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World Cup DT update

Just a quick reminder that the trade window is open in Virtual Sports’ World Cup fantasy game today before the final round of games in the group stage. Scratch your AFL partial lock-out itch by swinging the axe on your underperforming stars of the round-ball game.

The DT Talk league is one of the most-populated leagues in the game, with more than 500 teams taking part. Four of teams from the DT Talk league are currently ranked inside the top 100 overall, including my own Merv Gray Autos. Go you Autos! Well done to Scott’s Mad_5kills, who lead the DT Talk league with 331 points and an overall ranking of 46, (although I’ve sent him off with a red card for the anti-Australian selection of Philip Lahm).

If you’ve been playing the Virtual Sports game all along but haven’t entered the DT Talk league, you can still do so (if you’ve got a spare league left) by entering the code: 309981.

While I’m here, cheers to the DT Talk posters for their good wishes after my missus popped out our second kid last week. With the current dearth of decent rookie downgrades, I’m doing my bit to ensure there’ll be a few more to choose from in the 2028 AFL Dream Team season.



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