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Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 14

Righteo with the loop hole rubbish behind us, lets hope we can all refocuss and drill a ripper this week. Oiirrggg and you have come to the right place… the worlds best DT captain coverage in … Calvin’s Captains.

Ar io all good. Righteo, no loop hole confusion to deal with this round but it’s going to be a tough week for captain selection. With DT being locked out on Thursday night, you might have to wait till Sunday for your captain to play, so this week it is very important that you have a VC locked in just in case of those dirty late withdrawals, that we will be seeing more and more as the year progresses.

Yep, the old chart is back an in a snazzy new look too, thanks to the Warne-Dawg showing me a few little tricks. The chart shows the top team that give up the most 100+ scores to their opponent in the last 3 weeks. Richmond are still giving up the most 100+ scores each week, even though they are winning. West Coast, Essendon, Fremantle are also giving up huge numbers in the last few week and the Crows and Dawgs also make an appearance. Carlton (6), Collingwood (7), Port (7) and Geelong (8) are the top 4 lock down teams so make sure you take this into consideration this week.

Don’t forget the number next to the players listed are their average Vs this weeks opponent in their last 3 against them!

Carlton Vs Brisbane

Brown – 125
Brennan – 109
Black – 104
Power – 103
Judd – 103
Marc – 96
Carrazzo – 87
Gibbs – 84

Thursday night football. Personally I love it. I love a beer on Thursday night, but for DT reasons it sucks. Brownie might not be back, but in case he is… his record here is amazing. With previous scores of 141, 109, 126 he should smash them. Back in 2007 he had 155 and 136 on them as well! He has cracked the ton in 7 out of the last 9 matches against the Blues and if fit… he’ll do it again against his 2nd favourite DT team! The Blues are Simon Black’s 3rd favourite team despite his 75 in the last game against them. Brennan here is also amazing with previous scores of 119, 103, 106, 106 seriously! They are his favourite team in the last 2 yrs, but his form in not that great so maybe he’ll turn it back around this week. Carrz has previous scores here of 81, 117, 64 and that 117 in the only time he has cracked the 100+ mark in his career of 11 games, and with 0x100+ scores in his last 5 this year, it’s time you pull your finger out you tagging fool. Marc Murphy had 109 last time these guys met in Rd. 2 this year and in that match Power chipped in for 115. Gibbs had 106 on them in that game, but earlier in 2009 he had a massive 152 remember. Just maybe again? Maybe… maybe not that big. Juddy hasn’t had over 100 in his last 3 games this year but carries a solid record here. 93, 103, 114 are the scores he had on them in 2009, so he might be due.

Hawthorn Vs Westerndawgs

Boyd – 122
Cross – 115
Gia – 107
Cooney – 98
Hodgey – 95
Mitchell – 94
Buddwood – 74

Buddy had a great 130 last week but in his last 2 games against the Dawgs he had just 74 and 33. Before that however he did do a fair bit better with scores of 116, 100, 113. Sam Mitchell had 112 in his last match against them, and that score broke his run of 0x100+ score in his 3 games prior to that. Hodgey was dodgey last week for his lowest score of 2010 (61). The Dawgs are his 3rd favourite team to play and with 125 and 95 in his last 2 he should bounce back this week. Daniel Cross is a CC’s favourite and he loves playing the Hawks (2ndfav team). 105, 88, 151 in his last 3 games with that 151 coming back in 2008 though. Gia is a surprise here I reckon. He had just 72 in his last again them but before that he had 118 and 131, but it’s worth noting he never played these guys in 2009, so they are 2008 numbers.  But Boyd is the pick of the bunch here! With previous scores of 152 and 128 in his last 2 against them you can see why. The 154 came this year when he played them in Rd. 3 and he had 35d and 10t his highest EVER DT score! He is obviously over his hand injury as he has averaged 124 in the last 3 games this year, watch out Boyd fans cause his form and history here gets two big fat arse ticks.
Gia Steps Up– Check this out… When Boys missed games earlier this year Gia averaged 140 over that period. Since Higgins has been out (last 2wks) Gia has averaged 109. So if someone is missing this week… look out for Gia to step it up for another big score.

Fremantle Vs Port Adelaide

Kane – 114
Sandilands – 94
Boak – 89
Pavlich – 80

Not much here. Pavlich has not had 100+ on these guys in his last 4 games and has only 1×100+ score against his name in his last 6 games this year. Sandilands had 128 last week and Port are his favourite team despite his last 2 scores of 82 and 96 against them. I’m tipping  huge one from him this week. Kane plays his 2nd favourite DT team here with previous scores of 103, 112, 128, 107, 124. Those numbers are amazing and I doubt many have him on a captaincy radar, but one to certain look at for a good bet this week. See that was quick. Next!

