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Fry’s Cash Cows – Rd. 18

With the fantasy finals just around the corner, Fry provides us with a simplified rookie guide to help maximise points on the field while still making the right rookie selections!

With the fantasy finals now just around the corner, it’s time to scale back our rookie trading and prioritise points on the field. Investing in playing emergencies and a bit of cash generation is still important, but it isn’t as high a priority as it was during the early and middle portions of the year. I’ve simplified the rookie guide for the next few weeks to give you an idea of what moves you should be making if you’re involving cash cows in your trade plans. Comment below what you think about the new setup/layout as we prepare for the business end of the season.

Feel free to comment your questions below, but the general rule of thumb is no mention for a player = not worth talking about.



Hugh Goddard, Blues ($170K, DNP, BE 41)
Francis Watson, Eagles ($196K, 72, BE -5)


Josh Deluca, Blues ($239K, 35, BE 36)
Doulton Langlands, Saints ($189K, 59, BE 4)
Will Snelling, Bombers ($222K, 58, BE 14)


Jordan Sweet, Bulldogs ($170K, DNP, BE 26)


Hayden McLean, Swans ($205K, 87, BE -14)

We were treated to multiple debutants last weekend, but their presence isn’t guaranteed again in Round 19. While Hayden McLean top scored after an impressive showing against Freo, my pick of the targets at the moment is Will Snelling. Making his highly anticipated Bombers debut, Snelling got better as the game progressed and I have faith he can tackle his way to some decent scores to close the season.

McLean is worth considering if you need a FWD target, especially given his ruck responsibilities and Sydney’s dire need for help in that area. I’d lean towards picking him over Doulton Langlands by a smidge with Josh Deluca a last resort if he holds his spot in Carlton’s outfit (unlikely). Shannon Hurn’s return could be the end of Francis Watson who also impressed on debut, but if he holds his spot he’s a fine DEF target and Hugh Goddard could be back after his one-week absence.



Noah Answerth, Lions ($352K, 56, BE 47)
Jordan Clark, Cats ($475K, 54, BE 70)
Xavier Duursma, Power ($526K, 84, BE 80)
Corey Ellis, Suns ($342K, 69, BE 17)
Isaac Quaynor, Magpies ($316K, 61, BE 23)
Sydney Stack, Tigers ($521K, 66, BE 85)


Brett Bewley, Dockers ($324K, 64, BE 27)
James Rowbottom, Swans ($403K, 81, BE 19)
Sam Walsh, Blues ($670K, 89, BE 105)


Zac Clarke, Bombers ($306K, DNP, BE 21)
Reilly O’Brien, Crows ($730K, 134, BE 94)


Shai Bolton, Tigers ($473K, 71, BE, 32)
Mabior Chol, Tigers ($355K, 62, BE 35)
Oliver Hanrahan, Hawks ($302K, 68, BE 1)
Ian Hill, Giants ($263K, 49, BE 17)
Mitchell Lewis, Hawks ($409K, 81, BE 26)
Gryan Miers, Cats ($433K, 61, BE 58)

A lot of the players from this portion of the article are likely sitting as an emergency on coaches benches out there, but some of them are still floating around your field. The likes of Xavier Duursma and Sydney Stack might not be your highest priority, but if you can upgrade them to move a rookie off your field that’s still the route I’d advise taking. Sam Walsh is another one in a similar boat, with his price potentially at an all-time high. Reilly O’Brien‘s situation is different from the aforementioned cash cows, with a real chance that ROB can still keep climbing. There’s nothing wrong with playing him in one of your ruck spots to close out the year.

If you’re spoilt for choice and find yourself with two playing emergencies in one line then some of these players could still be axed to continue cash generation. Gryan Miers is probably at the top of that list after yo-yo-ing between great and awful scores in recent times. Noah Answerth is another one who some coaches are moving on, but speaking from experience, it’s still important to have someone playing on your bench in case you get Shannon Hurn’d like I did.



