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Drawing Board 2019

Chad has an early version of his popular team builder site ready for next season.

While we are waiting for AFL Fantasy Classic to open in January, our friend Chad at has got the 2019 version of his popular team picker, the Drawing Board, opened for coaches to start building their teams.

Chad has crunched the numbers and got a version up that takes in A quick recap on how prices are calculated.

  • $12,800,000 salary cap is projected.
  • Players are priced based on their output last season. eg. 2018 average x magic number (approx 7142 for 2019).
  • Players who missed a full season receive a discount of 30% on their 2017 average.
  • Players who have missed two or more seasons received a discount of 35% on their last available average.
  • Players playing less than 10 games receive a 3% discount on each game under 10. eg. Play 5 games in 2016, then they receive a 15% discount. This is applied to the higher of their season average from the last two years.

Head to and under AFL, click on Drawing Board to start picking your squad of 30 players now. You will need a free account to get started. The easy to use and mobile friendly site has plenty of information including what average a player is priced at, their bye round, early opponents and an ownership percentage for registered teams on DT Live. Also, don’t forget to put in your projected average for your own user as well as compiling a site-wide projected average.

Copy and paste your team into the comments below simply from DT Live.

Click here to start picking your AFL Fantasy Classic team for 2019 over at Chad’s



  1. Daniel Kotronis

    September 1, 2018 at 12:04 pm

    I’m trying to register for a DT Live account, but it says registrations are closed.

    • Nick

      September 1, 2018 at 4:16 pm

      Same please fix this

    • Alan J

      September 5, 2018 at 6:58 am


      • Rory

        January 9, 2019 at 12:13 pm

        Any of you guys end up getting access? Have tried emailing them but no dice

  2. The New Big Dog

    September 1, 2018 at 1:16 pm

    Haha, my earliest first draft ever 😂💪

    DEF: Laird, Witherden, Docherty, Williams, rookie, rookie (bench)
    MID: Mitchell, Cripps, Treloar, Kelly, Adams, rookie, rookie, rookie (bench)
    RUC: Grundy, Preuss (bench)
    FWD: Dangerfield, Dunkley, Greene, McCluggage, rookie, rookie (bench)

    Hoping/assuming big Preuss gets picked up by a team that needs a number 1 ruck. If that happens he will be a bargain!!

  3. jack

    September 1, 2018 at 3:33 pm

    yoh are a legend for posting this. Something to satisfy my off-season fantasy thirst. If only the draft doctors can get their draft simulator up and running again I’ll be pleased as punch :)

    • Lachy

      September 4, 2018 at 8:31 pm

      Bro can you hook me up with your login details for it so I can look at them. :(

  4. Dave

    September 1, 2018 at 9:36 pm

    1 thank you for doing this
    2 get a life 😀
    3 👍
    4 As much as I am ready for a few days off from fantasy, I’ll be doing my first cut tomorrow
    5 any guesses on how the byes will be structured? 😀

    • Mark Neale

      September 2, 2018 at 8:24 am

      Any midfield prices

  5. The Chosen Won

    September 5, 2018 at 7:32 am

    I am Menegola ©™

    Good Luck™®©

  6. Jake

    September 13, 2018 at 11:56 am

    Probably the earliest first draft I’ve ever done. Going light in the forwards. No doubt this will change a ton.

    The Harlequins (Salary Cap Left: $10,400)

    Def: Laird, Whitfield, Witherden, Docherty, Rookie, Rookie (Rookie, Rookie)

    Mid: T.Mitchell, Macrae, P.Cripps, Z.Merrett, Hannebery, Rookie, Rookie, Rookie (Rookie, Rookie)

    Ruc: Grundy, Gawn (Rookie, Rookie)

    Fwd: Menegola, Greene, Bennell, Setterfield, Rookie, Rookie (Rookie, Rookie)

    Clearly, I have far too much time on my hands. I just can’t wait for the pre-season and looking forward to season 2019.

  7. Dovaas

    December 10, 2018 at 7:50 pm

    • The Chosen Won

      December 12, 2018 at 7:16 am

      Does he get another 30% discount next year ?

      Good Luck in 2019

      • Kingzy1Kenobi (@gorilladz)

        December 13, 2018 at 5:02 pm

        Do you get a 30% discount in 2019?
        You must of got injured early didnt see you at all after the preseason?

        Good luck in 2019 indeed!

        • The Chosen Won

          December 13, 2018 at 6:10 pm

          Life got in the way, But i am back and ready for another trash talking preseason!

          I am Menegola ©™

          Good Luck™®©

  8. David F

    December 13, 2018 at 10:54 am

    TEAM NAME: West Coast United 19. Remaining: $11,000
    Expected Total: 2105, Site Expected Total: 2016
    Def: R.Laird (110), M.Hibberd (90), Z.Williams (90), G.Birchall (80), I.Quaynor (60), J.Clark (60)
    Mid: T.Mitchell (130), J.Macrae (125), S.Coniglio (120), B.Crouch (95), D.Hannebery (95), T.Liberatore (80), S.Walsh (70), J.Hately (60)
    Ruc: B.Grundy (120), J.Westhoff (100)
    Fwd: D.Smith (110), P.Dangerfield (110), L.Picken (90), J.Lukosius (60), I.Rankine (60), W.Setterfield (60)

    2105 in week 1? Tell him he’s dreaming!

  9. Kingzy1Kenobi (@gorilladz)

    December 13, 2018 at 5:06 pm

    TEAM NAME: Mean team. (AFL Fantasy 2019)
    76K left

    Def: R.Laird (110), L.Whitfield (110), N.Newman (92), Z.Williams (85), G.Birchall (80), H.Wigg (60) (H.Goddard (23.80), C.Burgess (23.80))
    Mid: P.Cripps (115), Z.Merrett (118), B.Crouch (102), D.Hannebery (102), T.Liberatore (90), S.Walsh (70), H.Bennell (70), C.Constable (23.80) (B.Bewley (23.80), N.Shipley (23.80))
    Ruc: B.Grundy (118), M.Kreuzer (95) (D.Cameron (23.80), D.Fort (23.80))
    Fwd: D.Smith (110), P.Dangerfield (110), J.Dunkley (105), J.Billings (86.52), N.Blakey (35.28), W.Setterfield (70) (J.Corbett (60), S.McAdam (23.80))

    • bullant9

      December 13, 2018 at 6:18 pm

      Revolting midfield

    • Jaman

      December 26, 2018 at 9:24 pm

      only 2 ‘premo’ mids is rough mate. Crouch, hanners, liber, walsh, bennell and constable aare all iffy, besides rook place holders i would only have 1, 2 MAX, value risks out of Hanners, Crouch, Libba and Bennell.

