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Deck of Dream Team

Daniel Rich: Deck of Dream Team 2011

His name is Rich but his price should be fairly cheap for what he might be able to do in 2011. He is in his 3rd season where players usually go BANG. Will this guy be one of them?

Name: Daniel Rich
Club: Brisbane
Position: Centre
Bye Rounds: 4 & 19
2010 Average: 75.3
2010 Games Played: 22
Predicted Average: 92

Why should I pick him? Righteo… The first thing we need to note here is that this lad in approaching his 3rd year and for those who don’t know… this usually means a huge improvement. Take Bryce Gibbs for example, who averaged 87 in his 2nd year, to go bang in his 3rd year for an average of 107. Marc Murphy was the same… going 75 to 97! In Rich’s 1st year averaged 77 and then dropped that last year to 75. Meaning, he’ll be at a nice price to have a break out season, especially with Risky-telly and Travis Johnstone gone. He hasn’t missed a game in the 2 years he’s been playing and is about to go boom in 2011. He’ll rarely get a tag, as long as Simon Black is still playing and  although he’ll  attract more attention 2011, you always need to watch these guys in their 3rd season… oh oh oh, and if you are someone going for a league win, and don’t give a shit about national ranking, then listen to this. His bye weeks are in 4 and 19, in these weeks there are NO LEAGUE GAME, as 2 other teams join Brisbane and share the bye! Think about it.

Why shouldn’t I pick him? Cause he was crap in 2010. Simple as that. He only cracked the 100+ a small 23% of the time. Brisbane should have a better year in 2011, but if they continue to fail, so will he.

Deck of DT Rating. QUEEN – Big smokey here! Could go either way. I’m tipping up though, but it’s guys like this who can make or break your season. For me, I’ll be watching very closely, but for now, he’s in based on the 3rd year rule alone!

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