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Upgrade Time

We received an email from crowsrock, the coach of Wecky’s Wackos, looking at players who we should look at upgrading to. It is upgrade season and we need to make the right choices. Which players do you have targeted for upgrades over the next few weeks?

We are now well into upgrading season with some of our cash cows getting nice and plump for the picking. Below is a list of upgrades in my opinion.

  1. Joel Selwood: If you take the 27 he scored in less than a quarter before being KO by Farren Ray’s hip he is averaging a massive 119.7, this would be the best average in the league, even better that Pendles, Boyd and Swan. Besides the 27 he has only scored under 100 once and that was against the unfriendly DT side Sydney. His next lowest after that is 116. His games in this time haven’t been easy either playing Collingwood, Hawthorn, Carlton who are all top 4 sides. Has a good run home playing Adelaide 2 times and Richmond, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Brisbane.
  2. Dean Cox: The second place has to go to the big cox, he has been the highest averaging ruck by a fair bit this year and is the 4th highest averaging player in the game. He has fallen below the 100 mark only twice this year and has a nice ceiling of 141. Also plays Adelaide twice as well as Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne, Port Adelaide and Richmond on the run home. He really is a must have this year.
  3. Scott Pendlebury: After having a small form slump and dropping a bit in price the highest averaging player in the game is back after a big 131 on the weekend. Has a massive ceiling of 166 and has only dropped under 100 3 times this year. Plays Gold Coast, Port  Adelaide, Richmond, Brisbane and Melbourne in the run home. Best option would be to get after his bye in round 13. And is only selected by 28% of the coaches.
  4. Matthew Boyd: The second highest averaging player in the league this year is a must have in any good side this year. Has only dropped under 100 twice this year and has a massive ceiling of 162. Plays Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide, Port Adelaide in the run home. Is only selected by a small 22% of coaches.
  5. Lance Franklin: The second highest averaging forward this year is back to his best of a couple of years ago. After a slow-ish start to the year he has averaged a very nice 110.8 in his last 5 games. Has fallen below 100 only 4 times this year and has a nice ceiling of 144. Has nice run home playing Gold Coast x2, Port Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Honourable Mentions

  • Luke Hodge: Cheap, hitting form and is a gun
  • Scott Thompson: Playing well and putting up big scores in losing team and not many selections
  • Marc Murphy: Putting up big scores of late and is also relatively unselected
  • Dane Swan: Already selected by almost the whole comp and is currently injured

What about Gary Ablett?

I will probably get slammed for not including Gablett in the upgrade list but I don’t see him as a good upgrade. This year in 7 games he has cracked the ton only 2 times. Has already missed one game from injury/soreness and will no doubt miss more. Young team will tire and struggle towards end of year possibly. But how about the massive 156? Wow 156 against Adelaide he must be back, NOT. 52,000 coaches have already been sucked into Ablett and I feel sorry for them.

Written by crowsrock coach of Wecky’s Wackos

Co-captain of DT Talk since we started this thing in 2007. Best finish was 13th in 2009... that was a long time ago. Follow on Twitter: @WarnieDT

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