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AFL Teams 2022: Round 6

ANZAC day round 6, No early Thursday game, so all Teamsheets are announced tonight for round 6! We have 2 games on Monday to wait for however.

Thursday 21st April – Early news

No Thursday night game means no frantically checking teams before the opening game, so sit back, relax, slowly puruse the teamsheets below!

Already early covid protocol carnage with Heath Chapman, Hayden Young, Liam Henry and Matthew Johnson, Connor Blakely out for freo.

Injury news, unfortunately Rory Sloane is out for the season at crows, that might help Crows mids like Matt Crouch. Those who held Cripps will be holding their breathe as he is named as a Test. Toby Greene has finally served out his lengthy sentence and you’d Assume he is straight back in. Owners will have to trade Aaron Hall who is out for 3-4 weeks with a hammie. For Hawks Will Day is listed as a test. Scott Lycett is out for months, so the sures up Sam Hayes Job security for Port. Hugo Ralpsmith is out for 1-2 weeks with a rib Injury. For the doggies Lachie Hunter has taken leave for personal reasons.

Important times to remember:

No early Thursday Game so All games announced tonight

Remaining teams for weekend ~6:20pm EST Thurs 21/04/2022

Sunday games Extended bench selection ~5:00pm EST Friday 22/04/2022

Monday games Extended bench selection Saturday Afternoon 4pm ish


GAME 1: Friday April 22, Giants vs Saint

INS Braydon Preuss,Isaac Cumming,Toby Greene INS Jimmy Webster
OUTS Jake Riccardi (Medi-Sub),Jesse Hogan (Managed),Matt de Boer (Omitted),Xavier O’Halloran (Omitted) OUTS Jarrod Lienert (Omitted),Ryan Byrnes (Omitted)

Preuss is back, but shares the ruck with Flynn, and Toby Greene is back, how will that affect the role of players like Kelly?

7:50pm EST Manuka Oval


Full Back: [25] Lachlan Keeffe, [15] Sam Taylor, [39] Connor Idun
Half Back: [6] Lachie Whitfield, [19] Nick Haynes, [36] Harry Perryman
Centre: [40] Adam Kennedy, [8] Callan Ward, [7] Lachie Ash
Half Forward: [14] Tim Taranto, [27] Harry Himmelberg, [3] Stephen Coniglio
Full Forward: [37] Bobby Hill, [4] Toby Greene, [5] Tanner Bruhn
Followers: [11] Braydon Preuss, [22] Josh Kelly, [12] Tom Green
Bench: [30] Matt Flynn, [17] Finn Callaghan, [42] Jake Stein, [13] Isaac Cumming
Emergencies [26] Jake Riccardi, [10] Jacob Wehr, [24] Matt de Boer, [34] Josh Fahey


Full Back: [44] Callum Wilkie, [20] Dougal Howard, [36] Daniel McKenzie
Half Back: [33] Ben Paton, [26] Josh Battle, [35] Jack Sinclair
Centre: [8] Bradley Hill, [4] Jade Gresham, [6] Sebastian Ross
Half Forward: [21] Ben Long, [28] Tim Membrey. [22] Jack Higgins
Full Forward: [32] Mason Wood, [12] Max King, [16] Dan Butler
Followers: [19] Rowan Marshall, [9] Jack Steele, [5] Brad Crouch
Bench: [29] Jimmy Webster, [17] Marcus Windhager, [7] Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera,
Emergencies [47] Jack Hayes, [31] Jarrod Lienert, [34] Tom Highmore, [42] Max Heath, [13] Ryan Byrnes

GAME 2:Saturday April 23, Dogs vs Crows

INS Josh Schache,Robbie McComb,Stefan Martin INS Jackson Hately
OUTS Lachie Hunter (Personal Reason),Mitch Wallis (Personal Reason),Riley Garcia (Injured),Tim English (Injured) OUTS James Rowe (Medi-Sub),Rory Sloane (Injured)

Biggest news of the day, Tim English is out with an Hamstring Injury, unknown length. Must touted rookie Robbie McComb is making his debut.