  10. Daniel Kotronis

    December 13, 2018 at 5:57 pm

    TEAM NAME: For Fuchs Ake. (AFL Fantasy 2019)
    Used: $12,757,000 (99.7%), Remaining: $43,000 (0.3%) On Ground: $11,310,000 (88.4%), On Bench: $1,447,000 (11.3%)
    Expected Total: 1707, Site Expected Total: 2073
    Def: C.Blakely (92.96), A.Witherden (89.46), B.Smith (61.46), Z.Williams (58.94), G.Birchall (49.00), H.Wigg (23.80) (J.Scrimshaw (28.42), M.Eagles (23.80))
    Mid: J.Macrae (124.60), Z.Merrett (103.04), L.Neale (101.78), B.Crouch (73.36), D.Hannebery (60.76), A.Miles (59.50), S.Walsh (37.80), B.Smith (36.12) (C.Constable (23.80), B.Bewley (23.80))
    Ruc: B.Grundy (121.94), Z.Clarke (37.80) (D.Cameron (23.80), M.Flynn (23.80))
    Fwd: D.Smith (108.36), J.Dunkley (97.30), T.Kelly (88.20), T.Greene (84.56), J.Lukosius (37.52), W.Setterfield (35.14) (I.Hill (31.36), B.Davis (23.80))

  11. The Chosen Won

    December 13, 2018 at 6:12 pm

    Real Dream Team 2019 team picker is open for subscription holders!

    I am Menegola ©™

    Good Luck™®©

    • andyjh

      December 14, 2018 at 1:43 pm

      Hell yeah!!! What happend to you in RDT last year mate? Hoping for a better showing this year.

      • The Chosen Won

        December 14, 2018 at 5:58 pm

        I hear ya mate was terrible was my worst ranking in the last 5 years, Just no luck bring in Treloar does Hammy, Bring in Fyfe then he goes down just one of those years. Never fear thou my full focus is back and i am going to once again reign supreme :)

        Good Luck™®©

  12. PowerAde

    December 14, 2018 at 1:52 pm

    Roll on footy season, cricket has become boring already

    TEAM NAME: PowerAde2109. (AFL Fantasy 2019)
    Used: $12,794,000 (100%), Remaining: $6,000 (0%) On Ground: $11,246,000 (87.9%), On Bench: $1,548,000 (12.1%)
    Expected Total: 1688, Site Expected Total: 2015
    Def: R.Laird (109.48), L.Whitfield (101.64), A.Witherden (89.46), Z.Williams (58.94), J.Scrimshaw (28.42), H.Goddard (23.80) (C.Burgess (23.80), P.Naish (23.80))
    Mid: J.Kelly (110.18), Z.Merrett (103.04), D.Martin (94.36), B.Crouch (73.36), T.Liberatore (54.88), S.Walsh (37.80), W.Setterfield (35.14), H.Bennell (33.04) (B.Smith (36.12), C.Constable (23.80))
    Ruc: M.Kreuzer (80.64), R.Lobb (67.90) (Z.Clarke (37.80), D.Cameron (23.80))
    Fwd: D.Smith (108.36), P.Dangerfield (107.94), J.Westhoff (103.60), J.Dunkley (97.30), I.Hill (31.36), M.Lewis (23.80) (S.McAdam (23.80), J.Corbett (23.80))

    • The Chosen Won

      December 14, 2018 at 5:59 pm

      If you start with that team round 1 Mark, You can join all my leagues :)

      Good Luck™®©

      • PowerAde

        December 17, 2018 at 5:30 pm

        cool, need someone easy to beat again

  13. Jake

    December 14, 2018 at 6:25 pm

    So, the RDT Team Picker is out, and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. This is the team I like most so far. It just squeezes in under the salary cap by $400, and I’ve gone light in defence and loaded up in the mids. Rookies are of course, subject to change, since we have no idea which ones will be good at this point.

    Team Name: The Harlequins (RDT)
    Salary Cap Remaining: $400

    Def: R.Laird, L.Whitfield, G.Birchall, S.Collins, J.Clark, C.Wilkie (N.Answerth, J.McLennan)

    Mid: T.Mitchell, J.Macrae, J.Kelly, Z.Merrett, D.Martin, R.Sloane, S.Walsh, B.Smith (L.Stocker, B.Bewley, L.Valente)

    Ruc: B.Grundy, M.Kreuzer (K.Briggs)

    Fwd: D.Smith, P.Dangerfield, I.Heeney, W.Setterfield, S.Sturt, J.Corbett (S.McAdam, B.Cavarra)

    Let me know what you think.

    • Intelsonic

      December 15, 2018 at 8:19 am

      Defence might be a little light but the extra mid premo could make up for it, just gotta hope birchall is more durable and you get a decent amount of defensive rookies

  14. Intelsonic

    December 15, 2018 at 12:09 am

    At the start of my longest preseason yet things are looking semi-settled before jlt (aside from the ruck)

    DEF: Whitfield, Witherden, Newman, Williams, Collins, Goddard (Wigg, Watson)

    MID: Macrae, Beams, Merret, Neale, B. Crouch, Hannerbury, Walsh, Smith (Constable, Bewley)

    RUCK: Grundy, Kreuzer (Cameron, Hunter)

    FWD: Dunkley, Kelly, Wingard, Rankine, Setterfield, McAdam (Corbett, Lewis)

    22k left and god knows how many changes before seasons start

  15. The New Big Dog

    December 15, 2018 at 8:44 am

    So pumped. Bring on the pre season!

    DEF: R.Laird, L.Whitfield, N.Newman, Z.Williams, S.Collins, C.Wilkie (M.Hore, H.Goddard)
    MID: T.Mitchell, M.Crouch, Z.Merrett, T.Adams, B.Crouch, D.Hannebery, W.Hayes, B.Bewley (T.Atkins, N.Hind)
    RUC: B.Grundy, M.Kreuzer (J.Sweet, D.Fort)
    FWD: P.Dangerfield, J.Dunkley, C.Wingard, W.Setterfield, B.Cavarra, J.Corbett (S.McAdam, C.Burgess)
    CASH LEFT: 6k

    • Jake

      December 15, 2018 at 11:54 am

      Looks pretty good. I’m not a huge fan of Hannebery, but if you think he’ll smash it, then go for it. You’ve taken some risks, but they are calculated ones, like Newman, Wingard and B.Crouch. I love Adams as a POD, he’ll either be brilliant for you, or he’ll stink it up again, but he did finish last season in ripping form.

