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Calvin's Captains

Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 17

Alright…. my bad – there I’ve said it and that’s why this week I have gone above and beyond to fix the mess from last week. Check out all my content from the table below to the video to hear all my insights and research for the week ahead.


Yep, last week my top three really struggled to get going going and failed many Fantasy coaches, for this I apologise. However, the rest of the crew absolutely smashed it. Hopefully you found a good one in there.

1 – Docherty 79
2 – Macrae 93
3 – Mills 54
4 – Oliver 136
5 – Touk 132
6 – Coniglio 118
7 – Laird 136
8 – Guthrie 121
9 – Dawson 129
10 – Duncan 118

Ok so here we go – I have fingers and toes crossed this week that everything works out the way it should. I do have confidence in my top-10 here though, which consists of a few smokeys and a few of the outright jets as well – Good luck legends

Key StatsCal’s Comments
1. Lachie Neale

SUN 1:10pm
145, 145, 146 and 139 are his last scores v ESSNeale scored 145 earlier this hyear and against the Bombers and has been in ripping form with 133, 79 and 127 in his last three.
2. Rory Laird

@ Marvel
SUN 3:20pm
136 and 129 in his last two games, his best scores for the yearHawks are still #1 easiest this year and Laird even had 142 and 109 on them last year. Taranto 125, Kelly 124 and Cogs 118 scored well against them last week too.
3. Touk Miller

@ Metricon
SAT 4:35pm
132 and 127 are his last scores and he's back tackling!Touk scored 141 in this match-up last year and even though only one MID has hit 115+ in the last three weeks against the Tigers, Touk should be fine again.
4. Clayton Oliver

THURS 7:20pm
#2 on form with 136, 102 and 146 in his most recent games.Geelong are tough but Oliver has had 108, 133 and 128 in his last games against them. Ticks lots of boxes again.
5. Sam Walsh

@ Optus
SUN 4:40pm
127 on the Eagles last year and they're easier now.Back home but his record on the Saints is poor with 0x100+ in his career six games against them. Won't matter... back him in!
6. Andrew Brayshaw

@ Marvel
SAT 7:25pm
181 when he played the Saints earlier this yearLast week, the Carlton MIDS struggled against the Saints with Walsh 87 and Cripps 86 failing. His form is too good to leave off the list and that 181 just stares at you
7. Jordan Dawson

@ Marvel
SUN 3:20pm
Elite form with 129 and 120 in his last two.On paper this looks juicy but the Hawks don't allow a lot of uncontested mark ranking 9th in the league. Form is hot and he could be 120+ again.
8. Cam Guthrie

THUS 7:20pm
121, 111 and 126 in his last three ranks him #5 on form.Laird 136, Dawson 129 and Keays found plenty v Melb last week. Guthrie had 93, 110 and 101 against them last year and has been great in recent weeks.
9. Zach Merrett

SUN 1:10pm
Finally some form with 128 and 118 in his last two.Dogs got 5x100+ against the Lions last week who are giving up plenty, ranking the 5th easiest this year. Zach had 111 against them last year.
10. Jack Crisp

SAT 1:45pm
Form is shit with 83 and 69 in last two.Bounce back here against the 2nd easiest team to score on this year and in the last five weeks, Had 126 against them last year and should be great.

Do you need a Captain? Then Calvin will help you out. Don't want a Captain? Calvin will tell you anyway. The man who digs deep into stats will help you pick a great captain and give you plenty of Fantasy advice. Follow him on Twitter: @CalvinDT



  1. Jack Lubich

    July 6, 2022 at 8:05 pm

    First comment! Love ur content. Great read

  2. Bill

    July 6, 2022 at 8:10 pm

    Oh for the days of Dane Swan…

    • Albo

      July 7, 2022 at 10:15 am


  3. Josh

    July 6, 2022 at 8:22 pm

    Keays? His form looks better…

  4. Tobe_Advised

    July 6, 2022 at 8:24 pm

    Is it just me or does Viney seem to be playing more and more kamikaze each week. I am a well wisher, meaning I wish no specific harm to any player but if Viney gets injured early (hamstring, collarbone, calf) Clarry will go gold in this game.

  5. Callum Wilde

    July 6, 2022 at 8:46 pm

    I mean this is cool and all but I think I’ll just listen to what Hudson Sadgrove says

  6. Adzie

    July 6, 2022 at 10:10 pm

    My top 10.

    1) Rory Laird
    2) Clayton Oliver
    3) Touk Miller
    4) Lachie Neale
    5) Sam Walsh
    6) Tim English
    7) Max Gawn
    8) Andrew Brayshaw
    9) Ben Keays
    10) Cameron Guthrie

  7. Steve

    July 6, 2022 at 10:17 pm

    Are there a new round of DPP after this round?
    If so any chance Hough or Soligo get Fwd status?need to trade one this week and could do with swinging one to Fwd next week as have no cover.

    • pendles4brownlow

      July 7, 2022 at 1:26 am

      Yes, there will be new DPPs. I hope Soligo gets Fwd status. Berg might get Def status.

  8. The Choozler

    July 6, 2022 at 10:20 pm

    My top 10, based purely on stats
    1. Oliver
    2. Gawn
    3. English
    4. Dunkley
    5. Miller
    6. Neale
    7. Dawson
    8. Laird
    9. McRae
    10. Wealth

    • Albo

      July 7, 2022 at 8:29 am

      I love no.10 on your list.🤣

    • Dulcify

      July 7, 2022 at 9:24 am

      Wealth, could that be Rich?🤪

      • Phteven

        July 7, 2022 at 10:14 am

        Walsh with a lithp?

  9. Jon-mark Plummer

    July 7, 2022 at 1:00 am

    Good job Calvin!, people need to stop blaming this guy when things go wrong, he’s doing a great job basing predictions on recent history he ain’t out there kicken the ball.

  10. Tomas

    July 7, 2022 at 2:25 am

    VC Miller, C Laird, have Neale but won’t get burnt by Calvin again.

    • Shaun Campbell

      July 7, 2022 at 10:27 pm

      Had Oliver VC and Neale C. Should probably put the C on Brayshaw after reading this 😆

  11. BestowedMisery

    July 7, 2022 at 6:48 am

    Cheers Cal for the stats and your musings..
    I’m toying with a VC on Daicos and then Neale if needed.
    Last week I VC’d 🥔 Macrae.
    It was my decision to do so.. So I wore it.
    I Captained Touk and it all worked out koolza. 👌🏻

  12. Ben

    July 7, 2022 at 10:22 am

    So we should be steering clear of Neale, Laird and Miller. Thanks Cal.

    • Shaun Campbell

      July 7, 2022 at 10:28 pm


    • Shaun Campbell

      July 7, 2022 at 10:32 pm

      Cal, I can’t make heads or tails of your notes on #5 and #6. Are they mixed up?

  13. Doug

    July 7, 2022 at 11:03 am

    I know the match up aint ideal, but 0 love for Steele??

    Was looking to bring him in as he’s dropped 140k, but not even in the top 10 is making me think I take Taranto +130k which would give me enough to upgrade Heeney to Mills next week..

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