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Fry’s Cash Cows – Rd. 20

With just three weeks (and six trades) left in season 2019, Fry takes another look at the rookies/cash cows.

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Some huge scores around the grounds helped to restore the faith for a big portion of AFL Fantasy coaches. Unfortunately, for most though, it’s too little too late. The fantasy season only has three weeks (and six trades) left, with bragging rights, New Era hats and pride all still well and truly on the line. Rookie downgrades won’t be in high demand, but I did my best to present another cash cows guide as the season draws to a close. Stay glued to the site in the coming weeks for my rookie award picks to have your say on who deserves some hardware for their efforts in 2019.

Feel free to comment your questions below, but the general rule of thumb is no mention for a player = not worth talking about.



Hugh Goddard, Blues ($170K, 31, BE 34)
Jason Carter, Dockers ($182K, 47, BE 12)


Kyle Dunkley, Demons ($229K, 72, BE -2)
Doulton Langlands, Saints ($259K, 39, BE 9)
John Noble, Magpies ($187K, DNP, BE 8)


Jordon Sweet, Bulldogs ($170K, DNP, BE 26)



This late into the season I wouldn’t recommend trading in inflated rookies for bench cover, even if you’re lacking a playing emergency. That all but draws a line through candidates around the $300k mark like Will SnellingHayden McLean and Nick Hind. Some may have taken a chance on Peter Ladhams as bench cover given Max Gawn’s uncertainty, but he could be a one-week visitor too.

Stay glued to team selection on Thursday to see if any debutants are named, with one of them potentially a fine bench replacement. If no fresh faces emerge Jason Carter might be the best option around, after a solid debut that should see him hold his spot. Hugh Goddard might not be as lucky, but if he keeps a place in the Blues’ 22, he might be another option to maximise savings. You have to pay a few more dollars for one of the MID emergencies unless John Noble can earn a recall, but Kyle Dunkley did enough to suggest he’ll play out the year for the Dees.



Noah Answerth, Lions ($396K, 70, BE 41)
Jordan Clark, Cats ($468K, 33, BE 95)
Xavier Duursma, Power ($534K, 98, BE 66)


Michael Gibbons, Blues ($478K, 68, BE 52)
Bailey Smith, Bulldogs ($438K, 75, BE 55)

Sam Walsh, Blues ($658K, 103, BE 104)


Mabior Chol, Tigers ($350K, 38, BE 65)
Zac Clarke, Bombers ($359K, 63, BE 28)
Peter Ladhams, Power ($263K, 78, BE -10)

Reilly O’Brien, Crows ($738K, 90, BE 119)


Shai Bolton, Tigers ($509K, 65, BE, 80)
Oliver Hanrahan, Hawks ($314K, 24, BE 61)
Mitchell Lewis, Hawks ($445K, 92, BE 49)

Will Setterfield, Blues ($506K, 71, BE 71)

With just six trades left this year, let me begin by stating if these players are on your bench you should look to cash them in and throw that money onto another lacklustre on-field player and reap the benefits. The number of holds is dwindling, but the dearer, more expensive types still on your field perhaps in the form of Sam Walsh, Reilly O’Brien and/or Xavier Duursma are allowed to stay. There are a lot of rumours surrounding O’Brien and a potential Jacobs inclusion though, so keep one ear glued to the Twittersphere for updates.

That trio can be trusted, but any other rookies on your field have to go. Oliver Hanrahan and Mabior Chol bobbed up at the right time to give us some meaningful games, but if they’re left off the Round 21 team sheets, you can comfortably axe them from your sides. It is still handy to have a playing emergency just in case, which probably gives Noah Answerth another life down back. The same can be said for Will Setterfield and his Blues teammate Michael Gibbons, with Carlton, dare I say it, looking a lot like an AFL side in recent times.



Chris Burgess, Suns ($219K, 38, BE 16)
Griffin Logue, Dockers ($310K, 32, BE 65)
Sydney Stack, Tigers ($518K, DNP, BE 83)
Callum Wilkie, Saints ($427K, 65, BE 69)


Tom Atkins, Cats ($325K, 57, BE 48)
Oskar Baker, Demons ($363K, 46, BE 74)

Dylan Clarke, Bombers ($431K, 52, BE 74)
Jackson Hately, Giants ($397K, 58, BE 59)

Nick Hind, Saints ($284K, 43, BE 42)
James Rowbottom, Swans ($431K, 50, BE 70)


Noah Balta, Tigers ($374K, DNP, BE 80)
Darcy Fort, Cats ($253K, DNP, BE 15)*

Archie Smith, Lions ($242K, DNP, BE 24)