1:45pm EST Mars Stadium (Ballarat)


Full Back: [20] Ed Richards, [43] Ryan Gardner, [15] Taylor Duryea
Half Back: [35] Caleb Daniel, [22] Tim O’Brien, [31] Bailey Dale
Centre: [30] Lachlan McNeil, [11] Jack Macrae, [28] Anthony Scott
Half Forward: [21] Tom Liberatore, [12] Zaine Cordy. [1] Adam Treloar
Full Forward: [4] Marcus Bontempelli, [33] Aaron Naughton, [19] Cody Weightman
Followers: [8] Stefan Martin, [6] Bailey Smith, [5] Josh Dunkley
Bench: [27] Robbie McComb, [2] Jamarra Ugle-Hagan, [13] Josh Schache, [34] Bailey Williams
Emergencies [9] Hayden Crozier, [14] Rhylee West, [24] Buku Khamis, [41] Jordon Sweet


Full Back: [39] Tom Doedee. [41] Jordon Butts, [22] Billy Frampton
Half Back: [33] Brodie Smith, [12] Jordan Dawson, [16] Luke Brown
Centre: [15] Brayden Cook, [29] Rory Laird, [38] Lachlan Sholl
Half Forward: [8] Josh Rachele, [4] Lachlan Murphy, [25] Ned McHenry
Full Forward: [23] Shane McAdam, [13] Taylor Walker, [34] Elliott Himmelberg
Followers: [43] Reilly O’Brien, [2] Ben Keays, [21] Sam Berry
Bench: [44] Lachlan Gollant, [6] Jackson Hately, [5] Matt Crouch, [1] Chayce Jones
Emergencies [31] James Rowe, [14] Jake Soligo, [7] Riley Thilthorpe, [17] Will Hamill

GAME 3: Saturday April 23, Port vs Eagles

INS Kane Farrell,Ollie Wines INS Connor West,Luke Strnadica,Xavier O’Neill
OUTS Jackson Mead (Omitted),Jed McEntee (Omitted),Karl Amon (Omitted) OUTS Hugh Dixon (Injured),Jamaine Jones (Omitted),Josh Rotham (Omitted),Zac Langdon (Omitted)

Ollie Wines finally returns for Port, Luke Strnadica debuts as a ruck for eagles, but rookie carnage with McIntee, Dixon and Mead all out.

4:35pm EST Adelaide Oval


Full Back: [3] Ryan Burton, [21] Aliir Aliir, [17] Tom Clurey
Half Back: [14] Miles Bergman, [1] Tom Jonas, [33] Darcy Byrne-Jones
Centre: [5] Dan Houston, [28] Willem Drew, [26] Riley Bonner
Half Forward: [18] Zak Butters, [19] Mitch Georgiades, [20] Connor Rozee
Full Forward: [9] Robbie Gray, [4] Todd Marshall, [2] Sam Powell-Pepper
Followers: [25] Sam Hayes, [16] Ollie Wines, [10] Travis Boak
Bench: [24] Kane Farrell, [43] Trent Dumont, [6] Steven Motlop,
Emergencies [11] Jeremy Finlayson, [15] Karl Amon, [41] Jed McEntee, [32] Sam Mayes, [34] Lachie Jones


Full Back: [25] Shannon Hurn, [37] Tom Barrass, [23] Alex Witherden
Half Back: [30] Jackson Nelson, [42] Harry Edwards, [14] Liam Duggan
Centre: [8] Jack Redden, [11] Tim Kelly, [28] Patrick Naish
Half Forward: [44] Willie Rioli, [27] Jack Darling, [15] Jamie Cripps
Full Forward: [2] Jake Waterman, [17] Josh J. Kennedy, [1] Liam Ryan
Followers: [32] Bailey J. Williams, [6] Elliot Yeo, [13] Luke Shuey
Bench: [24] Xavier O’Neill, [29] Luke Foley, [36] Connor West, [45] Luke Strnadica
Emergencies [7] Zac Langdon, [22] Isiah Winder, [35] Josh Rotham, [31] Jamaine Jones

GAME 4: Saturday April 23, Dockers vs Blues

INS Griffin Logue,Lachie Schultz INS Patrick Cripps
OUTS Bailey Banfield (Omitted),Hayden Young (HS Protocol),Heath Chapman (HS Protocol) OUTS Matthew Kennedy (Injured),Paddy Dow (Medi-Sub)

We already knew about Young and Chapman out
cripps is back, but Matthew Kennedy is out injured.

