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NBL Dream Team – Round 7

New Zealand guard Cedric Jackson lays claim to being the Dane Swan of NBL Dream Team with a league-best score of 106 in round six.

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Looking Back (Round 6 Review)

Studs and Duds

Cedric Jackson may have pulled up just short of a triple-double twice last weekend, but his NBL Dream Team coaches can’t complain as New Zealand’s do-it-all guard delivered a rare “double-triple” to those who captained him.

Jackson’s scintillating form over the Sunshine Swing yielded 106 Dream Team points – or 212 if he skippered your side – a mammoth haul made all the more impressive when stacked up against the nightmarish returns of some of the league’s other big names.

The reigning MVP, for example, was held to just 12 Dream Team points, although Perth guard Kevin Lisch wasn’t the worst-offending Wildcat, with forward Shawn Redhage managing only four in the loss to Adelaide.

Like Redhage, Wollongong guard Adris Deleon saw 11 shots rim out last weekend, robbing him of 22 Dream Team points and restricting round five’s player of the week to a total of just two in round six.

And, despite having two opportunities to add to their tallies, Adelaide’s entire starting five failed to fire from a fantasy point of view, with centre Daniel Johnson the only one to record more than 30 points in the double-game round.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom, of course, with NZ centre Will Hudson milking the Breakers’ two games for 70 points, fellow former Gold Coaster Chris Goulding (56 points) finally lightning it up for his new club Melbourne and ever-reliable Tigers import Seth Scott helping himself to 48 points.

Looking Forward (Round 7 Preview)

Pick Me, Pick Me!

Johnny Flynn is a name you’ll have to get used to seeing in the stud section, with the big-talent Tigers recruit still scoring 24 Dream Team points on debut after being docked 32 points for missed shots. Even a marginal improvement in field-goal percentage will see Flynn rocket to the head of the rankings.

That makes the NBA draft pick a logical addition to your Dream Team, then, although you’ve got another week of window shopping up your sleeve before Flynn’s price starts to accelerate upwards. Teammate Chris Goulding, one of the Tigers set to benefit from Flynn’s arrival, has already leapt in value, however, making him a sooner-rather-than-later-type of purchase.

Outside of Melbourne, Perth players make for attractive trade targets with the Wildcats set to play five games in the three rounds from 8-10.

Double-Points Decision

No team will play twice in round seven – the first time that’s happened since round two – creating a captaincy dilemma for Dream Team coaches. Another Capital City Clash puts Sydney guard Corin Henry in the frame after he had 58 points in his first match against Melbourne, but the Tigers are a much-improved team from the one Henry and his lightning-quick hands tormented in round two.

Cairns centre Cam Tragardh also has strong recent form against this week’s opponent, having racked up 54 points against Wollongong last month, while Cedric Jackson and Seth Scott are safe options for those boasting either of those gold-rolled stars in their line-up.



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    AFL _The Greatest Game!

    November 14, 2012 at 6:09 pm

    I had a fairly average score this week with a score of 330, which saw me climb only 99 spots after plummeting 270 spots the week before. I was hoping for a lot higher, my hole team bar Jackson and Henry were pretty bad. This is what my team looks like after 2 trades heading into Rnd 7:

    Fwds: Lazare, Ballinger (Wagstaff, Blanchfiled)
    Centres: Pledger (Allen)
    Guards: Flynn Henry (Cadee, Gliddon)
    Cash left: 62,100k

    I have this plan that may not happen but i certainly hope it does! Because if this works i’ll only have one player in my team that isn’t a ‘Premum’ or 90k+ heading into Rnd 10. Here are my plans with my hopeful projected prices remembering the rounds to come are: Rnd 7: No doubles Rnd 8: Wildcats double 36’ers bye Rnd 9: Kings double and 36’er’s double Rnd 10: Wildcats double.

    Rnd 7:Jackson–> Flynn and Hire –> Wagstaff = Cash: 62k

    Rnd 8: Pledger (147k) –> Knight (155K) and Cadee (80k) –> Redhage (95k) (via Blanchfield) = Cash: 39k

    Rnd 9: –

    Rnd 10: Henry (135k) –> Jackson (185k) and Allen (60k) to Trueman (45k) = Cash 4k)

    I know this is risky but i hoping for Jackson to have couple average games (around 30 or lower) and drop 20k and also for Henry to have another couple 30+ games which will see him easily reach 135k, if this works my team will look like this heading into Rnd 10 (Wild Cats second double):

    Fwds: Redhage, Wagstaff (Lazare, Ballinger)
    Centres: Knight (Trueman)
    Guards: Jackson, Flynn (Blanchfiled, Gliddon)

    So thoughts on my plan?? Do you think its reachable??

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      November 14, 2012 at 9:23 pm

      Oooooh. U scored 330 and I got 328. Whats ur ranking now?

