelly for Hollands 77… Too proud to offload that pick
Trade 1 is a lock going Noah Long to Kade Chandler for quick cash gen
Trade 2 I know I want to get rid of the candle stick maker (in Baker) but who for?

I have 636k in the bank and was thinking:

Will Day + 72k (don’t love Day and feel like he’s realistically around the 70 ave)
Connor McKenna + 245k (JS? Gives me decent bank for next weeks trades)
Someone else?? My backline is already on the weaker side

Please help

11 months ago
Reply to  Graz

Don’t mind Day personally and his breakeven is still only 43, so even if you grab him and he dishes up a couple of 70s you’ve probably netted some cash in the meantime to find a better upgrade. Depends how much of a shambles the rest of the team is for how valuable that trade slot will be in a few weeks (if he does turn into 70s). Another option could be to hold Baker for a week and hope for a Yeo return next week? Risky business though I guess

11 months ago

Rooks are:
D – Ginbey, Wilmot, Cowan, Chesser
M – Ashcroft, Mackenzie, Phillips, Hollands
F – Phillipou, Davey, Long, Greene

Last week finished top 600, so overall happy with how the team sits. Went Greene to Chandler for the cash, but what other trade would I even make at this point? Virtually 0 cash in the bank after Chandler trade so would have to trade a rookie down, maybe Phillipou down to Uwland? Could be similar averages but bank the extra cash?

11 months ago

In need of serious help – 12K in the bank

DEF: Docherty, Daicos, Day, Constable, Ginbey, Cowan (Wilmot & Chesser)
MID: Macrae, Kelly, LDU, Green, Sheed, Worpel, Mackenzie, Ashcroft (Hollands & Davey)
RUCK: English, Marshall (Heath)
FWD: Dunkley, Taranto, Rozee, Gulden, Sheezel, Phillipou (Chandler & Pedlar)
UTIL: Greene

I’m stuck because I want to hold Kelly but if I do then I don’t have any other moves to make (that I can think of) due to cash. I already have the ‘must have’ rookies and solid mid-pricers (barring Setterfield). I don’t want to go out and make trades just for the sake of it, what do I do?

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