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Dream Team Medical Room: Round 19

It’s make or break this week in DT, so if your team is on the cusp of a finals appearance full- teams are a must. Heading into the final round coaches will be sweating on the availability of a few key players and making the right decision this close to finals time is crucial.

It’s make or break this week in DT, so if your team is on the cusp of a finals appearance full- teams are a must.  Heading into the final round coaches will be sweating on the availability of a few key players and making the right decision this close to finals time is crucial.

Headlining the returns to teams this week include Steele Sidebottom, Sam Jacobs, Chad Cornes and Hamish Harrlett. Steele is the most likely of the four mentioned to play after his “quad injury / resting” against GWS on the weekend, however Adelaide will be very keen to get Jacobs back after they clearly missed him in there loss to Geelong. Rookie Sam Shaw has recovered from his eye injury where scans revealed bleeding behind the eye. With Adelaide’s ever-increasing injury list Shaw should slide nicely straight back into the 22. Hawthorn Star Buddy Franklin is a long shot to line up against Geelong this weekend, but after three weeks out with a hamstring injury it will be 50/50 whether Hawthorn decide to take a gamble. James Podsiadly will rejoin the Geelong team for the Hawks clash after recovering from his ankle injury, as may defender Matthew Scarlett. Brisbane mid-fielder Daniel Rich returns from a two-week (suspension) lay off and Carlton’s Mitch Robinson should play, however there has been no news out of the Carlton camp regarding the severity of the injury. Pushing for finals Carlton will want all there guns firing especially with Captain Chris Judd still out. Forward Jarrod Waite has gotten through his VFL games unscaved an he too is likely to return for the navy blues as could Kade Simpson.

After teasing coaches in the pre-season with a promise of more midfield time, the final knife in the back has arrived with confirmation coming out of Fremantle that Greg Broughton’s season is over. Broughton will have surgery on his right ring finger and as hands are so very important it’s an extended layoff for the mid/def. After his poor run of form lately this may come as a blessing for those coaches looking to off-load Broughton, without the guilt of using up precious trades. Bulldogs champion Daniel Cross will also miss the remainder of the season as he looks down the barrel of shoulder surgery. Cross will be a very tasty looking prospect come the start of next year, as he should be priced with a considerable discount.

Hero turned Villain Brent Stanton is likely to miss this week after this hamstring was iced up in Essensdon’s loss on the weekend. After showing so much promise early this season, Stanton’s last 8 games have seen his price crash to the low 400,000. For those willing to take a chance Stanton could be a big payoff if he finds some form. Looking at last years stats, Stanton best DT / footy came over the last quarter of the season so there’s some food for thought.  Adelaide has ruled out Kurt Tippett this week after consecutive concussions and Joel Corey will miss at least 2 weeks with a confirmed hamstring injury. After almost ruining Scott Thompsons Brownlow chances Steve Johnson will play this week against the Hawks. Seeing as though he has no immediate history of concussions, unless he was in real trouble a single concussion is unlikely to keep the star out of this blockbuster games. Finally Jonathan Patton spent most of the second half icing his knee, so concerns surround the availability of the top draft pick.

And that rounds it up. The injury list below is from and the Herald Sun. Some timeframes may differ slightly to official individual club releases and people with inside knowledge. So do some research before pulling the trigger?

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Bookings with Jakub

Ricky Henderson (ankle) 4-5 weeks
Brodie Martin (hamstring) TBC
Sam Shaw (eye) test
Kurt Tippett (concussion) TBC
Daniel Talia (thigh) test
Andy Otten (knee) 6 weeks
Sam Jacobs (back) test
Jason Porplyzia (eye) test


Matthew Leuenberger (achilles) indefinite
Brent Staker (knee) season
Bryce Retzlaff (knee) season
Ash McGrath (hamstring) season
Mitch Golby (foot) 1 weeks
Josh Drummond (knee) test
Matt McGuire (ankle) TBA

Mitch Robinson (calf) test
Kade Simpson (jaw) 1-2 weeks
Andrew Walker (calf) 2 weeks
Jeremy Laidler (knee) season
Lachie Henderson (groin) season
Shaun Hampson (knee) season
Sam Rowe (testicular cancer) indefinite

Andrew Krakouer (knee) 1-2 weeks
Brent Macaffer (knee) 1-2 weeks
Ben Johnson (shoulder) 2 weeks
Trent Stubbs (shoulder) 1-2 weeks
Marley Williams (shoulder) season
Josh Thomas (foot) Indefinite
Luke Ball (knee) season
Lachie Keeffe (knee) season

Michael Hurley (hamstring) test
Cale Hooker (soreness) test
Ricky Dyson (ankle) TBC
David Myers (achilles) TBC
Stewie Crameri (hamstring) 1 week
Brent Stanton (hamstring 1-2 weeks
Kyle Reimers (hamstring) 1-2 weeks
Paddy Ryder (calf) 2 week
Michael Hibberd (quad) 3 weeks
David Zaharakis (quad) 3 weeks

Zac Dawson (knee) test
Josh Mellington (hamstring) test
Aaron Sandilands (toe) 4 weeks
Hayden Crozier (illness) TBA
Anthony Morabito (knee) season
Greg Broughton (back) season


Steve Johnson (concussion) likely
Joel Corey (hamstring) 2 weeks
David Wojcinski (hamstring) test
Josh Cowan (achilles) indefinite
Daniel Menzel (knee) season
Travis Varcoe (foot) indefinite
Nathan Vardy (hip) indefinite