  16. Kingzy1Kenobi (@gorilladz)

    December 15, 2018 at 5:19 pm

    TEAM NAME: Mean team. (AFL Fantasy 2019)
    Used: $12,778,000 (99.8%), Remaining: $22,000 (0.2%) On Ground: $11,418,000 (89.2%), On Bench: $1,360,000 (10.6%)
    Expected Total: 2117, Site Expected Total: 2088
    Def: J.Lloyd (103.32), L.Whitfield (110), N.Newman (92), Z.Williams (85), G.Birchall (80), H.Wigg (60) (C.Burgess (23.80), H.Goddard (23.80))
    Mid: P.Cripps (115), Z.Merrett (118), B.Crouch (102), D.Hannebery (102), A.Miles (59.50), T.Liberatore (90), S.Walsh (70), H.Bennell (70) (C.Constable (23.80), B.Bewley (23.80))
    Ruc: B.Grundy (118), M.Kreuzer (95) (D.Fort (23.80), D.Cameron (23.80))
    Fwd: D.Smith (110), P.Dangerfield (110), J.Dunkley (105), J.Gresham (74.34), W.Setterfield (70), B.Cavarra (60) (S.McAdam (23.80), M.Lewis (23.80))

    What do you guys think about this team?
    Not sold in miles but definitely a nab cup watch.
    Gresham is a breakout candidate this year with more mid time

    • Jake

      December 16, 2018 at 4:56 pm

      I like the Rucks, I think Kreuzer could be great next season. I think your Backs and Mids are perhaps just a little bit too strong, and it’s to the detriment of your midfield. I don’t see Miles or LIberatore going much above 90. Hannebery is a wait-and-see. I really think you need one of Mitchell or Macrae in there. I know they are expensive, but it’s definitely worth it. Otherwise, very strong looking team. Nice work.

  17. Dulcify

    December 16, 2018 at 11:37 am

    My first effort for 2019.

    Left $112000 Site projection 2059

    Def: Whitfield, Newman, Smith as in Brodie, Williams, Scrimshaw, Wigg, Naish, Watson.

    Mid; Mitchell, Cripps, Dangerfield, Sidebottom, Merrett, Walsh, Setterfield, Constable, Ling. Bewley.

    Ruc: Grundy, English, Cameron, Flynn.

    For: Dunkley, Billings, Wingard, Dahlhaus, Corbett, Lewis, McAdam, Burgess

    • Jake

      December 16, 2018 at 4:52 pm

      Not too bad for a first effort. I actually quite like English as a POD. Overall, the team looks weak, however. I’m not really sure why, though that cash remaining probably has a lot to do with it, I’d maybe use it to upgrade Dahlhaus to another Premo forward. Billings, WIngard and Dahlhaus is just one too many risks in the forwards. Your mids are fine, though I’m not sure why Dangerfield is in there, put him up forward. Also I think Brodie Smith, Williams and Newman is one too many risks. I’d be choosing between Smith and Williams, instead of both. Other than that, not bad for a first attempt.

    • Intelsonic

      December 16, 2018 at 5:59 pm

      Think a bit of a reshuffle could do this team some good, send danger and setters forward, take out billings or dahlhaus (or both), billings could be ok but i think dahlhaus will be sitting in the forward pocket, imo defense is rather light due to the big spend in the forward line, would wanna move some money into there to get another solid defender or upgrade smith to a top line defender, midfield looks solid but could be a bit of a risk to start without one of mitchell or macrae

  18. Greg

    December 17, 2018 at 12:09 pm

    TEAM NAME: The Boomers. (AFL Fantasy 2019)
    Used: $12,751,000, Remaining: $49,000
    Expected Total: 1926, Site Expected Total: 2101

    Def: L.Whitfield (100), C.Blakely (92.96), A.Witherden (89.46), Z.Williams (90), S.Collins (34.44), H.Wigg (23.80) (H.Goddard (23.80), C.Burgess (23.80))
    Mid: M.Crouch (110), Z.Merrett (110), L.Neale (101.78), A.Hall (87.64), B.Crouch (105), T.Liberatore (90), S.Walsh (37.80), C.Constable (70) (H.Brayshaw (23.80), B.Bewley (23.80))
    Ruc: B.Grundy (120), M.Kreuzer (80.64) (D.Cameron (23.80), S.Draper (23.80))
    Fwd: P.Dangerfield (110), J.Dunkley (105), C.Wingard (100), L.Picken (54.18), W.Setterfield (70), J.Corbett (23.80) (J.Petruccelle (23.80), S.McAdam (23.80))

    What are people’s thoughts on that team as a first draft?
    Wanted to go a couple of uniques in Blakely, Hall and Wingard alongside some bargain players (i.e. Williams, B Crouch, Libba, Picken).

    • Jake

      December 17, 2018 at 1:49 pm

      Apparently Picken is still having headaches and issues associated with concussion, I wouldn’t be going anywhere near him personally. I also think it’s a big risk to start without Mitchell or Macrae, if they come out flying you could be behind the pack right from Round 1. I like Neale, Wingard and Witherden as POD’s, and I think Kreuzer will bounce back and become a Top 3 ruck again.

      Overall, a really good looking team.

  19. Jake

    December 17, 2018 at 1:46 pm

    So, I made a couple of changes. I wanted to see how my team looked with a cheap ruck setup, so I downgraded Kreuzer, which gave me enough cash to get Hartlett into my defence. Longer is a risk in the rucks, but all he needs to do is average 65-70 for the first 6-8 rounds, and then I can upgrade him, so it might pay off. I’ll see how everything looks in the pre-season.