7:40pm EST Optus Oval


Full Back: [36] Brennan Cox, [25] Alex Pearce, [6] Jordan Clark
Half Back: [30] Nathan O’Driscoll, [13] Luke Ryan, [2] Griffin Logue
Centre: [11] James Aish, [10] Michael Walters, [9] Blake Acres
Half Forward: [8] Andrew Brayshaw, [20] Matt Taberner, [32] Michael Frederick
Full Forward: [39] Sam Switkowski, [37] Rory Lobb, [5] Lachie Schultz
Followers: [4] Sean Darcy, [17] Will Brodie, [3] Caleb Serong
Bench: [18] Darcy Tucker, [16] David Mundy, [31] Brandon Walker, [33] Travis Colyer
Emergencies [14] Nathan Wilson, [28] Neil Erasmus, [41] Bailey Banfield, [22] Lloyd Meek


Full Back: [23] Jacob Weitering, [6] Zac Williams, [24] Nic Newman
Half Back: [42] Adam Saad, [33] Lewis Young, [15] Sam Docherty
Centre: [46] Matthew Cottrell, [29] George Hewett, [32] Jack Newnes
Half Forward: [44] Matthew Owies, [21] Jack Martin, [30] Charlie Curnow
Full Forward: [25] Zac Fisher, [10] Harry McKay, [1] Jack Silvagni
Followers: [27] Marc Pittonet, [18] Sam Walsh, [5] Adam Cerra
Bench: [9] Patrick Cripps, [19] Corey Durdin, [26] Luke Parks, [43] Will Setterfield
Emergencies [37] Jordan Boyd, [2] Paddy Dow, [12] Tom De Koning, [3] Jesse Motlop

GAME 5: Sunday April 24, Roos vs Cats

INS Aiden Bonar,Callum Coleman-Jones,Cameron Zurhaar,Miller Bergman,Paul Curtis,Tarryn Thomas INS Esava Ratugolea,Oliver Dempsey,Shaun Higgins
OUTS Aaron Hall (Injured),Jaidyn Stephenson (Illness),Tom Powell (Omitted) OUTS

Sunday extended bench selections on Friday ~5pm

Hall is out, but Tarryn Thomas is back for roos. Keep an eye on Miller Bergman is he makes the squad.

1:10pm EST Blundstone Area Tassie


Full Back: [15] Atu Bosenavulagi. [23] Ben McKay, [4] Aidan Corr
Half Back: [11] Luke McDonald, [19] Josh Walker, [7] Jack Ziebell
Centre: [17] Lachie Young, [9] Luke Davies-Uniacke, [8] Bailey Scott
Half Forward: [5] Curtis Taylor, [20] Nick Larkey, [26] Tarryn Thomas
Full Forward: [25] Paul Curtis, [44] Cameron Zurhaar, [22] Todd Goldstein
Followers: [38] Tristan Xerri, [12] Jy Simpkin, [6] Jason Horne-Francis
Extended Bench: [1] Jack Mahony, [16] Aiden Bonar, [18] Hugh Greenwood, [21] Callum Coleman-Jones,
  [27] Miller Bergman, [28] Kayne Turner, [39] Flynn Perez, [40] Eddie Ford


Full Back: [16] Sam De Koning, [38] Jack Henry, [24] Jed Bews
Half Back: [44] Tom Stewart, [46] Mark Blicavs, [2] Zach Tuohy
Centre: [22] Mitch Duncan, [14] Joel Selwood. [7] Isaac Smith
Half Forward: [4] Shaun Higgins, [26] Tom Hawkins, [18] Tyson Stengle
Full Forward: [32] Gryan Miers, [5] Jeremy Cameron, [45] Brad Close
Followers: [1] Rhys Stanley, [35] Patrick Dangerfield, [29] Cameron Guthrie
Extended Bench: [30] Tom Atkins, [42] Mark O’Connor, [3] Brandan Parfitt, [9] Max Holmes,
  [8] Jake Kolodjashnij, [17] Esava Ratugolea, [40] Luke Dahlhaus, [28] Oliver Dempsey

GAME 6: Sunday April 24, Suns vs Lions

INS Chris Burgess,Connor Budarick,Jeremy Sharp INS Jack Payne,Jaxon Prior,Keidean Coleman,Thomas Berry
OUTS OUTS Mitch Robinson (Injured)

Sunday extended bench selections on Friday ~5pm

Only change of note here is the inclusion of Keidean Coleman, who had a solid role in preseason, but he is midpriced. It might affect Zorkos role.

