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Butters melts, Preuss juiced, bye bye byes – Ep. 524

PODCAST: Normal transmission resumes as we are back to our two trades per week.

The bye rounds are over but the Fantasy Gods didn’t make it easy with a challenging final round where it was tough to dodge all the bullets that were fired. We say bye bye to the byes so we’re back to our nine games over the weekend, two trades and fielding our regular 22s that are full of premiums now… right?! Let’s do this.

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1:30 – The bye rounds are over!

4:00 – “You’re never as good as you think you are” says Roy.

5:45 – Braydon Preuss unlocked all ‘achievements’ on the flags that were put up about selecting him.

11:30 – Will we ever get the VC right on Josh Dunkley and Jack Macrae?

13:45 – Jordan Dawson has been a great contributor for Fantasy defences.

16:30 – How did The Traders’ teams cope with the bye rounds?

20:30 – All the news with Warnie including prognosis on Zak Butters.

26:00 – Magoos news.

30:00 – Roy runs through his Rollin’ 22.

34:10 – The top 8 midfielders appears clear cut with Andrew Brayshaw the most desirable.

36:35 – Stephen Coniglio is ranked as the second best forward in the Rollin’ 22.

39:00 – With Gawn out, doe Luke Jackson become a value RUC/FWD option at $537k?

43:10 – Is Harry Himmelberg still an option with Phil Davis back?

47:30 – The Traders’ trades thanks to Toyota, oh what a feeling!

49:00 – Questions from social media – follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

51:10 – Is Christian Salem a budget option down back?

55:40 – Is there a worry with Darcy Cameron and Luke Jackson when Brodie Grundy and Max Gawn returning soon.

59:00 – Could you consider Matt Crouch or Matt Rowell?

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