    Team Name: The Harlequins (RDT)
    Cash Remaining: $4,800

    Def: R. Laird, L.Whitfield, H.Hartlett, G.Birchall, J.Clark, C.Wilkie (X.Duursma, M.Hore)

    Mid: T.Mitchell, J.Macrae, J.Kelly, Z.Merrett, D.Martin, R.Sloane, S.Walsh, L.Stocker (C.Constable, B.Bewley, L.Valente)

    Ruc: B.Grundy, B.Longer (K.Briggs)

    Fwd: D.Smith, P.Dangerfield, J.Dunkley, W.Setterfield, S.Sturt, J.Corbett (S.McAdam, B.Cavarra)


    • PowerAde

      December 18, 2018 at 5:39 pm

      as a power supporter I say no to Hamish. he will do your head in with injury and suspensions interrupting a couple of blinder weeks with the 3rd week an absolute zac dawson.

      rest looks ok

    • Kingzy1Kenobi (@gorilladz)

      December 19, 2018 at 12:09 pm

      I havent played RDT before, but Id say Hartlett and Birch are injury prone its risky in a limited trade format.
      The MID is packed with guns and top rookies noice!
      Longer could be decent, hasnt got much comp there for #1 ruck certainly track the preseason
      FWD is nice to, the 3 top picks always good to start with

  20. arcticflyingwombat

    December 18, 2018 at 8:50 pm

    Not sure if I’ll fly with this but first rough draft without the 2 big guns
    TEAM NAME: Had full. (AFL Fantasy 2019)
    Used: $12,691,000 (99.1%), Remaining: $109,000 (0.9%) On Ground: $11,331,000 (88.5%), On Bench: $1,360,000 (10.6%)
    Expected Total: 1708, Site Expected Total: 2070
    Def: J.Lloyd (103.32), A.Witherden (89.46), B.Smith (61.46), Z.Williams (58.94), S.Collins (34.44), I.Quaynor (34.44) (H.Goddard (23.80), H.Wigg (23.80))
    Mid: P.Cripps (111.02), D.Beams (107.52), A.Brayshaw (106.82), J.Redden (97.72), B.Crouch (73.36), T.Liberatore (54.88), H.Bennell (33.04), L.Stocker (32.76) (H.Brayshaw (23.80), C.Constable (23.80))
    Ruc: B.Grundy (121.94), M.Kreuzer (80.64) (D.Cameron (23.80), M.Flynn (23.80))
    Fwd: D.Smith (108.36), J.Westhoff (103.60), T.Kelly (88.20), W.Setterfield (35.14), B.Cavarra (25.48), C.Burgess (23.80) (J.Brander (23.80), M.Lewis (23.80))

    • Kingzy1Kenobi (@gorilladz)

      December 19, 2018 at 12:02 pm

      Its a well structured team, like the Brayshaw and Redden picks they will be good POD’s.
      The Hoff I think will drop a few points with Lycett in the team.

      I dont think Titch and Macrae are must haves to start with, 1 bad game and they drop cash fast

  21. Kingzy1Kenobi (@gorilladz)

    December 19, 2018 at 12:05 pm

    Been playing around with the team picker, cant seem to change the team from this.

    TEAM NAME: Mean team. (AFL Fantasy 2019)
    Used: $12,761,000 (99.7%), Remaining: $39,000 (0.3%) On Ground: $11,401,000 (89.1%), On Bench: $1,360,000 (10.6%)
    Expected Total: 2083, Site Expected Total: 2098
    Def: J.Lloyd (103.32), L.Whitfield (110), N.Newman (92), Z.Williams (85), S.Collins (34.44), H.Wigg (60) (H.Goddard (23.80), C.Burgess (23.80))
    Mid: P.Cripps (115), Z.Merrett (118), B.Crouch (102), D.Hannebery (102), A.Miles (59.50), T.Liberatore (90), S.Walsh (70), H.Bennell (70) (C.Constable (23.80), B.Bewley (23.80))
    Ruc: B.Grundy (118), M.Kreuzer (95) (D.Fort (23.80), D.Cameron (23.80))
    Fwd: D.Smith (110), P.Dangerfield (110), J.Dunkley (105), J.Billings (86.52), W.Setterfield (70), B.Cavarra (60) (M.Lewis (23.80), S.McAdam (23.80))

    MID does feel a bit weak, but Hanners Miles and Libba will be good cash makers whilst avg 90+ I think.
    Hanners could be a keeper at M8 if he can avg 100+

    What do you guys think?

    • arcticflyingwombat

      December 19, 2018 at 1:05 pm

      See something like your team doesn’t have much to fault on. I don’t rate Billings one bit but I think there are other quality options in the forward line,

      I see what people are saying about Miles and the GC Suns but I feel is gonna be very one sided games against them and he just won’t score as well as you think,
      Not sure if I can justify paying the cash for him…

      Oh well, good team nonetheless

      I am Menegola ©™
      I am Zac Dawson™® ©

      Good Luck™® ©

      • Kingzy1Kenobi (@gorilladz)

        December 19, 2018 at 3:06 pm

        Billing’s avg 97 after the byes, hopefully he can get mid time but yea he isn’t set in my team just yet def watch in the jlt.
        Miles I am thinking could be the Lyons of 2018 at the suns, he is a good player and knows how to score. Hopefully lol.

      • The Chosen Won

        December 19, 2018 at 3:18 pm

        Good Luck Oscar in 2019!

        I am Menegola ©™

        Good Luck™®©

  22. Jake

    December 21, 2018 at 5:26 pm

    So I managed to put together this team in the RDT Team Picker which has no wasted money. Literally $0 remaining in the salary cap.

    Team Name: The Harlequins (RDT)
    Salary Cap Remaining: $0

    Def: R.Laird, L.Whitfield, J.Lloyd, G.Birchall, J.Clark, C.Wilkie (X.Duursma, J.McLennan)

    Mid: T. Mitchell, J.Macrae, J.Kelly, Z.Merrett, D.Martin, R.Sloane, S.Walsh, L.Stocker (C.Constable, B.Bewley, L.Valente)

    Ruc: B.Grundy, B. Longer (D.Cameron)

    Fwd: D.Smith, P.Dangerfield, T.Greene, W.Setterfield, J.Corbett, B.Cavarra (S.McAdam, S.Sturt)

    I really like this team. I think it’s probably the best of all the ones I’ve put together, and apart from a few rookies being switched around, I think this is pretty close to the team I’ll start the season with.

