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Trigger Happy: Round 17 – Holding the Fort

Trigger Happy keeps on keeping on with all these trades we have! this week JimBob looks at options for Dangerfield and options for the all important F8 position. Also good to see JimBob be less lazy and answer some tweets for a change!

While the boys have a week off and continue Swanning around Australia, some of us have to keep on keeping on……..



Carnage watch

I said it last week, I’m gonna say it this week, and I’ll probably say it again next week ……








Trying to figure out who plays based on the Thursday teams is an equation that Mathematicians have not yet figured out. I think they are putting more effort into trying to figure out the last digit of Pi. Last week we had buddy missing a plane trip to Adelaide and  Stokes a late out causing some people to actually eat a donut in their forward line. In round 16? This week doesn’t look any better with plenty of popular players missing through suspension/injury/other and I’m not too sure sure that Stokes will actually play this week. F8 has never been so  important!



With all the popular defenders at least being picked, there is no forced trades required down back this week. Poor bloody Dean Terlich. One bad score and every man and his dog jump off. People need to take into account that it was A) against Geelong at Skilled Stadium and B) Terrible conditions. Watch him burn you this week!


Sam Colquhoun $102,700 b/e -39 – well isn’t this good timing? Colquhoun is back and on the bubble to make us some cash! no chance to get the vest as Kane Mitchell is also playing. Average J/S but who we have 44 trades to deal with that in the future.

Jack Grimes $362,400 b/e 49 – Ol Grimey’ has got that 12 from round 6 out of his system and appears to be over the injury with back to back 90’s. pretty cheap for his potential output.



Most coaches will be dealing with some sort of problem in the mids this week. Whether its Dangerfield, Cornes or Stevie J occupying a spot on the pine, there will be headaches.

Scott Pendlebury, Brent Stanton and Joel Selwood are the most popular trades this week for Dangerfield and probably the top 3 trade in – options. Keeping with Tbetta’s theme of uniques, Ryan O’Keeffe ($529,600 b/e 111) is only in 6.6% of teams and has 5 tons in 5 weeks. If only I could afford him! Matthew Arnot ($108,500, b/e -40) is in a Sunday squad and on the bubble, but I’m not sure of his J/S coming to the pointy part of the season.



While The blitz is the only ruck in the top 10 traded out this week, I would be wary of the dreadlocked one Nic Naitanui.

There has been rumours out west that he has been playing sore for a while and may need a break (source). If he isn’t named today, I would be looking to trade him out straight away, his scores haven’t been that flash either.


Bloody Stevie J. I love you for your 312 points last week, but then you get suspended? Frustrating much? It’s only a week and he should be held but has points hanging over his head and who knows how long the next one will be for, and at the wrong time of the season? It’s also that time of the season that Buddy went AWOL last year. Last week he only just missed the team, now he’s not named. Shall we run a sweepstake to guess when he will be back? What’s going on Buddy?

Behind Danger, Buddy is the most traded out player this week and rightly so. Rockliff, Reiwoldt, Martin, Cloke and Roughead are all worthy ins but its Sam Mayes ($286,900, b/e -3) who takes my eye. Was probably in everyone’s team in round 6, then traded out about rd 9. Now he’s a legitimate chance to come back in! With scores of 88 and 99 in his last 2 weeks,  he had 111 on Melbourne last time he played on them and projected to go up $30k this week. Handy cover for Stevie J for one week and makes some cash out of Buddy. Also has DPP so can slide into the mids at some point too.


Twitter time.

Hopefully between Dunny and myself we can cover most bases for the weekend while the boys recover from liver poisoning (not actual liver poisoning, but a week on the drink)……


I apologise in advance for my lack of IT skill and my inability to do a screen shot for the tweets…..


Aidan ‏@awo9410h   Asks Best def to get out of Ibbotson, Malceski and Enright?
Well with Enright having his rest out of the way, I would take him for consistency, but do like Malceski for his current form. Ibbotson has been down on his previous lofty heights of scoring and would wait to see a spike before considering him (I will have to endure this on my field though)


Steven Coyle ‏@sdcoyle  Is it worth going sideways with Buddy to Rocky? Or should I spend the cash on an upgrade?
First of all getting buddy out is a great idea and getting Rocky in is too. Rocky’s current value is below his potential and with Moloney out he should continue to score well. That’s why it’s the most popular trade this week.


Haz Hannaford ‏@HHannaford  If we don’t have any injuries or problems should we trade out cox to Kreuzer ??
While form suggests it could be a good trade, I would wait a week. If Naitanui is out for most of the season, then big Cox should rise again! He’s one of the best DT players in the history of the game, give him a chance to redeem himself!


Angus Magarey ‏@AMagarey With Stevie J out, who do we play on the field? Zorko or Staker? #notworthtrading
First of all, great call on holding Stevie J, especially if you have those 2 options as cover. Zorko had 120 on Melbourne last time, but Staker has been more consistent with 91 and 78 in his last 2. I would go Zorko over Staker for the ceiling, but either would be a good choice. Nice problem to have!


 Stubby’s holders and Folders

Terlich – One bad score and he’s out? Give him a chance! HOLD

Johnson – Yes I know he is frustrating, but his point scoring ability is undeniable. Find a way to hold him for the 1 week! HOLD

Cornes – Once again, a 1 week suspension isn’t worth his consistent scores. Durable as they come. HOLD

Dangerfield – I would love to hold him for a week to see what new medical information comes through. Dangerfield is as tough as they come, we saw that on Friday when he played with one arm. I have seen prognosis of 1-4 weeks for the injury and I’m sure it won’t be 4 weeks knowing Danger. Still think it will be at least 2. FOLD


 Running review – 

A Pretty good week last week with 2323 and up to 1590 overall. Stevie J was a choice captain pick and Pendles, Cotchin, Rockliff, Jelwood and Martin all led the way to an above par score. Was particularly happy with Cotchin and Rocky and hope they can continue the form as I have endured their recent bad form. Lowlight was the late out of Stokes, but was happy with Macaffer’s 66 as cover. Trades this week – turning Dangerfield into Masten and upgrading Ben Kennedy to Sam Mayes in the forward line. Very happy for Sam mayes to sit at F8 for the rest of the season (if he keeps playing) with a player like Mayes, I can then consider getting a basement Mid/fwd in the mids so Mayes can cover both benches if required. I can’t go past Pendlebury’s irresistible form for the C and hope i can get near my projected of 2319 (Grain of salt required – projected scores are the same formula as to figure out who plays on the weekend I think)

Well that’s it for the week. Projected scores are getting higher and so are our expectations. Let’s see what carnage comes our way this week!

Also, a big thanks to all the blokes who came up and said hi last Thursday at the live show. It was a ripping night!

Good luck this week.

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