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Cripps hamstrung, Preuss suspended, rookie mistakes – Ep. 504

PODCAST: Roy, Calvin and Warnie discuss what to do with Preuss and Cripps.

What an eventful round! After almost 23,000 coaches brought in Braydon Preuss, the 19% that are starting him on field will have to work out what they’re doing with the big fella out suspended for round five. Add to this, Patrick Cripps’ hammy saw him subbed out to end the round that many would like to forget … but not Calvin. He’s flying high and as a result, he’s putting in more work than ever! Let’s do this!

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1:30 – Max Gawn was the top scorer of the round and Brodie Grundy wasn’t far behind.

3:20 – Roy and Warnie made a big rookie mistake and missed out on Nathan O’Driscoll scoring a ton on their ground.

8:20 – George Hewett gets some love for his epic start to the season.

12:00 – Did you know James Worpel played a full game for just 10 Fantasy points?

16:30 – We’re waiting on news on Patrick Cripps‘ hamstring injury.

21:00 – Ruck stats from the VFL and SANFL for Preuss cover.

24:15 – Hugh Dixon could be solid ruck cover for the week.

28:00 – What is the advice on Cripps.

31:00 – Roy discussed his Rollin’ 22 starting with Jack Steele leading the midfielders.

36:00 – Calvin has looked at which players could be good picks for the next few weeks based on his Scale of Hardness.

41:00 – Sam Docherty looks to be the No. 1 defender this season.

44:45 – It was tough to round out the sixth forward, but Roy goes with Will Brodie.

48:05 – Roy, Calvin and Warnie reveal that they are all moving out Cripps for premium MIDs.

49:50 – Questions from social media – follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

54:30 – “It’s a role change” – Why Roy is keen to dump Matt Rowell.

58:20 – Key things to think about due to the Easter fixture.

1:05:- Why O’Driscoll is a must have.

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