  23. Snags

    December 23, 2018 at 4:05 pm

    First real crack at putting together a team, probs the most vanilla team out there with Beams and Billings the only players under 10% ownership on the site

    TEAM NAME: December team. (AFL Fantasy 2019)
    Used: $12,795,000 (100%), Remaining: $5,000 (0%) On Ground: $11,435,000 (89.3%), On Bench: $1,360,000 (10.6%)
    Expected Total: 2100, Site Expected Total: 2096
    Def: L.Whitfield (106), C.Blakely (98), A.Witherden (96), Z.Williams (88), S.Collins (64), G.Logue (60) (H.Wigg (58), C.Burgess (52))
    Mid: D.Beams (112), Z.Merrett (114), D.Martin (107), B.Crouch (98), D.Hannebery (94), A.Miles (88), B.Bewley (60), C.Constable (58) (H.Brayshaw (50), N.Shipley (60))
    Ruc: B.Grundy (117), M.Kreuzer (93) (D.Cameron (50), M.Flynn (40))
    Fwd: P.Dangerfield (110), J.Dunkley (103), I.Heeney (98), J.Billings (94), W.Setterfield (69), B.Cavarra (56) (S.McAdam (50), J.Corbett (55))

    • Intelsonic

      December 26, 2018 at 12:45 pm

      Think the forward line is a bit deep at the expense of the midfield, 3 mid pricers and no mitchell or macrae feels a bit weak

  24. Not Without Merrett

    December 24, 2018 at 4:01 pm

    Thoughts on Jake Lloyd? Averaged around 6.5 kick ins last year. Even if his output in play dropped of next year, he’d still be getting around 20 extra points per game from kick in duties. Surely has to be a lock

    • Kingzy1Kenobi (@gorilladz)

      December 30, 2018 at 5:39 pm

      He is definitely top 6 defender and a lock, he did kick it out o himself and play on a lot I don’t think he will increase by 20 points. Should hit around the 100 maybe 105 with added kick in +3

  25. James

    December 26, 2018 at 4:12 pm

    Remaining: $9,000
    Site Expected Total: 2128

    Def: J.Lloyd, A.Witherden, B.Smith, Z.Williams, M.Hore, H.Wigg (C.Burgess, H.Goddard)

    Mid: T.Mitchell, M.Crouch, Z.Merrett, B.Crouch, D.Hannebery, A.Miles, T.Liberatore, S.Walsh (C.Constable, B.Bewley)

    Ruc: B.Grundy, M.Gawn (D.Cameron, M.Flynn)

    Fwd: P.Dangerfield, J.Dunkley, T.Kelly, W.Setterfield, M.Parker, C.Nutting (J.Corbett, S.McAdam)

  26. Mark Marshall

    December 27, 2018 at 4:40 pm

    Team name: The Money Makers

    Defence: Wtherden, ryan, Newman, burton, smith, williams
    Bench: Rozee, with

    Mids: Zerrett, Crouch, Shuey, Hanners, Miles, Libba, Bennell, constable
    Bemch: Bewley, h.brayshaw

    Rucks: Kruezer, Goldstein
    Bench: Flynn, Cameron

    Fwds: Danger, Dunkley, Wingard, Parish, setterfield, billings
    Bench: Corbett, Petrucelle

    Roast away!

    • Intelsonic

      December 27, 2018 at 5:34 pm

      Definition of midpriced mayhem here, potential to win the first few weeks but will fall away fast due to lack of cash generation to get towards a full team of proper premo’s, decent foundation of a forward line but pretty gross aside from that

  27. Kingzy1Kenobi (@gorilladz)

    December 30, 2018 at 5:54 pm

    : $12,765,000 (99.7%), Remaining: $35,000 (0.3%) On Ground: $11,405,000 (89.1%), On Bench: $1,360,000 (10.6%)
    Expected Total: 2098, Site Expected Total: 2116
    Def: L.Whitfield (110), A.Witherden (89.46), N.Newman (92), Z.Williams (85), S.Collins (34.44), H.Wigg (60) (C.Burgess (23.80), H.Goddard (23.80))
    Mid: T.Mitchell (131.32), M.Crouch (110), Z.Merrett (118), B.Crouch (102), D.Hannebery (102), T.Liberatore (90), S.Walsh (70), H.Bennell (70) (C.Constable (23.80), B.Bewley (23.80))
    Ruc: B.Grundy (118), M.Kreuzer (95) (M.Flynn (23.80), D.Cameron (23.80))
    Fwd: D.Smith (110), P.Dangerfield (110), J.Dunkley (105), N.Blakey (35.28), W.Setterfield (70), J.Corbett (60) (S.McAdam (23.80), M.Lewis (23.80))

    Anyone for a little Tom Mitchell action?
    $35k left over, think this team is a little more balanced. Could go Bennell to bailey smith to lessen the injury risks.

    • Jimmy

      December 30, 2018 at 6:18 pm

      I rate it. Starting to talk myself into getting Titch back into my team.
      I like the Newman call. Still love the guy since he saved me from a donut two years ago and came in as a late-in and scored 130-odd under the roof. Not quite as sold on Williams but he does have a solid role and everyone is doing it so who am I to say.
      You have four mid-pricers in that midfield, but they are all viable especially if one (or both) of Crouch or Hanneberry make it at M7/M8. Very strong midfield nonetheless, but i am very keen on B. Smith
      Solid rucks, I am still tossing up between going a Kruezer/Goldstein type or rooks if 2-3 under 300k are named.
      Solid fwd line, i will be interested to see how the reintroduction of Liberatore will effect Dunkley’s scoring. Make sure you get Cavarra into that team aswell because he is a jet and should be playing a Dahlhaus like role from round one.

    • bullant9

      January 1, 2019 at 6:21 pm

      There is no injury risk with a 230k player bro

  28. arcticflyingwombat

    December 31, 2018 at 11:44 am

    TEAM NAME: Had full. (AFL Fantasy 2019)
    Used: $12,701,000 (99.2%), Remaining: $99,000 (0.8%) On Ground: $11,341,000 (88.6%), On Bench: $1,360,000 (10.6%)
    Expected Total: 1709, Site Expected Total: 2057
    Def: J.Lloyd (103.32), C.Blakely (92.96), A.Witherden (89.46), Z.Williams (58.94), S.Collins (34.44), H.Goddard (23.80) (P.Naish (23.80), H.Wigg (23.80))
    Mid: P.Cripps (111.02), A.Brayshaw (106.82), S.Sidebottom (105.00), Z.Merrett (103.04), J.Redden (97.72), L.Stocker (32.76), B.Bewley (23.80), C.Constable (23.80) (H.Brayshaw (23.80), C.Lyons (23.80))
    Ruc: B.Grundy (121.94), M.Kreuzer (80.64) (M.Flynn (23.80), D.Cameron (23.80))
    Fwd: D.Smith (108.36), J.Dunkley (97.30), T.Kelly (88.20), W.Setterfield (35.14), B.Cavarra (25.48), C.Burgess (23.80) (J.Corbett (23.80), S.McAdam (23.80))

    Tempting to run a 5 premium midfield and a strong defence while keeping it reasonable stable across all lines..