Collingwood Vs West Coast

Swan – 150
Cox – 127
Pendlebury – 117
Priddis – 110
Didak – 106

Not a typo, Swan’s average of 150 up there is real. I’ll get to it. Didak averages 106 here in his last 3 games against them and with 128 and 106 in his last 2 against them he might be in for another huge day. Pendlebury had 139 in his last game against the Eagles and before that he had 103 and 109. You want a sure thing 100+ score? He might be your man and he loves playing the Eagles. Priddis has had scores of 78, 108, 143, 108 in his career of just 4 games against the Pies and with an average of 99 this year, my old mate seems to be doing ok and should continue to do so this week. Dean Cox has mad numbers as well here. They all do! He had just 91 in his last games against the Pies, but before that he had … ready?… 152, 139, 129, 130. MAD MAD MAD! The 91 in his lowest score against these guys in 6 years. Ha ha crazy hey! Righteo here we go with Swanny. He played these guys in 2009 for a score of 158 (37d, 7t, 11m) and then in 2008 where he had 133 (36d, 2g, 10m). Then even back in 2007 he had another 158 (38d, 2g, 9m). So that’s a 158, 133, 158 in his last 3 for an average of 149.67. Arggg how good is that? This game is at Etihad and there this year he averages 128 from 3 games. Sold yet? If not you’re a tough person to please. But I can tell you now… he’s my #1 this week!
Shit Roster– Tell me this? How can this be the first time the Pies have played the WCE this year? They have not yet played Adelaide, Port or Richmond either. But then… they have played the Dawgs and the Demons twice… figure that out!
Most 100+’s – If you have forgotten my little table above. The Eagles have given up the most 100+ scores in the last 3 weeks and with that in mind, and the form of the Pies, this will be nasty.

Adelaide Vs Essendon

Stanton – 106
Thompson – 98
Jobe – 90

Righteo… another quick one. Thompson has score 100+ on these guys 4 times in his last 6 games and might do it again as the Bombers are his 2nd favourite team. Jobe Watson is in for another quiet game after a 54 in his last. He has only had 1×100+ score on these guys in his career of 6 games here so write him off I reckon. Stanton might be worth a small thought though with 83, 123, 113 in his last 3 games. These guys are his 3rdfavourite team, but with 73 and 70 in his last 2 games this year… umm I’d be cautious.

Geelong Vs Nth Melbourne

Bartel – 127
Ablett – 122
Corey – 107
Selwood – 97
Chapman – 94
Enright – 80
Harvey – 68

Gary Ablett never played against these guys in 2009 so his scores are sort of oldish. 86, 148, 133, 115 are what they look like anyway but for some reason the Roos are one of his worst teams to play (2nd). He has averaged 109 in his last 3 games this year and is a sure thing to crack 100 especially with the damaged or suspended Cats on the sidelines. Bartel’s form against the Roos is very impressive. His previous numbers are 139 in 2009 and before that he had 145, 96, 115, 146, 132. They are his favourite team and he should have a cracker (if he plays umm). Chapman didn’t play these guys either in 2009 but had scores of 121, 59 in 2008. In 2007 he had numbers of 101, 122, 134 so if he plays he should join Barnacle and have a cracker score as well. Enright has had 0x100+ in his last 4 against the Roos and Corey who will play this week I reckon has had 104, 129 in his last 2 against them. So look for a nice come back from Joel this week. Brent Harvey might as well stay at home with that average of 68 in his last 3 and with previous scores of 76, 103 and 25… you get my drift.
Will They Play?– I reckon Bartel is a 20% to play and Chapman 40% chance. My personal thoughts with no source required. Do not be surprised though and make sure you have cover! Bartel has not missed a game yet and is due for a rest (especially with his sore arm) and Chappy needs all the time in cotton wool leading into the finals. His run has been impressive so they will not risk it at all, especially against Roos this week. Mark my words, Calvin has spoken.
Chappy After a Week Off – He’s not good at bouncing back after missing games. 75, 47, 81 are his 3 scores he has had after having time out of the game. So if he does play this week, don’t expect too much.

Richmond Vs Sydney

Goodes – 110
O’Keefe – 84
Kirk – 82
Deledio – 80
Tuck – 72

After getting the chop this week I reckon that Goodes will listen to him and be back BIG this week. He has had 106 and 158 in his last 2 games against the Tigers and with an average of 135 at the MCG last year, surely he must be better this week. If a ‘chop’ can’t fix him… nothing will. Kirk made his way into Tackling Tit-ed’s team last week in honour of his career (Tit’s a Swan fan) and Tit-ed will not be impressed this week as Kirk has 0x100+ scores in his last 7 against them. ROK is not much better with 0x100+ scores here in his last 4 against them. And as Forrest Gump says… “and that’s about all I have to say about that..”

St Kilda Vs Melbourne

Dal Santo – 125
Montagna – 119
Goddard – 118
Hayes – 99
Bruce – 83
Green – 73

Bruce has 0x100+ scores in his last 3 games against the Saints and Green is in the same boat but way worse with 0x100+ scores in his career of 11 games here. But we are here mainly to look at the Sainters right. Lenny Hayes has only had 4×100+ scores on this mob in his last 12 games and that is with scores of 127 and 119 in 2009! Impressive… but it gets better for the Saints here. Goddard has had previous scores of 107, 132 in 2009 and then 116, 108 before that! They were his 3rd favourite team of 2009 so he should be worth a thought this week. Montagna is another one to seriously consider. With an average of 119 in his last 3 and previous numbers of 110, 146, 102, 108 he should be on your radar once again. His form has been sharp so why not! Then we have Dal Santo who avoided the Pink Pig tag last week and enjoyed the freedom for his 130ish score. He had 141 last time he played them and 114, 121 before that. Over his career these guys are his 3rd favourite team and based on those numbers he should be worth some consideration. But unfortunately he is not in the top 5 this week as I just believe there are a few better options.

For me… Swan, Swan and Swan. Nothing more needed to be said. I’ve never seen a guy average 150 from their last 3 games so it’s lock for me and I’m just pumped I got the dude, cause all my other players suck. Hope you drill a ripper. Good luck! And what about the new graphics… thanks for the help dawg!

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