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Jack Sinclair – Deck of Dream team 2023

Is the big breakout man of 2022 worth every cent?

What’s bigger? Sinclair’s calf girth or our salary cap? Read on for Fantasy Fanatic’s analysis on the Saints gun.

Player Jack Sinclair
Club St Kilda
Position DEF
Price $911K
Bye R12
2022 Avg. 102.9
2022 games 22
Proj. Avg 103-107
Draft Range Third Round


Why should I pick him? 


The Sinclair of 2022 was just about as consistent as they come… He did not post a score <80 for the entire season and suited up for all 22 games! Incredible numbers for a guy whose best season prior to 2022 was an average of 79 (2021). Huge tick.

‘The Marvel Effect’

A term I coined recently to describe the mark-friendly conditions that defenders particularly enjoy under the roof at Docklands! Sinclair’s top three scores of 2022 came at Marvel (146, 140 and 133). Looking ahead to 2023, the Sainters have no less than 14 fixtures at Marvel, including six in the first eight rounds – juicy stuff and I’m expecting him to cash in early!

Kick-In King

As a fantasy coach, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching your players waltz out of the defensive goal square to pick up the cheapest of +3’s… In 2022, Sinclair led the way for the Sainters in the kick-in department, taking 85 of a possible 232 kick-ins at 37%. In total, Sinclair added a neat 213 points from cheap +3’s at an average just shy of 10 fantasy points per game. Huge tick if this role is to continue in 2023.

Fantasy Friendly Saints

Believe it or not, the mighty Sainters registered the most fantasy points of any club in season 2022… From a fantasy perspective, they must be doing something right! Question is: Can they continue this into 2023 and what influence will Ross the Boss have on their output?

Calf Girth and Flowing Mullet

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Specimen. Enough said.


Why shouldn’t I pick him? 

Tag susceptibility

It only took about 20 weeks… But teams finally started to cotton on to Sinclair’s impact off half back for the Sainters. This extra heat culminated in Sinclair failing to ton in the final month of 2022 with the likes of Hawthorn’s Maginness holding him to 96 in R20 and Sydney’s Clarke 99 in R23. A flag worth noting! Still solid fantasy output nonetheless. 

Ross the Boss doesn’t give a toss?

With a new coach at the helm, naturally there is an air of uncertainly around players roles as well as game style and how this may affect fantasy output… Perhaps Ross will have different plans for Sinclair in 2023? Could he be thrust into the midfield or taken off kick-in duties? Only time will tell so my advice would be to pay attention to the preseason fixtures!


Deck of DT Rating 


Perhaps a little bit of Sainters bias in this, but there is a reason why Sinclair is right at the top of the tree in defence. With six of his first eight fixtures at Marvel, Sinclair’s recent history under the roof is hard to ignore – hopefully this will culminate in a flying start to 2023. Couple that with his consistency and likely juicy fantasy role and we have a recipe for success. The only thing preventing him sporting the ACE label is his hefty price tag! My view is he is worth every cent. 

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Fantasy Fanatic #70

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