    Any thoughts on players I’ve missed on or could prove to be a liability?

    • Jake

      January 1, 2019 at 2:39 pm

      I don’t mind it too much. I think if you’re going for a five-premo midfield, at least one of them has to be either Macrae or Titch. I know they’re pricey, but if they come out of the gate firing, you could be behind from the get-go, especially as Hawthorn and the Bulldogs have the most fantasy friendly fixture over the first 10 rounds. I like the backlines, nothing wrong there. Not sure about Redden in the midfield, I think there are better options. I like Sidebottom and Brayshaw as POD’s. Overall it’s pretty good,

  29. KB92

    January 1, 2019 at 3:25 pm

    TEAM NAME: Dynamite Dons 3. (AFL Fantasy 2019)
    Used: $12,734,000 (99.5%), Remaining: $66,000 (0.5%) On Ground: $11,374,000 (88.9%), On Bench: $1,360,000 (10.6%)
    Expected Total: 2082, Site Expected Total: 2070
    Def: R.Laird (108), L.Whitfield (105), N.Newman (92), Z.Williams (86), S.Collins (66), H.Goddard (51) (H.Wigg (40), N.Answerth (40))
    Mid: J.Macrae (121), P.Cripps (113), Z.Merrett (113), L.Neale (110), B.Crouch (105), S.Walsh (70), J.Hately (64), L.Valente (61) (N.Hind (40), B.Bewley (50))
    Ruc: B.Grundy (118), S.Martin (102.90) (D.Cameron (30), J.Sweet (30))
    Fwd: J.Dunkley (103), C.Wingard (95), T.J. Lynch (84), I.Rankine (66), W.Setterfield (68), B.Cavarra (59) (J.Corbett (40), S.McAdam (40))

    • Kurt

      January 1, 2019 at 7:37 pm

      Terrible team. Delete this and make a new one that is my advice

  30. Dan

    January 1, 2019 at 5:33 pm

    TEAM NAME: Cottam’s Caterpillars. (AFL Fantasy 2019)
    Used: $12,782,000 (99.9%), Remaining: $18,000 (0.1%) On Ground: $11,422,000 (89.2%), On Bench: $1,360,000 (10.6%)
    Expected Total: 2089, Site Expected Total: 2111
    *Site expected averages in brackets

    Def: R.Laird (107), A.Witherden (98), N.Newman (91), Z.Williams (86), S.Collins (66), G.Logue (60) Bench: H.Wigg (60), C. Wilkie (58)
    Mid: T.Mitchell (127), Z.Merrett (113), D.Martin (105), R.Sloane (103), B.Crouch (98), D.Hannebery (89), A.Miles (88), S.Walsh (69) Bench: W.Hayes (59), B.Bewley (60)
    Ruc: B.Grundy (118), B.Preuss (77) Bench: D.Cameron (49), J.Sweet (46)
    Fwd: P.Dangerfield (110), J.Dunkley (103), T.Kelly (97), W.Setterfield (68), B.Cavarra (59), C. Burgess (55) Bench: J.Corbett (56), S.McAdam (54)

    Thoughts? Not completely sold on Kelly or Miles in particular.

    • Jake

      January 1, 2019 at 7:05 pm

      I actually really like Kelly as a POD, go take a look at his final 10 games of 2018 if you aren’t convinced. I’m not big on Crouch, Williams, Hannebery or Miles. I also think Preuss is a huge mistake. Even if Preuss gets more ruck time I don’t think he’ll average much more than 65. If you want to take a punt on a cash cow R2, there are better options. For $270K you’ve got Zac Clarke. For about $100K more you could upgrade Preuss to Tim English, perhaps. Or pay a bit more and get Billy Longer or Shane Mumford. Overall I think you’re a little bit too heavy in the midfield and it’s to the detriment of the rest of your team.

    • Smithy

      January 1, 2019 at 7:11 pm

      I like the set up.
      Def: solid. Personally, I’d want to upgrade one of Newman or Williams because 7 mid pricers (inc. Kelly) probably a bit excessive. Rookies too early to tell but I’m not sure on Logue – maybe a basement rookie like hort to help upgrade a mid pricer.
      Mid: very strong. I really like Crouch and Hanners this year and your top 3 mids aswell. Sloane a bit make or break and I’m not sold on Miles (maybe a Liberatore or rook like Constable or Smith).
      Everyone is going Grundy. Again not sold on Preuss but I think he is the right type to go for before another Ruck proves themself.
      Solid again. I am starting to get interested in Kelly. Just watch dunkley and see what impact Liberatore has on him.

  31. Dan

    January 1, 2019 at 8:53 pm

    Cheers for the feedback guys.
    I’m simply playing the numbers game on Sloane, Crouch, Williams, Newman, Hannebery and Miles. I think they all comfortably improve their averages, with the two Crows in particular possible holds for the whole year. That said, if I can work out how to upgrade one of those mid-pricers to another premium then that would be my preference.
    Logue I think will have good job security, hence that pick. If there’s a basement defender that looks like playing most of the year then I’ll bring them in instead though.
    Regarding the R2 spot, I’m thinking Preuss because he’s priced at 48, so even a 65 sees his price increase pretty well. Clarke is definitely in my thoughts as well but I think Preuss is more likely to play (why would he agree to the trade otherwise!). If it doesn’t work then Mumford might come straight in once his suspension is done.

    I’ve also had Wingard, Bontempelli, Macrae, Brodie Smith, Heeney, Tom Lynch (Richmond), and Adams (along with Liberatore) in and out of the team a fair bit. Any really strong thoughts on any of those guys?

    • Smithy

      January 1, 2019 at 10:09 pm

      I really rate Heeney as a pick. Boring but safe 90-100 a week and that may even be bumped up because he sounds like he may be playing as sole mid next year. I like Liberatore too – plenty of upside. Bont should be good as too Wingard Macrae and Adams. Not sold on Smith don’t think he has a heck of a lot of upside (at most 15-20).

