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Calvin's Captains

Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 6

A top-10 like no other! Check out Cal’s video as he talks you though his best captains.

Another round is upon us and we have lots of choices on the table. The thing is, this week’s captain research was tough. It was very hard nailing down my top-10 but after heaps of number crunching and even weather analysis… I’m very happy with the outcome and with ANZAC Medals up for grabs, expect the big name players to stand-up.


– Have a look at my new set and old hat
– Go over my top-10 in order
– Why I don’t have Brayshaw, Neale and others on the list

Key StatsCal’s Comments
1. Bailey Smith

SAT 1:45pm
#1 man in the game averaging 135. Must be at the top!Scored 118 and 156* in his last two against the Crows and has form well and truly on his side. Led their MIDs in CBAs last week as well.
2. Max Gawn

SUN 7:25pm
Coming off 132 and 140, Max has got rid of those dinner plates.107 and 164* are his last efforts v Nank but his overall record on the Tigers is second to none. Weather looks good again for some clean marking!
3. Christian Petracca

SUN 7:25pm
137 last year on the Tigers and will rise in this big game at the MCG.Wasn't tagged last week for the first time in two weeks to score 115. Tigers rank #2 easiest for MIDs overall. Expect a big one!
4. Jack Macrae

SAT 1:45pm
Coming off 119 and 130, Macrae still only need 53% of the CBAs last week.Hasn't hit a ton v Adelaide in his last two games. Only managed 81 and 113 in his last two at MARS but before that he was nasty as.
5. Josh Dunkley

SAT 1:45pm
Has scored between 103 and 132 this year and get's the job done.Recent scores at MARS... 53, 108, 106, 127 and 116. The Crows have been a little tough in recent weeks but he'll be fine.
6. Clayton Oliver

SUN 7:25pm
One of his favourite match-ups in a game that could get nasty.Scored 124 last year against the Tigers and Oliver has been hitting some form and finds himself coming off a nice 111.
7. Jack Steele

@ Manuka
FRI 7:50pm
GWS are #2 hardest for MIDs this year and Steele only had 78 last year against them.Still scoring between 101-130 this year, Steele has been good but does he get attention from Ash here although he didn't tag last week.
8. Ben Keays

SAT 1:45pm
Ox100+ in his last three against the Dogs and only had 69 last year.Dogs are tough... but Keays' form is elite and is coming off scores of 114 and 134. He should be great again.
9. Callum Mills

@ UTas
MON 12:30pm
Hawthorn still #1 easiest for MIDs by a MILE.Coming off 106 and 106, Mills could explode in this at Pig Park. He had 113 against the Hawks last year.
10.Sam Walsh

@ Optus
SAT 7:40pm
Freo are tough at the moment but Walsh is hitting serious form.Averaging 107 in his last three, Walsh meets a team he scored 128 and 116 against last year. Love this guy!


Pretty simple for me this week… looking down the list from top to bottom with players I have, Macrae (VC) sits as a nice early option for me with Max Gawn (C) bringing home the bacon on Sunday night. With that said, Jack Steele on Friday night is also tempting. He hasn’t got close to his ceiling of 2021 yet and although he will at some point, the fear of an Ash tag is slightly daunting.

Do you need a Captain? Then Calvin will help you out. Don't want a Captain? Calvin will tell you anyway. The man who digs deep into stats will help you pick a great captain and give you plenty of Fantasy advice. Follow him on Twitter: @CalvinDT

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