Liam Baker, Tigers ($438K, 29, BE 107)
Zak Butters, Power ($387K, 34, BE 70)
Jarrod Cameron, Eagles ($310K, 46, BE 56)
Ian Hill, Giants ($287K, 51, BE 33)

Nick Larkey, Kangaroos ($335K, 45, BE 53)
Gryan Miers, Cats ($417K, 42, BE 78)
Matthew Parker, Saints ($366K, 52, BE 62)

Connor Rozee, Power ($458K, 101, BE 50)
James Rose, Swans ($335K, 29, BE 51)

I could be here for days listing the reasons as to why these players should be traded out, but I’m sure you reading this, are a busy person. Simply put, if any of these players are on your field, yes, even Connor Rozee coming off a ton, then they need to be removed ASAP. No longer can we tolerate Gryan Miers‘ off days or Dylan Clarke‘s 50’s. These players have to go.

In a better case scenario, a lot of these youngsters will be riding your pine, with a downgrade to a cheaper player (see above) a smart maneuver. There’s no great news on Sydney Stack‘s calf ailment either with the Richmond x-factor unlikely to make a return this week. If you’re one of the 10.2% of owners, I’d look to use this as an excuse to move him along.

*It is worth pointing out that Darcy Fort kicked six goals in the VFL and could see a recall should Geelong drop another match.


Nick Shipley, MID, Giants ($170K, NEAFL score: 149)
Corey Lyons, MID, Lions ($170K, NEAFL score: 138)
Marty Hore, DEF, Demons ($407K, VFL score: 133)
Willem Drew, MID, Power ($402K, SANFL score: 101)
Patrick Naish, DEF, Tigers ($245K, VFL score: 96)
Derek Eggmolesse-Smith, DEF, Tigers ($224K, VFL score: 94)
Charlie Constable, MID, Cats ($500K, VFL score: 91)
Lachie Hosie, FWD, Kangaroos ($170K, VFL score: 82)
Jay Lockhart, DEF/MID, Demons ($367K, VFL score: 78)
Michael Knoll, RUC, Swans ($170K, NEAFL score: 78)
Brayden Ham, FWD, Bombers ($207K, VFL score: 73)
Brett Bewley, MID/FWD, Dockers ($335K, WAFL score: 49)
Curtis Taylor, MID/FWD, Kangaroos ($181K, VFL score: 22)
Jye Caldwell, MID, Giants ($250K, NEAFL score: N/A)
Ben Davis, FWD, Crows ($171K, SANFL score: BYE)
Chayce Jones, MID, Crows ($246K, SANFL score: BYE)
Lachlan Scholl, DEF, Crows ($170K, SANFL score: BYE)

Tyson Stengle, FWD, Crows ($255K, SANFL score: BYE)
Josh Corbett, FWD, Suns ($268K, NEAFL score: BYE)
Corey Ellis, DEF/MID, Suns ($354K, NEAFL score: BYE)

New week, same old story. NEAFL studs Corey Lyons and Nick Shipley are an unlucky duo at the moment, unable to break into their respective AFL sides. With both teams finals bound, here’s hoping they can stay off the park and emerge as unreal cash cows in 2020. Part of me hopes mid-season recruit Lachlan Hosie is in a similar boat, but there are no guarantees that he’ll be back next year for the Roos.

Again, Tigers DEF’s Patrick Naish and Derek Eggmolesse-Smith keep flirting with a return to the senior side, as unlikely as it seems. One player who we can expect to stay in the two’s is Brett Bewley who only managed 16 touches for his 49 on the weekend. If you’ve held him after being dumped last week, now is a perfect time to downgrade him and pocket a juicy $150k (ish).

Cash Cow King – Round 19

Call me a hater, but Reilly O’Brien gets a week off from the CCK nominations this week, with four other youngsters outpacing the big Crow. Of course, there are mainstream names here, but it was nice to see Connor Rozee bob up for a ton. Special shoutout to Mitch Lewis, who is pressing hard for the crown as the best fantasy rookie forward in 2019, however, my vote this week goes to the ever-reliable Port Adelaide archer. Kudos Duurs.

Ranking Rookies

Taking all fantasy aspects into consideration, here are my top 5 rookie/cash cows you should own/make a move for over the final few weeks of the season.

  1. Jason Carter (DEF/MID)

  2. John Noble* (MID)

  3. Hugh Goddard (DEF)

  4. Kyle Dunkley (MID)

  5. Jordon Sweet* (RUC)

* = if named

Feel free to shoot your rookie/cash cow questions through on Twitter at @SportsbyFry for me to answer in the article. If Twitter isn’t your preferred domain hit me up on Instagram or Facebook and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Good Luck for Round 21!



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