4:10pm EST Metricon


Full Back: [27] Wil Powell, [25] Sam Collins, [23] Sean Lemmens
Half Back: [14] Lachie Weller, [10] Charlie Ballard, [50] Jy Farrar
Centre: [8] Brayden Fiorini, [11] Touk Miller, [4] Brandon Ellis
Half Forward: [9] Ben Ainsworth, [30] Levi Casboult, [22] Izak Rankine
Full Forward: [41] Malcolm Rosas, [1] Mabior Chol, [7] Nick Holman
Followers: [28] Jarrod Witts, [18] Matt Rowell, [15] Noah Anderson
Extended Bench: [2] Rory Atkins, [35] Connor Budarick, [29] Chris Burgess, [19] Josh Corbett,
  [5] Alex Davies, [17] Oleg Markov, [20] Jeremy Sharp, [24] David Swallow


Full Back: [27] Darcy Gardiner, [31] Harris Andrews, [24] Marcus Adams
Half Back: [37] Brandon Starcevich, [10] Daniel Rich. [43] Noah Answerth
Centre: [4] Callum Ah Chee, [15] Dayne Zorko, [6] Hugh McCluggage
Half Forward: [33] Zac Bailey, [25] Daniel McStay, [11] Lincoln McCarthy
Full Forward: [16] Cam Rayner, [3] Joe Daniher, [23] Charlie Cameron
Followers: [46] Oscar McInerney, [17] Jarryd Lyons, [9] Lachie Neale
Extended Bench: [1] Kai Lohmann, [7] Jarrod Berry, [12] Nakia Cockatoo, [13] Thomas Berry,
  [18] Keidean Coleman, [20] Jaxon Prior, [32] Darcy Fort, [40] Jack Payne

GAME 7: Sunday April 24, Tigers vs Dees

INS Josh Gibcus,Kamdyn McIntosh,Maurice Rioli,Rhyan Mansell,Riley Collier-Dawkins,Sam Banks,Tyler Sonsie INS Adam Tomlinson,Ben Brown,Jake Melksham,Joel Smith,Luke Dunstan
OUTS Ben Miller (Omitted),Hugo Ralphsmith (Injured),Jake Aarts (Omitted),Marlion Pickett (Injured) OUTS Jack Viney (HS Protocol),Jake Lever (HS Protocol)

Sunday extended bench selections on Friday ~5pm

Some new names here, so check extended bench. Ralphsmith is out injured, Gibcus and J.smith return

7:25 pm EST MCG


Full Back: [35] Nathan Broad, [6] Robbie Tarrant, [28] Josh Gibcus
Half Back: [15] Jayden Short, [1] Nick Vlastuin, [17] Daniel Rioli
Centre: [5] Jack Ross, [9] Trent Cotchin, [33] Kamdyn McIntosh
Half Forward: [11] Jason Castagna, [7] Liam Baker, [10] Shane Edwards
Full Forward: [19] Tom J. Lynch, [8] Jack Riewoldt, [21] Noah Balta
Followers: [25] Toby Nankervis, [3] Dion Prestia, [27] Thomson Dow
Extended Bench: [31] Rhyan Mansell, [41] Sam Banks, [26] Riley Collier-Dawkins, [29] Shai Bolton, [40] Tyler Sonsie, [34] Jack Graham, [37] Matthew Parker, [49] Maurice Rioli


Full Back: [29] Jayden Hunt, [1] Steven May, [35] Harrison Petty
Half Back: [23] James Jordon, [44] Joel Smith, [24] Trent Rivers
Centre: [10] Angus Brayshaw, [5] Christian Petracca, [15] Ed Langdon
Half Forward: [25] Tom McDonald, [26] Sam Weideman, [30] Alex Neal-Bullen
Full Forward: [31] Bayley Fritsch, [50] Ben Brown, [9] Charlie Spargo
Followers: [11] Max Gawn, [13] Clayton Oliver, [32] Tom Sparrow
Extended Bench: [4] James Harmes, [6] Luke Jackson, [12] Toby Bedford, [17] Jake Bowey,
  [18] Jake Melksham, [20] Adam Tomlinson, [27] Luke Dunstan, [36] Kysaiah Pickett

GAME 8: ANZAC DAY Monday April 25, Hawks vs Swans

INS Chad Wingard,Jackson Callow,Max Lynch,Ned Long,Will Day INS Dylan Stephens,Lance Franklin,Sam Wicks
OUTS Mitch Lewis (Injured),Ned Reeves (Injured) OUTS

Monday extended bench selections ~4pm ish Saturday

Will Day and Windgard are back in for the hawks.

