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Mzungu: The Latest

Bugger! So we’ve all heard that Mzungu twanged his knee. After scans the verdict isn’t too bad. But he will not be starting in our Dream Teams in round 1. So what’s next?

The scans have been done and the most selected player in our Dream Teams for 2011 will be out for approx 2 months. Mzungu injured his left knee in a marking contest halfway through the first quarter on Saturday and damaged his medial ligament with a touch of bone bruising in there as well. There was no damage to his ACL and Mzungu should be a perfect down grade target in about round 8 once we have fattened up some of our cash cows.

The good news is… Nick Lower, a former Port Adelaide player is set to be upgraded on to the senior list before Tuesday’s deadline. Lower is 23 years old and started the match in the centre square and was once again very impressive.

So who will you be replacing Mzungu with?
Personally, McKernan (Adel) has currently taken his spot in Team Calvinator, but will most likely chance as my team changes by the minute!

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