      • Dan

        January 1, 2019 at 10:25 pm

        Yeah, I pretty much agree with everything you’ve said. Had Smith in originally but then got rid of him. Will probably put a permanent line through him I think. Might switch Dunkley to Heeney to free up some extra cash.
        Let me know if you want another opinion on anything. Happy to give my thoughts as well.

  32. Jake

    January 2, 2019 at 1:52 am

    I’d love to get feedback on this time. What do you think?

    Team Name: The Harlequins (RDT)
    Cash Remaining: $0 exactly.

    Def: R.Laird, J.Lloyd, L.Whitfield, G.Birchall, J.Clark, C.Wilkie (X.Duursma, J.Mclennan)

    Mid: T.Mitchell, J.Macrae, J.Kelly, Z.Merrett, D.Martin, R.Sloane, S.Walsh, L.Stocker (C.Constable, B.Bewley, L.Valente)

    Ruc: B.Grundy, B.Longer (D.Cameron)

    Fwd: D.Smith, P.Dangerfield, T.Greene, W.Setterfield, S.Sturt, J.Corbett (B.Cavarra, S.McAdam)

  33. Dan

    January 2, 2019 at 3:04 am

    I like a lot of what you’ve done but have a few things you might want to think about if you haven’t already:
    -Birchall fitness. Had a setback recently. Could be a little risky if he’s in and out of the team.
    -I’m not sure about the job security of a few guys or whether they’ll play at all. Particularly Sturt and Clark but also Stocker and Wilkie. Just make sure you track them over the JLT.
    -Kelly will definitely get attention every week now that Shiel is gone. Probably won’t really affect him though.
    -Brad Crouch I think is a lock to average over 90 if he’s fit. Even if you’re against mid-pricers he’s worth considering (assuming he is underpriced in RDT as well).

    • Jake

      January 2, 2019 at 3:04 pm

      Thanks Dan. I’m aware of Birchall’s injury setback. It’s something I’ll monitor over the pre-season, but I figure if he’s named Round 1, there’s no way he won’t average at least 75, so you have to start with him.

      I’ll keep an eye on the rookies as well. They are, as always, subject to change this early in the pre-season. I think they will all play though. Sturt is a mid-sized forward that Freo used a first round pick on. I would guess they plan to use him in tandem with Hogan and Lobb to form a potent attacking trio. I think the Cats have come to the end of their dynasty and need to start blooding some youth and building for the future, so Clark will play. I don’t see any reason why the Blues won’t play Stocker right from the start, they essentially gave up a #1 draft pick to get him. Wilkie is mostly in there because Roberton has heart issues. If they persist, then Wilkie is a ready-made replacement who can slot straight into defence.

      I agree on Kelly. I don’t think getting the tag will affect him too much.

      I fully agree on Brad Crouch, I think he will average about 101-102 if he can stay fit. The reason I don’t have him is not because I don’t like mid-pricers. I have nothing against mid-pricers. I’m just not a big fan of mid-pricers who don’t go on to become premos. I think Sloane and Martin can both average over 105, and Greene can average 95+, which would make them all premos, and whilst I think Crouch will be good, I don’t think he’ll be a premo, which is why I’m not starting with him.

      Thanks for the feedback. I’ll take it into consideration. As always, this is a preliminary pre-season team, and I fully expect a ton of things to change before Round 1.

      • Dan

        January 2, 2019 at 5:43 pm

        No worries Jake. Sounds like you’ve put a fair bit of thought into everything already!

  34. Lochie

    January 2, 2019 at 1:03 pm

    TEAM NAME:DT2019. (AFL Fantasy 2019)
    Used: $12,754,000 (99.6%), Remaining: $46,000 (0.4%)
    Expected Total: 2070, Site Expected Total: 2083

    Def: R.Laird (108), L.Whitfield (105), N.Newman (92), Z.Williams (86), S.Collins (66), H.Wigg (40)
    Mid: J.Macrae (121), S.Coniglio (112.14), Z.Merrett (113), L.Neale (110), B.Crouch (105), S.Walsh (70), J.Hately (64), L.Valente (61)
    Ruc: B.Grundy (118), M.Kreuzer (95)
    Fwd: J.Dunkley (103), I.Heeney (92.12), C.Wingard (95), I.Rankine (66), W.Setterfield (68), B.Cavarra (59)

    Is anyone concerned about Kruezers heart issue’s is this something we need to take into consideration?
    Also once we get Rnd 1 teams and one of those cheap R2’s are named, are we just going to bit the bullet and select them and then upgrade another position.

    • Dan

      January 2, 2019 at 2:00 pm

      I’m steering clear of Kruezer. His health is an issue but he’s also just awkwardly priced (at 81). He’s actually only gone above 80 in 3 of his 11 seasons and above 87 once. Too much risk with not enough pay-off in my opinion. I’d definitely be looking at Clarke or Preuss if they’re named early. Mumford is also available from round 3 if neither of those two work early-doors.

      I’d be downgrading Kruezer and upgrading one of Hately or Rankine if you can.

  35. Smithy

    January 2, 2019 at 6:05 pm

    Remaining: $54k
    Def: J.Lloyd (103.32), C.Blakely (92.96), A.Witherden (89.46), Z.Williams (58.94), S.Collins (34.44), M. Hore (23.80)
    Mid: T.Mitchell (131.32), P.Cripps (111.02), Z.Merrett (103.04), B.Crouch (73.36), D.Hannebery (60.76), T.Liberatore (54.88), S.Walsh (37.80), C.Constable (23.80)
    Ruc: B.Grundy (121.94), Z.Clarke (37.80)
    Fwd: P.Dangerfield (107.94), I.Heeney (92.12), T.Kelly (88.20), J.Billings (86.52), W.Setterfield (35.14), B.Cavarra (25.48)

    Hi guys, any advice would be appreciated. I am normally against mid pricers but I think Williams Crouch Hannebery and Liberatore should all average at least 25-30 more. Hannebery possible more. Also, if one (or both) of Hannebery and crouch can average 100-105 they might be keepers or atleast luxury upgrades. As to Williams if he can somehow average 90 (which I doubt).
    I like a cheap ruckman at R2 and I suppose it is up for grabs until the teams are named. From there I can upgrade them to Mumford in rd3 or if they are doing ok, wait to upgrade them at rd8 or so.
    Kelly is a risk but his fitness training I think will take his game to another level. Tossing him up between a few like Greene (should get more mid time) and buddy (Menzel will free him up more). Dunkley a chance but I am still sceptical about Liberatore’s impact on him.
    Thanks again!