12:30 pm EST University of Tasmania


Full Back: [8] Sam Frost, [24] Denver Grainger-Barras, [15] Blake Hardwick
Half Back: [6] James Sicily, [9] Changkuoth Jiath, [12] Will Day
Centre: [26] Liam Shiels, [3] Tom Mitchell, [25] Josh Ward
Half Forward: [11] Conor Nash, [22] Luke Breust, [4] Jarman Impey
Full Forward: [13] Dylan Moore, [18] Max Lynch, [19] Jack Gunston
Followers: [23] Jacob Koschitzke, [44] Jai Newcombe, [20] Chad Wingard
Extended Bench: [1] Harry Morrison, [14] Jack Scrimshaw, [10] Jaeger O’Meara, [45] Jackson Callow,
  [21] Tom Phillips, [31] Connor Macdonald, [27] Ned Long, [5] James Worpel


Full Back: [7] Harry Cunningham, [24] Dane Rampe, [39] Paddy McCartin
Half Back: [44] Jake Lloyd, [30] Tom McCartin, [27] Justin McInerney
Centre: [22] Nick Blakey, [8] James Rowbottom, [13] Oliver Florent
Half Forward: [9] Will Hayward, [23] Lance Franklin, [6] Logan McDonald
Full Forward: [1] Chad Warner, [2] Hayden McLean, [26] Luke Parker
Followers: [19] Peter Ladhams, [14] Callum Mills, [5] Isaac Heeney
Extended Bench: [16] Braeden Campbell, [25] Ben Ronke, [21] Errol Gulden, [32] James Bell,
  [12] Josh P. Kennedy, [15] Sam Wicks, [20] Sam Reid, [3] Dylan Stephens

GAME 9: ANZAC DAY Monday April 25, Dons vs Pies

INS Jake Stringer,Kaine Baldwin,Nick Bryan,Zach Merrett INS Beau McCreery,Brody Mihocek,Caleb Poulter,Jack Ginnivan,Tyler Brown
OUTS Andrew Phillips (Injured) OUTS Jordan Roughead (Injured),Mason Cox (Omitted)

Monday extended bench selections ~4pm ish Saturday

Super surprising inclusion, early from Injury with Merrett for the dons, as well as Stringer, which may put some pressure on their rookies.

3:20pm EST MCG


Full Back: [30] Brandon Zerk-Thatcher, [15] Jayden Laverde, [29] Jake Kelly
Half Back: [27] Mason Redman, [14] Jordan Ridley, [21] Dyson Heppell
Centre: [22] Sam Durham, [8] Ben Hobbs, [13] Nik Cox
Half Forward: [37] Nic Martin, [25] Jake Stringer, [6] Jye Caldwell
Full Forward: [1] Andrew McGrath, [20] Peter Wright, [35] Matt Guelfi
Followers: [2] Sam Draper, [3] Darcy Parish, [7] Zach Merrett
Extended Bench: [19] Nick Hind, [9] Dylan Shiel, [45] Alec Waterman, [16] Archie Perkins, [24] Nick Bryan,
  [5] Devon Smith, [26] Kaine Baldwin, [12] Tom Cutler


Full Back: [3] Isaac Quaynor, [30] Darcy Moore, [41] Brody Mihocek
Half Back: [37] Brayden Maynard, [38] Jeremy Howe, [35] Nick Daicos
Centre: [9] John Noble, [10] Scott Pendlebury, [7] Josh Daicos
Half Forward: [32] Will Hoskin-Elliott, [44] Jack Madgen, [22] Steele Sidebottom
Full Forward: [13] Taylor Adams, [15] Nathan Kreuger, [2] Jordan De Goey
Followers: [4] Brodie Grundy, [1] Patrick Lipinski, [25] Jack Crisp
Extended Bench: [14] Darcy Cameron, [26] Reef McInnes, [12] Tom Wilson, [17] Callum L. Brown,
  [31] Beau McCreery. [6] Tyler Brown, [24] Caleb Poulter, [33] Jack Ginnivan

A windy cold day in 2015, I was bored, sick with the flu, and decided to start a blog about Teamsheets. I was immediately recruited by Warnie and somehow am now a DTTALK author. NOTE; Im Back in 2022! woooo Twitter@BaggersShags ~REMEMBER: Friends don't let friends DT TEAMS become ghost ships.



