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Trade Tawk: Round 6

Tony Tawk (aka magpies01) has emailed us an article about trading. This is about the time that we traditionally start looking at some big trades to set our teams up on the way to the end of the season.

Trades are gold. Ask any DT player, and they will tell you that trades make or break your team. Anyone can pick the guns in DT, but how you trade and change your team really defines a good player. But, nonetheless, trades are also a very large dilemma. When do you trade? Who do you trade? Who should you get? Well, here’s some help.

There are three types of trades in the DT world:

  • The upgrade trade– From a rookie/mid-priced to a premium
  • The sideways trade– From a rookie to a rookie, mid-priced to a mid-priced, or premium to a premium
  • The downgrade trade (also known as a cash trade) – From a premium/mid-priced to a rookie/mid-priced. (Done to save money for an upgrade trade)

But trades are influenced by an important thing – cash in the bank. You should always have +$30,000 in the bank. You don’t want to complete too many downgrade trades, as they are pretty much 2 trades for one premium, so you’re wasting a trade. This is why you need cash, and you need cash-cows. But this isn’t an article about cash-cows and rookies.

When do you trade?

The large dilemma with trades is when do you get rid of a player? When enough is enough and you don’t need shit scores in your team. If you have a premium that averages over 100, you wanna trade them after 3 consecutive rounds of below 70 scores. You might also wanna trade your premium if he is very inconsistent. If you have a mid-priced player that usually averages 70-80, you wanna trade them after 4 consecutive rounds of below 60 scores. If any player (premium, rookie, mid-priced), gets below 30 without getting injured or subbed, get rid of them soon. Below 30 is a disgrace and you don’t need that shit in your team. You should have more patience with a mid-priced or rookie than a premium, because you expect more from a premium. If you have rookie, don’t trade them until they start going down in price. As soon as they stop going up, upgrade them for a premium. Unless, of course, that rookie (or rookie-priced) is churning out shit scores like Andrew Krakouer.

So here are the guidelines


An Injury Trade

When a player gets injured, your first instinct is to trade them. Only trade an injured player if they’re out for more than 3 weeks. With injury trades, you usually wanna do a sideways trade or an upgrade trade. This way you can just get the trade out of the way without too much hassle.

On the Chopping Block – Round 5

It’s the time of the season when you realize players aren’t doing as well as you expected them to.

Who to get rid of-

Greg Broughton – Coaches who got this guy are kicking themselves now. Great season last year, but down on average so far. And a late exclusion this week gave coaches another reason to get rid of him.

Andrew Krakouer – It’s funny that the most picked DT player is probably the most hated now. Even though he got a good score of 96, his last 3 weeks have been below 50. And he got dropped this week. And when you get dropped from Collingwood, your gonna have to work hard to get back in…

Sam Gilbert – I don’t have this top-notch photographer, but he is a popular pick. His dual-position convinced people to pick him, and they made a mistake. After averaging 93 last year, his highest score to date is 79. His out of form and doesn’t look to be improving. Get rid of him.

Wait a few weeks on-

Andy Otten– Very popular pick this season due to his low price tag. But many coaches are thinking that they made a mistake. He got a nice score of 87, but has been very inconsistent. Wait a few weeks to see how he goes.

Nick Riewoldt – The superstar forward was once again a popular pick this season, but so far, he hasn’t regained his 2010 form. Much like St.Kilda, he has had a slow start. Even though his scores are still alright, we expect more from Saint Nick. Just hang on to him and watch his form.

Daniel Connors – What a year this guy had last year. And what an average year he’s having so far. Connors is a popular and unique pick, but has been getting some crap scores. He’s obviously shown his scoring potential and might just be having a slow start, so wait a few weeks.

Who to get in-

Nat Fyfe– Ahh, Avatar. Fyfe is having his break-out year. With some great scores of 117, 137 and 107 the past 3 weeks, everyone’s noticed this kid. Future star for Fremantle and a gun DT’er. And he’s also dual-position.

Andrew Embley – Boy does this guy slip under the radar. Not mentioned a lot in the pre-season and is very underrated. He came out this season and pumped out scores of 115 and 155. If your trading someone out, jump on this guy.
Who saved themselves- (These are the players you were gonna trade but got you a great score)

Paul Duffield – I was a mouse-click away from getting rid of this guy. I stuck with him for one more week, and it was a good move. He got me a nice score of 93 and showed us he can play good footy. For now Duffman, you’re safe.

Darren Jolly – Like last year, he had a slow start. He got some average scores and with an injury, he had those who picked him scratching their heads. And then he came out and played to his best against the Bombers on ANZAC day, giving us a nice score of 100. Keep him in.

Chris Knights – Very popular pick this year. He is a proven DT star and a great player. To open the season, he got some average scores of 70 and 76. We were wondering what to do with him, but the past 2 weeks showed us his scoring potential with scores of 90 and 87. Knights is out of harm’s way.

And remember – DON’T trade before Friday. I once did it and everyone on the website wanted to shoot me.

By Tony Tawk (aka magpies01)

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