    • Dan

      January 2, 2019 at 6:35 pm

      Really like it Smithy. Pretty similar to my team. How certain are you that Billings can average over 90 though? Wouldn’t bother with him if you aren’t sure. Also keep in mind that Liberatore only went at 72 in 2017. Might not be worth it if he does that again.
      Hore and Constable will have to force their way into decent teams which might mean there are other options you should look at. Bewley from Freo might be more likely to play consistent games than Constable I think. Burgess at the Suns also a chance to play regularly for the backline.

      • Smithy

        January 2, 2019 at 6:58 pm

        Thanks Dan. I am quite confident on Billings but the more I think I about it I think I’ll go Greene. I might downgrade Liberatore to Smith because he will probably atleast start slow so thanks for that. As a cats man I am quite confident that Constable will be playing Rd1 – he is quite a gun – but saying that he can’t do much else but be a mid so maybe not. As for the rest of the rooks I think they’ll sort themselves out but thanks for the info. Anyone else you have your eye that maybe others don’t?

        • Dan

          January 2, 2019 at 8:28 pm

          Fair enough mate. It is always hard to tell with rookies. Some more obscure picks I’ve considered are:

          K. Kolodjashnij (better team)
          Crozier (showed promise last year)
          Bontempelli (underperformed last year)
          Shuey (injury issues, underpriced)
          Rockliff (really cheap if he’s fit)
          Sheed (finished last year well, under-priced)
          Rhylee West (low ownership, could play early)
          Tom Lynch (Adelaide) (Could go 10 points higher than what he’s priced at. Has been over 90 before.)
          Josh Smith (Chance he plays early with Gaff out)

          These guys are all roughies and I probably wouldn’t recommend starting with many of them but if they start the season well they might be interesting trade targets.

          • Jake

            January 3, 2019 at 11:33 am

            Don’t go near Rockliff. Fools gold at it’s finest. I like the idea of Lynch KK and Bontempelli, not sure about the others.

  36. Caleb

    January 3, 2019 at 4:02 pm

    (AFL Fantasy 2019)
    Used: $12,781,000 (99.9%), Remaining: $19,000 (0.1%) On Ground: $11,421,000 (89.2%), On Bench: $1,360,000 (10.6%)
    Expected Total: 2071, Site Expected Total: 2087

    Def: R.Laird (108), A.Witherden (89.46), N.Newman (92), Z.Williams (86), S.Collins (66), H.Wigg (40) (H.Goddard (51), N.Answerth (40))
    Mid: J.Macrae (121), S.Coniglio (112.14), P.Cripps (113), Z.Merrett (113), B.Crouch (105), S.Walsh (70), J.Hately (64), L.Valente (61) (N.Hind (40), B.Bewley (50))
    Ruc: B.Grundy (118), M.Kreuzer (95) (J.Sweet (30), D.Cameron (30))
    Fwd: P.Dangerfield (109), T.Kelly (100), C.Wingard (95), I.Rankine (66), W.Setterfield (68), B.Cavarra (59) (J.Corbett (40), S.McAdam (40))

  37. Dan

    January 3, 2019 at 5:38 pm

    Almost everything looks decent. I’m not big on Kreuzer as the second ruck but there isn’t a great deal of good options there I guess. Hateley and particularly Rankine are expensive for rookies that may not produce great scores.

    • Caleb

      January 3, 2019 at 5:59 pm

      yeah I’m probably going to just do the wait on the R2 and if cheaper rucks are named ill probably go down that path. and any options for cheaper rookies to go for instead of Rankine and Hately

  38. Jai Aspinall

    January 3, 2019 at 7:47 pm

    TEAM NAME: JaiveTurkey. (AFL Fantasy 2019)
    Used: $12,796,000 (100%), Remaining: $4,000 (0%)
    Expected Total: 2077, Site Expected Total: 2088
    Def: J.Lloyd (108), A.Witherden (98), Z.Williams (90), G.Logue (60), M.Hore (55), H.Wigg (55) (H.Goddard (23.80), C.Burgess (23.80))
    Mid: T.Mitchell (129), M.Crouch (112), S.Sidebottom (108), N.Fyfe (111), Z.Merrett (114), D.Hannebery (96), L.Valente (60), C.Constable (55) (C.Lyons, B.Bewley )
    Ruc: B.Grundy (118), T.Goldstein (99) (M.Flynn, D.Cameron)
    Fwd: P.Dangerfield (112), J.Dunkley (100), T.Kelly (98), I.Rankine (70), W.Setterfield (70), B.Cavarra (65) (J.Brander, S.McAdam)

    Hey all, here’s what I’ve got for January. Bench are all fillers.
    Defence is a little weak but only 2 midpricers in the team & the rest should be keepers all year. Gone Goldy in the ruck for now, I can’t afford Stef & i don’t need the hassle of a cheap ruck.
    Feedback welcome.

  39. Dan

    January 3, 2019 at 9:44 pm

    Like the look of it overall Jai. You have spent a lot of cash on the midfield though. Maybe downgrade one of Matt Crouch, Sidebottom or Fyfe to Brad Crouch. I think he should pretty much be a lock given his price and potential to average over 100. I’d probably go Corbett over Rankine in the forward line to save you some cash as well. That should free up about 300k for you, which will be easily enough to get you to Stef. I would maybe look at trying to get another premium defender in though.
    Sam Collins will play pretty consistently for the Suns as well I would’ve thought. Should score reasonably too. Maybe him in for one of your basement defenders to strengthen the backline a little.

    • Jai Aspinall

      January 6, 2019 at 4:22 pm

      Thanks Dan. I’m still not sold on Crouch, i doubt he will play an entire season but i can see the strategy to start him for maybe the first 6 games (if he body holds up, which i doubt).
      Rankine has to be in the midfield in GC best 22, for now he can stay but most rookies are spot fillers until JLT.

  40. Smithy

    January 3, 2019 at 10:43 pm

    Going off Warnie’s tweet I think the following parameters are fit to deciding a ‘keeper’
    Def and Fwd – 90+
    Mid – 100-105+
    Ruck – 100+
    Obviously these may change slightly this year but it is a rough guide to help you guys.

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