  1. Wathen FC

    April 21, 2022 at 6:35 pm

    Do we hold Tim English? Currently I have Rachele on field as cover with the potential field loop of Jack Hayes. I heard that he was hamstrung but surely it can’t be that serious and just a week?

    • Pure Grunt

      April 22, 2022 at 1:43 pm

      Just announced

      “The Club is working through his return to play plan but expect Tim to miss the next 2-3 games.”

  2. Garry

    April 21, 2022 at 6:35 pm

    Anyone know what’s wrong with Tim English?

    • Wathen FC

      April 21, 2022 at 6:36 pm

      Hamstring injury during training. Don’t know about the severity of it yet which is what I really want to know. I’m planning on holding him if it’s just a week or two due to strong bench cover but hamstring injuries can vary a lot.

  3. Garry

    April 21, 2022 at 6:42 pm

    Cheers for the info. Hopefully just a week. I can have Nick Martin cover from midfield and then Ben Hobbs to come on field.

    • Wathen FC

      April 21, 2022 at 6:48 pm

      Same here. I got Rachele on field with J Hayes as potential loop. I could even last two or even three weeks with his hamstring injury. But I am too hopeful that it’s just a week. Knowing the player of his calibre if it was serious they would state it.

  4. Ando the brain dead barfly

    April 21, 2022 at 7:05 pm

    Well..English & Dixon both out really depletes my Ruck stocks🙄

    • pendles4brownlow

      April 21, 2022 at 7:34 pm

      Hope you have Xerri or Hayes

  5. JungleMuffin

    April 21, 2022 at 7:11 pm

    Crouch and Ward survive the ace this week given the omission of Mead and Clark not getting a game. Would have meant too many red dots and cash generation in a poor state and likely stagnating.

    Decided to sure up my bench by trading Hough and Skinner out for Hobbs and Hayes. Allows me the luxury of having Erasmus sit at D10 not earnong, while also keeping some flexibility/cash gen by holding Dixon.

    Would have loved To UK in this week, but not entirely upset about having Crouch in for 1 more week (after hearing Roy on the podcast last night talking about giving players one more chance) with Sloane out for the season. With a bit of luck any cash he loses me is offset by To UK possibly dropping a few k. Moving Ward to the bench for Hobbs is also handy, not having to worry about him scoring me a 40.

    Cash is down to 3k in the kitty though, so I’m cutting it close to being able to afford the trades I want next week.

  6. pendles4brownlow

    April 21, 2022 at 7:44 pm

    I have Smith as VC. If he fails, who should be C – Brayshaw or Neale? Or will Touk bounce back?

    • Bill

      April 21, 2022 at 8:45 pm

      I have Smith as VC also, gone for Petracca as C ahead of Neale, but hoping I can stay with Smith.
      Good luck.

    • Gandreg Gustavvson

      April 21, 2022 at 8:54 pm

      I’m also using Smith as vac. Potential captains are Petracca, Touk, Neale, Steele and Gawn

  7. Mike

    April 21, 2022 at 11:51 pm

    I had English @ F2, still got Gawn & Preuss.
    I’ll hold Dixon.
    Trades then are.
    English to McComb
    Hough to Petracca.
    Means I have to keep Rowell @ M7 for a week.
    I have to bench NOD because backline is sweet.
    I couldn’t get rid of Rachele, so I have to field him.
    Midfield now.
    Steele Macrea Trac Touk,
    Neale Daicos Rowell JHF (NOD, McComb)
    Gives me 27 green dots.
    I’m really disliking Stewy Dew.
    Looks like we all know where Clarko will coach next year.
    Note: Subject to change, probably many changes.

    Trying your best to FMDT…

  8. EmeraldIllusion

    April 22, 2022 at 5:35 pm

    Hey guys, what do you think is the best option?

    Miss out on Hobbs and go Answerth & Rowell to B. Smith & McComb.

    Get Hobbs and go Answerth & Rowell to Hobbs & Cripps/Parker/M Crouch.

    I’m thinking it’s worth not having Hobbs just so I can get B Smith.

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