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Good Trade, Bad Trade: Round 16

Round 15 came and went and could of been really good for you if you had Boyd as Captain, brought in Carrazzo and had Zorko on the field (who doesn’t?). but if you had Goddard and Spurr on your bench, copped Waters late out, put the C on Swan or Gazza, or had to play Campbell, you would of been spewing!

Round 15 came and went and could of been really good for you if you had Boyd as Captain, brought in Carrazzo and had Zorko on the field (who doesn’t?). but if you had Goddard and Spurr on your bench, copped Waters late out, put the C on Swan or Gazza, or had to play Campbell, you would of been spewing!  Round 15 threw up a real mix bag of fortune for any level of DT coaches and it doesnt look like ending any time soon. This season is fast becoming a train wreck of a season!

Movin in, doin my thing, Adam Goodes

Adam Goodes ($369,000, b/e  48). I talked him up big time a few weeks ago and he rewarded me with a vested 24. Sure he had a bit of rest and he was always going to take a while to get going, but I think he didn’t read my article that week and has only just realised the pressure from the DT world on him! Last week week he reminded us of his class with a whopping 137 and now looks like  ‘doing his thing’ for the second half of the season. who are we gonna flick for the wet sail?

Adam Treloar ($302,500, b/e 83) Many people probably saw Treloar as a handy F8/9 or M7 for the duration of the year. Treloar has been one of the pick of  the rookie forwards this year, averaging 72 points per game and has great job security. Unfortunately, Treloar has been showing signs of inconsistency recently with scores of 21, 89, 82 and 39 in the last month and is going to be boom or bust on your field. Will probably float around this price for the rest of the year, while Goodes price is likely to only go one way.

James McDonlad ($295,600, b/e 99):  Like his rookie counterpart, McDonald has started to plateau in recent weeks and is starting to leak cash. McDonald could have also been seen as reliable bench cover for the rest of the year, but may be phased out of the Giants team to give the rest of the giant kids. Getting in Goodes for JMc can open up that DPP spot in the mids, which will be super handy for the rest of the season.

Lance Franklin ($511,500 b/e 159) Franklin is currently the second most traded out player this week , involved in 10% of trades. Coaches seem to be very scared of his  3 week hamstring injury and are jumping off in their masses.  Personally, I’m going to hold Franklin for the duration, because he’ll be back for DT finals and trades are getting a bit low. Franklin to Goodes is the 4th most popular trade this week

Jangles goes ‘bang’ out of dream teams

West Coast hard nut Beau ‘Jangles’ Waters added to the round 15 woes as a late out to 83,000 + teams with a knee injury. Now he has had a clean up of his meniscus he will miss 3 -5 weeks, which sees him the most popular traded out player this week so far, with 16% of trades involving Waters. who are the players you are going to pull the trigger and go ‘Fu**en bang’ to?

Andrew Carrazzo ($409,000. b/e 52) Does this bloke ever not get a mention? Carrots has just got his third consecutive ton in a row and doesnt look like stopping despite the defensive roles he is assigned every week. Currently, Waters to Carrots is the most popular trade this week and is aptly justified. This trade even gives you $50k in the bank!

Matt Suckling (398,200, b/e 70) and ( Grant Birchall ($420,700, b/e 73) I swear these two are like the Bert and Ernie of DT. When looking for reliable backmen, one name mentioned is usually followed by the other one, and rightly so. They average 90 (Suckling) and 91 (Birchall) and both fairly consistent (although Birchall takes the cake here, averaging within 8 points of his average while Suckling is 18) both would be great additions to a backline, but for me Birchall would win this race, purely based on consistency.

Heath Scotland ($429,700, b/e 105) Scotland is like the metronome of the backline. you bring him in and you know what you are going to get week in, week out. with an average of 96 and a lowest score of 79, you can put these points in the bank at the start of every week. Aside from 2009, Scotland missed 1 game in 5 seasons.  I’m calling this trade my..

I will now cover my own ass with the quote

“when you’re right 52% of the time, you’re wrong 48% of the time”

Personally, I’ll be holding onto Beau because I have the luxury (sort of) of playing Broughton once Goddard comes back next week. Like buddy, Waters will be back when it matters, the DT finals.

 Chook’s Rooks   Stubb’s Bubbs

As our mate Chook is unable to give us the valuable rookie information for the rest of the season, Warnie has asked me to fill the shoes. as to not devalue the great name of Chook, I thought ill rename it for me. My nick name is stubby, my surname is Holder. Unfortunately I couldnt think of a better rhyming name for rookies, but you get the idea.

