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Punching above their weight – Round 3

This new weekly article will look at which players are playing better than their average. Those that are outperforming their price, those that are punching above their weight. As the banner suggests, Shaun Hampson is the perfect example of somebody punching above their weight!

This new weekly article will look at which players are playing better than their average. Those that are outperforming their price, those that are punching above their weight.

As the banner suggests, Shaun Hampson is the perfect example of somebody punching above their weight, currently grinding the sublime Megan Gale…clearly punching above his weight.

From a DT perspective, I look at anyone that is averaging +20 over their priced average.

Let’s take Rory Sloane for example. Priced @$429k (divide this by $5k, generally accepted rule for determining price based on LY ave) therefore he is priced at around 86 (429/5) and his current ave115. So is currently at +29 and clearly punching well above his weight.

I am not looking at any Rooks, as this is Chook’s domain and he knows it better than anyone.

So based on the first 2 rounds and before the all important round 3 which guys are currently punching as heavyweights? and who is the first winner of the inaugural Shaun Hampson Medal?


Interesting to note that the top 5 punching defenders have all played one of the league easy beats (MEL, GWS, GC) A good point to note for looking at who to bring in or start on the field as these defenders tend to zone off against weaker opposition and get more possies tnan they normally would.

Jarryn Geary +33 @52 ave 85. Continuing his great form with 98 against the doggies. Has a BE in the -veANSI another 35k price rise on the cards. Get on now if you want him under $300k

St Kilda, West Coast and Richmond defenders round out the top 5 with.

Sean Dempster +28 @65 ave 93

Shannon Hurn +26 @75 ave 101

Jake Batchelor +25 @54 ave 79

Dylan Grimes +24 @50 ave 74

Also had some nominations on twitter for Conca and Gibson, who both delivered uppercuts  to weaker opposition this week. Both at +23


Some of the mid price options in Ruck look like they are starting to pay some dividend.

Hamish McIntosh +27 @62 ave 89 is making his owners very happy. A Negative BE and around 36k increase coming up this week. Great work to those who took the punt!

The Mullet +22 @58 ave 80

Shaun Hampson (oh the irony) +21 @57 ave 78


Now he is not eligible because he has only played the 1 game, but bloody hell Jack Ziebell, what a cracker of a game against no less than the reigning premiers. Just a casual 139 and priced @ 77 giving him punch of +62… He will be very tasty in 2 weeks just prior to his price rise. Upcoming games against Sydney and Gold Coast…I say Giddy Up!

So of those that are eligible…

Brad Ebert makes the nominations for the second week running +39 @72 ave 111. Is smoking..started off very slowly last week but again came home with a bang.

Ebert’s ex teammates Masten and Scotty Selwood are continuing their fantastic form, yes they did play GWS, but are both still punching well above their weight at +37 and +32 respectively

Special mention here has to go to Garry Ablett Jnr…what can’t this man do. Not only is he the most expensive player. In DT land but is currently punching +30 above his weight averaging a casual 147. Can’t see this slowing this week in the Q clash either.

Bastinac, Shane Tuck, Gaff and Shuey are all sitting at +20 as well


A lot of focus on forwards this week given Fyfe’s injury concerns and Goodes likely week on the sidelines.

So we find this weeks Shaun Hampson Medallist in the forward line yet again, but the medal has been wrenched away from The Chad’s steely grip. The round 3 medallist is……..

Rhys Stanley +42 @45 ave 87. He would have been the medallist last week too but was in eligible as priced under $200k. A nice price rise last week and around another $44k on the cards thisweek, leave us thinking that he may actually be the real deal. Upcoming games against Freo, Melb and Hawks will show us what he really has, but if you leave it till then will it be too late. More than afew people on twitter have tossed his name around as a replacement for Fyfe, allowing some $$ for future upgrades.