Michael Rischitelli (knee/ankle) test
Joel Wilkinson (ankle) 1-3 weeks
Nathan Bock (leg) season
Daniel Gorringe (achilles) indefinite
Seb Tape (knee) season
Rory Thompson (ankle) season
Jaeger O’Meara (groin) season
Alex Sexton (hip) season

Stephen Coniglio (back) test
Setanta O’hAilpin (knee) season
Dylan Shiel (foot) 1 week
Liam Sumner (foot) 1 week
Tim Mohr (groin) test
Sam Reid (hand) season
Dom Tyson (foot) test
Chad Cornes (virus) available

David Hale (soreness) available
Lance Franklin (hamstring) test
Amos Frank (calf) 1 week
Sam Grimley (finger) 1 week
Michael Osborne (knee) season
Alex Woodward (knee) season
Andrew Boseley (shoulder) season

Jack Watts (ankle) test
Josh Tynan (concussion) test
Kelvin Lawrence (calf) 1 week
Jai Sheahan (ankle) 1 weeks
Mark Jamar (calf) 2-3 weeks
Clint Bartram (knee) season
Jamie Bennell (knee) season
Mitch Clark (foot) season
Aaron Davey (foot) season
Max Gawn (knee) season
Rory Taggert (back) indefinite

Hamish McIntosh (knee) available
Leigh Adams (shoulder) TBA
Scott McMahon (soreness) TBA

John Butcher (hip) 1-2 weeks
Robbie Gray (knee) season
Hamish Hartlett (hamstring) available
Cam O’Shea (foot) 5 weeks
Jasper Pittard (rib/lung) 2 weeks
Jay Schulz (abdomen) test
Brett Renouf (knee) TBA
David Rodan (hamstring) available
Brendon Ah Chee (knee) season

Jake Batchelor (knee) test
Ben Griffiths (leg) test
Gibson Turner (finger) 1 week
Mat Arnot (hamstring) 2 weeks
Nathan Foley (heel) season
Dylan Grimes (hamstring) indefinite
Ty Vickery (shoulder) season

Adam Schneider (hamstring) TBC
Warrick Andreoli (shoulder) 2-3 weeks
Jason Blake (ankle) 2-3 weeks
Rhys Stanley (hamstring) 3 weeks
Darren Minchington (hip) season


Shane Mumford (bone bruising) test
Mark Seaby (calf) test
Gary Rohan (leg) season
Sam Reid (knee) 2-3 weeks
Tom Mitchell (foot) 1 week

Andrew Embley (shoulder) available
Josh Kennedy (ankle) 3-4 weeks
Mark LeCras (knee) season
Mark Nicoski (hamstring) season
Daniel Kerr (hamstring) test
Ryan Neates (foot) 2-3 weeks
Koby Stevens (shoulder) 1 week
Dean Cox (ankle) test

Adam Cooney (knee soreness) test
Easton Wood (hamstring) 1-2 weeks
Lukas Markovic (hamstring) 1 week
Shaun Higgins (hamstring) 2 weeks
Jack Redpath (broken arm) season
Dale Morris (leg) indefinite
James Mulligan (achilles) season
Mark Austin (wrist) season
Daniel Cross (shoulder) season



  1. Avatar


    August 2, 2012 at 12:12 am

    Broughton, Stanton, Cox, Robinson, Franklin….fark! Can cover all except Cox if he doesn’t make it through (assuming Redden and Campbell continue to not get picked).

    An interesting decision I would have had to make (if Franklin doesn’t pull through) would have been to play Gibson or swing Goodes (spare floating forward) into the mids. Who would have believed I’d have to think about that choice earlier in the season!

  2. Avatar


    August 2, 2012 at 1:14 am

    Great article Jakub, really helpful

  3. Avatar


    August 2, 2012 at 5:51 am

    “After almost ruining Scott Thompsons Brownlow chances Steve Johnson will play this week against the Hawks”

    Just laughed my arse off over that one!

    Cheers for the read, I’m hopin all of Sidebum, Robbo, Cox, Jacob’s & Franklin play this week!!
    I’m gonna need them, as even my cover are injured right now.
    So many injuries this year.

    Can I ask ya Jakub, being a Physio – what’s goin on at Essendon?
    Have they got problems?, or are the media just being sensational and no one at Ess. is to blame?

    • Avatar


      August 2, 2012 at 4:51 pm

      Hard to say. I think that with this amount of soft tissue injuries something has to be said about their training program? Too much heavy work before the season, peaking too early and now it’s all catching up with them.

  4. Avatar


    August 2, 2012 at 12:10 pm

  5. Avatar

    Just Go Bang!

    August 2, 2012 at 2:14 pm

    Top stuff, Jakub… it’s crunch time, as per usual at this point in the season.

    Hoping Big Cox can soldier on… all others I can cover, but I would hate to be relying on Redden or Campbell to get a game. Also hoping that Stevie J gets a gig… would be a handy unique for me.

    Then there’s Greg “Effing” Broughton… what can you say? Really just the icing on the cake of a spectacularly bad season. I need to trade him out… Suckling or Lake the best options that I can afford… any advice?

    • Avatar


      August 2, 2012 at 10:46 pm

      Suckling for sure out of that choice.

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