      About ur plan, it’s very ambitious and ur gonna need luck on ur side. Who’s Trueman btw?

      • Avatar

        AFL _The Greatest Game!

        November 14, 2012 at 9:36 pm

        I’m at 441ist and he is just a cheap Centre who plays for the wildcats, that 15k from Allen to him will be very handy plus he’ll have quite a few doubles so should score more than Allen. Whats your ranking?

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          November 15, 2012 at 4:33 pm

          488. Not too far behind now.

          I’m hoping for a 300+ score.
          My team looks like this after round 7 trades:
          FORWARDS: Tragardh, Ballinger (Garlepp, Steindl)
          CENTRES: Pledger (Hinder)
          GUARDS: Jackson, Madgen (Flynn, Cadee)

          My captain choices are Tragardh and Jackson. From my experiences, Jackson likes to play Townsville and a 50+ score awaits. Tragardh has a good track record against Wollongong. Thoughts?

  2. Avatar

    AFL _The Greatest Game!

    November 15, 2012 at 5:16 pm

    wow your closing in! I think you will score a bit more than me this week but it will be close! And with your question, i couldn’t split them its up to you, just keep in mind Jackson had a 4 on Townsville earlier this year. Thats what i’m relying on for my plan. Check out this i’m going to compare are teams with projected scores:

    Me You
    Lazare(36) Balls(36) Wagstaff(12) Blanchy(15)= 99 Trigger(45) Balls(35) Garlepp(6) Steindl(7)= 93
    Pledger (30) Allen (5) = 35 Pledger (30) Hinder (5) = 35
    Flynn(34) Henry(36) Gliddon(10) Cadee(10) = 90 Jackson(40) Madgen(35) Flynn(17) Cadee(10)= 102
    Total= 224 + Captain choice Total= 230 + Captain choice

    Should be a close one!! whats your total points scored you might be able to make up the difference this week, mines 1728.

    • Avatar


      November 15, 2012 at 6:12 pm

      1715. I’ve scored 13 points less than u. Aren’t we neck and neck?

      Thanks for the prediction. The results are much closer than I thought. In saying that, captain choices are crucial. If everything pans out normally, I’ve got a 7 point lead over u as u suggested. If Jackson fails and henry or lazzare have a field day, this whole thing goes in your favour. I think u’ll go lazzare or henry for the C since u have them as ur highest scorers. Tragardh is my captain so that has me scoring 277 and u at 260. That should be enough for me to grab a 4 point lead. Wowie! A great round of NBL awaits us.

      • Avatar

        AFL _The Greatest Game!

        November 15, 2012 at 6:44 pm

        Nah im slightly ahead as i have always been and i added 2 more point on that this week. It’s tough because Lazare had 58 in Rnd 2 against the Tigers and Henry had 52, but the Tiggers and a far more in proved side, Plus im putting Flynn in my calculations but more than likely I’ll go a Kings way and I only put 45 to Trigger and 40 Jackson just because of Jackson’s 4, or else they would have been the same, but saying that Trigger is coming off a 20, we both a a very hard but crucial decision ahead of us!!

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    AFL _The Greatest Game!

    November 15, 2012 at 5:19 pm

    Sorry it changed when i posted it, this should make it easier:


    Lazare(36) Balls(36) Wagstaff(12) Blanchy(15)= 99
    Trigger(46) Balls(36) Garlepp(6) Steindl(7)= 95

    Pledger (30) Allen (5) = 35
    Pledger (30) Hinder (5) = 35

    Flynn(34) Henry(36) Gliddon(10) Cadee(10) = 90
    Jackson(40) Madgen(34) Flynn(17) Cadee(10)= 101

    Total= 224 + Captain choice
    Total= 231 + Captain choice

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    AFL _The Greatest Game!

    November 16, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    I’m stocked right now!!! I just found a new way to still get the same 5 players in my team for Rnd 10 while using 1 less trade (the one getting rid of the Allen for Trueman) Plus it allows me to have Jackson not drop in cash as much as before and it also gives me a bigger score this week!!! I’ts a WIN/WIN/WIN!!!!! Here is the new plan:

    Rnd 7:
    Jackson –> Flynn
    Cadee –> Knight (Via Blanchy)
    Cash Left 43,200k

    Rnd 8:
    Pledger (145k) –> Wagstaff (95k) (Via Knight)
    Hire (55k) –> Redhage (90k)
    Cash Left 58,200k

    Rnd 9:

    Rnd 10:
    Henry (135k) –> Jackson (190k)
    Cash Left 3k

    OUT: Jackson, Pledger, Henry, Cadee, Hire
    IN: Jackson, Knight, Flynn, Wagstaff, Redhage

    I’M SO STOCKED!!! P.s i might just beat you this week now Sam ;)

    • Avatar

      AFL _The Greatest Game!

      November 16, 2012 at 3:27 pm

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I meant stoked*

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