 3 + gamers.

Well obviously Chook’s man crush Dayne Zorko continues to confirm his spot on our field with a massive 140, to put to bed any consistency issues that rookies generally encounter. F7? more like F4 0r 5!  buddy who? Toby Greene raised the bat as well with a 125 in a losing side of the hawks, while Sam Shaw came off a lot of people’s benches to score a handy 74 for Waters absence.  Taylor Adams and Sam Gibson provided excellent bench cover with scores around the 80 mark,  while others like Adam Treloar (39) didnt

Bubble boys (2 gamers)

Cat Jordan Murdoch ($98,700, b/e – 83) leads the charge of the bubble boys this week. With a projected increase of  $63,500 , Murdoch may be what you need for a cash injection now. Giant mid/fwd Nick Haynes ($ 152,700, b/e 33) is a pricey rook and hasnt exactly set the world on fire, averaging 35. he can definitely wait one more week before pulling the trigger. Eagle Mid Murray Newman ($98,700, b./e – 31) has provided a lot of razzle dazzle when coming out of the green vest, but I fear this trend will continue (the green vest) if he keeps his place in the team.

1 gamers

There were 4 1st gamers to get a guernsey in round 15. Ruckman Tom Derickx had a solid 47, mid Cameron Sutcliffe scored a respectable 65 in a dockers win, while defender Andrew McInness  and mid/fwd Tim McIntyre scored  60 and 56 respectably. I cant see any need to rush any of these guys into a team prematurely this week.

Well let’s hope this train wreck that we call DT can come to a halt sometime soon. this is the best example of why people should save their trades! now to take that advice myself!

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  1. Avatar


    July 12, 2012 at 11:47 pm

    2 trades $134,400

    DEF- delidio, scotlamd, johnson, adcock, grimes, carrazzo, goddard (shaw, darley)

    MID- ablett,boyd,swan,pendlebury,thompson,lenny (gibson, crozier)

    RUCK-Kreuzer, Mumford (Cambell, stephenson)

    FORWARD- Franklin, Johnson, Martin, Sidebottom, Beams, Robinson, Zorko (cameron, treloar)

    thinking of treloar/cameron- goodes

    this gives good cover to the midfield and the forwards but leaves me with only one trade. thoughts?

  2. Avatar


    July 13, 2012 at 12:08 am

    DEF- delidio, scotland, birchall, carrazzo, goddard, waters, shaw (spurr, darley)

    MID- ablett, boyd, pendlebury, thompson,Selwood, rockliffe (gibson, marley)

    RUCK-ryder, giles (Cambell, redden)

    FORWARD- Franklin, Johnson, Sidebottom, Beams, Robinson, Dangerfield, Zorko (Martin , Cloke)

    3 Trades left will trade gibson once he peaks and sub martin into mid bench so leaves me with prem bench cover for finals and cash to upgrade Giles. Don’t think I can sideways trade now so holding out and hoping the injuries are all good by finals. Thinking I should upgrade darley to yarran just for job security over next few weeks with waters out, what do ya recon?

  3. Avatar


    July 13, 2012 at 12:57 pm

    holding my six trades

    out this week for me
    Brendan Goddard
    Beau Waters
    Lance Franklin
    Jordan Murdoch
    Jackson Paine

  4. Avatar


    July 13, 2012 at 2:47 pm

    Have 6 trades left and want to upgrade giles to somebody so my team can be complete
    I can afford any ruck apart from maric and i already have cox

    1. Giles > Roughead
    2. Giles > Mcevoy
    3. Giles > Jacobs

    Pick an option.

    • Avatar


      July 13, 2012 at 3:08 pm

      As far as bang for your buck goes your 3 best ruck options (in order of personal preference) are…

      1. jacobs
      2. umm jacobs

      and if in doubt

      3. jacobs

      • Avatar


        July 13, 2012 at 5:03 pm

        what id i dont care about money?

  5. Avatar


    July 13, 2012 at 5:43 pm

    Need to upgrade my backs.

    Do you think:

    1. Hargrave – Birchall
    2. Morris – Suckling
    3. Morris – Enright

    I’m thinking most people will say 2, but Enright is a tad unique and is projected to score slightly more for the rest of season, not that projections are enough to completely base a decision on.

    • Avatar


      July 13, 2012 at 5:44 pm

      Will then be able to upgrade the other one when another premo presents themselves – hoping H. Shaw will start coming good. Morris will hold his value, unsure about Hargrave.

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