Chris Burgess, Suns ($192K, 37, BE 29)
Griffin Logue, Dockers ($342K, 56 BE 59)
Callum Wilkie, Saints ($435K, 58, BE 69)


Tom Atkins, Cats ($339K, 32, BE 71)
Dylan Clarke, Bombers ($437K, 67, BE 59)
Michael Gibbons, Blues ($430K, 78, BE 55)
Nick Hind, Saints ($286K, 22, BE 59)
Jay Lockhart, Demons ($367K, 20, BE 96)
Bailey Smith, Bulldogs ($427K, 35, BE 87)


Darcy Fort, Cats ($253K, DNP, BE 14)
Archie Smith, Lions ($242K, DNP, BE 24)


Liam Baker, Tigers ($500K, 55, BE 96)
Zak Butters, Power ($394K, 72, BE 55)
Jarrod Cameron, Eagles ($317K, 24, BE 36)
Nick Larkey, Kangaroos ($326K, 29, BE 52)
Matthew Parker, Saints ($366K, 54, BE 62)
Connor Rozee, Power ($458K, 65, BE 77)
Will Setterfield, Blues ($479K, 72, BE 59)

The higher the breakeven the higher the trade priority in my opinion. It doesn’t sound like rocket science, but after what we’ve seen from Liam Baker over the season I can understand why 3.2% of the competition would want to give him another chance. Regular readers will know that Jay Lockhart isn’t my favourite rookie after weekly suggesting a trade out. Trading out Lockhart and Bailey Smith in your midfield for a cheaper alternative could be a nice way to make a quick buck as well.

More popular players like Will Setterfield, Nick Hind and Connor Rozee can all be moved on after serving their purpose in our sides. Setters and Rozee could help you make a lot of money and if they’re on your field an upgrade would be a high priority. Hind was given another life after the Saints opted to change coaches between rounds, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him dropped following his third straight score under 40.


Corey Lyons, MID, Lions ($170K, NEAFL score: 139)
Patrick Naish, DEF, Tigers ($245K, VFL score: 128)
Jackson Hately, MID, Giants ($377K, NEAFL score: 115)
Charlie Constable, MID, Cats ($500K, VFL score: 110)
Derek Eggmolesse-Smith, DEF, Tigers ($224K, VFL score: 110)
Willem Drew, MID, Power ($402K, SANFL score: 103)
Nick Shipley, MID, Giants ($170K, NEAFL score: 101)
Jye Caldwell, MID, Giants ($250K, NEAFL score: 95)
Lachlan Scholl, DEF, Crows ($170K, SANFL score: 88)
Peter Ladhams, RUC, Power ($216K, SANFL score: 87)
Oskar Baker, MID, Demons ($381K, VFL score: 83)
Rhylee West, MID, Bulldogs ($220K, VFL score: 77)
Curtis Taylor, MID/FWD, Kangaroos ($181K, VFL score: 71)
Ben Davis, FWD, Crows ($171K, SANFL score: 70)
Tyson Stengle, FWD, Crows ($232K, SANFL score: 40)
Josh Corbett, FWD, Suns ($268K, NEAFL score: 12)
Brayden Ham, Bombers ($207K, VFL score: BYE)
Michael Knoll, RUC, Swans ($170K, NEAFL score: BYE)
James Rose, FWD, Swans ($330K, NEAFL score: BYE)
Kyle Dunkley, MID, Demons ($196K, VFL score: DNP)

A handful of relevant names put their hat further into the ring for a recall, none more so than a pair of Tigers defenders. While I don’t expect Patrick Naish and/or Derek Eggmolesse-Smith to instantly return to the senior side, they are keeping themselves in the mix to play senior footy again in 2019. Jackson Hately again did his chances no harm with a 29 touch outing while Willem Drew is another youngster consistent scoring well at the reserve level. Both of them will come into calculations for the Giants and Power respectively, but other popular rooks like Oskar Baker, Rhylee West and Kyle Dunkley face a tougher road to returning.

Cash Cow King – Round 18

While the race for fantasy finals spots continues to be a talking point, there is a serious race on for the Cash Cow King of 2019. Shoutout to Rising Star nominee Mitchell Lewis who gets a spot on the poll, but the other three players will most likely finish in the top-3 for the season-long award. Sydney Stack will demand votes too, but at the current rate, Reilly O’Brien is performing we may have a runaway winner in a month’s time. Kudos ROB.

Ranking Rookies

Taking all fantasy aspects into consideration, here are my top 3 rookie/cash cows you should own/make a move for in each position.


  1. Francis Watson*

  2. Hugh Goddard*

  3. N/A


  1. Will Snelling

  2. Doulton Langlands*

  3. Corey Lyons*


  1. Jordan Sweet*

  2. Michael Knoll*

  3. N/A


  1. Hayden McLean

  2. Doulton Langlands*

  3. Oliver Hanrahan

* = if named

Feel free to shoot your rookie/cash cow questions through on Twitter at @SportsbyFry for me to answer in the article. If Twitter isn’t your preferred domain hit me up on Instagram or Facebook and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Good Luck for Round 18!


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