The most talked about trade in target this week Brendan Whitecross is next on the list. +29 @82 and averaging an impressive 111, he is certainly making every one take notice. Lots of talk around his role and performance once Hodge is back, but I really like the kid and think that whilst his scoring will drop bahat that he will still ave 85-95 for the remainder of the year. $35k price rise on the cards this week. He will be the most traded in player, even if Fyfe doesn’t go Nader the knife.

The Chad is still up there at +27 and rounding out the top few are Tommahawk +24, Jarrad Waite +23 and Jeremy Howe +22.

It is a reflection on the lack of quality forwards performing that these names are here.

At the start of the year if you we looking at FWD options I don’t think that there are many of us that would have chosen them.

There you have it, the Punching for this week and Big Congrats to Rhys Stanley for taking out the gong!

Always open to suggestions on how to improve this article and remember to hit me up on twitter with your nominations for “The Hampson” @RainmanDT.

Remember stats are not a dirty word.





  1. Avatar


    April 17, 2012 at 10:35 pm

    Looking into the situation, i think I’ve decided to trade Fyfe, too much risk involved with keeping him, may even be a late withdrawal even if picked..

    My options i believe should be picked from Rounds 11 and 12, as i have 2 premo’s from Round 13, and 1 from 11, one from 12 not including fyfe.

    My main options i believe:

    Round 11:Adams, Boomer Harvey, Cornes and Maybe Tippett

    Round 12: Chappy, Steve J, Beams, Zaha and Cloke,

    I was thinking Robinson or Whitecross but is 3 FWD premo’s from Round 13 too much?

    My main thoughts with those players would be:

    Adams – As a super smokie, very underrated, and low percentage of teams own him, (1.1%) ~
    Stevey J. – Proven superstar with an easy draw comin up ahead, ~
    Beams – Swan Jr, owned by 2.8% ~
    Zaha-Was on my pre season radar but put off by bad NAB Cup scores, ~
    Cloke-Easier draw coming up ahead for Cloke, and is a proven scorer. ~

    Thoughts on these players? :D

  2. Avatar


    April 18, 2012 at 6:27 am

    Thoughts on Docherty to Hampton and using the DPP going Fyfe to Ward

  3. Avatar

    I Work SOLO!

    April 18, 2012 at 7:40 pm

    What to do with D Martin?

    • Avatar

      Blue boys

      April 18, 2012 at 8:12 pm

      Do u think he will be in top 7 fwds for average/points scored, If yes leave him where he is. If no, how low do you think he will go and is it worth a trade.
      Personally i have absolutely no plans to trade him out.

  4. Avatar

    I Work SOLO!

    April 18, 2012 at 7:53 pm

    Hey rainman why isn’t Barlow in that article?

    He had 33 points in rd 1 from 1/3 game time and scored 67 from half a game in Rd. 2 After a solid 99 he looks good for his price.

    Although i dont have him at the moment i was wondering when i should get him B4 his price jumps. I think his BE is 90+ but not sure.

    • Avatar

      Blue boys

      April 18, 2012 at 8:10 pm

      Mate it’s pretty easy to know why Barlow is not in this article if u read how it’s structured.
      Priced at 425K, you would have been expecting 85pts a game for that price and he is only averaging 71 at present.
      It has nothing to do with TOG etc, all to do with price paid and points scored!!

      • Avatar


        April 18, 2012 at 8:15 pm

        Spot on blue boys…saved me replying…cheers

  5. Avatar


    April 18, 2012 at 8:43 pm

    should i trade gibbs or mitchell for scott selwood? or leave them? selwood looks the goods this year
    and fyfe to waite, tippett or robbo?

    • Avatar

      Blue boys

      April 18, 2012 at 9:19 pm

      Probably time to “back the trade truck up”. Yes Selwood has had a great start, (but against weaker opposition). Do you really think that he will out-perform the likes of Mitchell and Gibbs enough over the year to make that trade worthwhile!!! Remember he HAS to outscore them by a lot to make that trade an improvement to your team.
      If u have the urge to trade Fyfe, would think Robbo will be best option.

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