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2020 Prices

Carlton AFL Fantasy Classic Prices 2020

Prices, positions & tips for the Blues.

The change of coach midway through the 2019 season to David Teague did see an increase in average team Disposals, the Blues averaged 349.5 Disposals between Rounds 1-11 under Brendon Bolton & 363.7 Disposals under Teague.

Once gaining control of the team David Teague placed experienced players back into the midfield, the result was a positive for the Blues winning 6 of their final 11 games in 2019.

The extremely deep rebuild period is well & truly over for the Blues, instead of developing each week the intention will be to put up as many wins as possible.

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Patrick Cripps MID $753K

Cripps averaged 101.4pts from 20 games in 2019, he scored 100pts or more in a moderate 50.0% of games but that was offset by quite a number of high ceiling games. Cripps scored 120pts or more in 30.0% of games, he scored a career high 163pts against Gold Coast in Round 4.

If the Blues start to become more competitive in 2020 Cripps could see an increase in shutdown roles on him by opposition clubs, he was susceptible to a tag last season which did restrict his overall average.

Carlton are desperate to find another competitive inside beast type midfielder, until then the scores are likely to remain volatile for Cripps in 2020.

Ed Curnow MID $667K

The early part of 2019 then Carlton coach Brendon Bolton didn’t play Ed Curnow through the midfield at a high rate, he averaged 79.8pts between Rounds 1-11 under Bolton. Once Bolton was removed as coach Curnow was moved back into the midfield under David Teague and his numbers spiked, Curnow averaged 99.9pts between Rounds 12-23

The role for Curnow in the midfield needs to be available again in 2020, based on his second half of the season in 2019 he is under-priced at Round 1.

Sam Docherty DEF $563K

If Docherty completes a near perfect pre-season he will be one of the higher owned players alongside Tom Mitchell at Round 1, Docherty averaged 116.8pts in 2017 and is priced at an average of 76pts to begin the 2020 season.

It is likely Docherty will settle back into a half-back role for the Blues this season, if there are no concerns prior to Round 1 then there is not much to think about selecting him to kick start your season.

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Patrick CrippsMID101.520$753,000
Marc MurphyMID95.919$712,000
Nic NewmanDEF93.420$693,000
Sam WalshMID92.222$684,000
Ed CurnowMID89.922$667,000
Jack MartinMID/FWD83.416$619,000
Matthew KreuzerRUC82.715$614,000
Kade SimpsonDEF80.218$595,000
Sam Petrevski-SetonDEF/MID77.722$577,000
Sam DochertyDEF00$563,000
Jack NewnesMID69.720$517,000
Will SetterfieldMID67.118$498,000
Jack SilvagniFWD66.217$491,000
Levi CasboultDEF/FWD65.320$485,000
Charlie CurnowFWD6511$482,000
David CuninghamFWD66.39$477,000
Zac FisherMID/FWD63.221$469,000
Michael GibbonsFWD62.421$463,000
Lachie PlowmanDEF6221$460,000
Harry McKayFWD61.520$456,000
Darcy LangFWD45.98$448,000
Eddie BettsFWD58.621$435,000
Caleb MarchbankDEF56.413$419,000
Jacob WeiteringDEF56.220$417,000
Paddy DowMID/FWD53.519$397,000
Lochie O'BrienMID53.117$394,000
Mitch McGovernFWD48.816$362,000
Matthew KennedyFWD48.410$359,000
Liam JonesDEF44.913$333,000
Marc PittonetRUC542$305,000
Liam StockerDEF45.25$285,000
Tom WilliamsonDEF44.52$251,000
Brodie KempMID00$238,000
Sam PhilpMID00$232,000
Cameron PolsonFWD25.33$195,000
Tom De KoningRUC00$190,000
Sam RamsayMID00$178,000
Hugh GoddardDEF23.52$170,000
Harrison MacreadieDEF81$170,000
Matthew OwiesFWD00$170,000
Josh HoneyMID/FWD00$170,000
Fraser PhillipsFWD00$170,000
Ben SilvagniDEF00$170,000
Finbar O'DwyerFWD00$170,000
Matthew CottrellDEF00$170,000

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