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Topical Tuesday: The Goddard Trade

With Goddard moving to the Bombers… how will this effect his DT numbers? On the otherhand… how will it effect the scoring of the guys who are already there. Surely it will benefit players like Jobe, Stanton and Heppell… ummm, get in there and check out Calvin’s thoughts and let us know yours.

How will Goddard’s move to Essendon, influence his DT numbers in 2013?

Personally, they have to get better… surely. Back in 2010, Goddard averaged a huge 113, a score he hasn’t even pushed for the last two years where he has only averaged 96 and 98. Goddard also closed out the 2012 season like a steam train too, averaging 114 over his last 6 games.

Has to be a good move for him? What’s your thoughts?

Do you think Goddard moving to Essendon will help Jobe, Stanton and Heppell’s DT numbers?

Ok… it’s going to be tough for Jobe Watson who smashed out his personal best DT year in 2012 to average 120, a massive 14 more than his previous best year (and didn’t miss a game). The guys who I think will really benefit are Stanton and Heppell. Firstly, we all know that Stanton can’t handle a tag and now he moves down the tagging order. Stanton is a DT pig and has had massive games of 193, 175, 153 and 140 this year… when he avoids the tag! As for Heppell, well… he’s gotta be due to break out after averaging 83 and 85 in his first 2 seasons. Will only benefit with Goddard around!

So there you have it… those are my thoughts.

Your thoughts?


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