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Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 13

Oh yeah – The Loop Hole. What’s the Loop Hole? How does it work? Does it even work or are you just off ya face Calvin? Ha ha arrrggg, you bet it works! Join me as I show you all the tricks and shit into how to have a double chance of picking a good captain this week.

Last week I pumped out some good numbers in my top 10. Ablett 103 had 40% of the coaches semi happy but Montagna let down 15% of his followers for his 65. Chappy broke his perfect 100 record this year with a 99 of all scores. Baretl had 137, Goddard 120, Swan 150 and Pendlebury 136, were all amazing! Selwood 90, Stanton 73 and Thompson 27 (but injured) all we not that great – lets get int0 this Loop Hole thing!

What is The Loop Hole?

Well I’m glad you asked! With this week being a split round it means we have another partial lock out. This means that lock out will occur ‘partially’. AFL Dream Team will be in lock out over the weekend, but open again for the following week, with all the players who have already played still locked in. You can not move, replace, trade or anything with these guys, BUT you can move, and trade and change the players who have not yet played from St Kilda, Geelong, Sydney, Collingwood, Adelaide and Melbourne. When I say ‘change’ I also mean… make captain!

How Can I Make This Work?

Step 1 – Read Calvin’s Captains

Good. You’re off to a good start. Make sure you read this carefully and understand this fully. Make sure you tune in the “Thursday Night Live” with DT TALK this week, as I’ll answer all your questions for those who are a little dumb and don’t get it.

Step 2 – Stab Away

Click a “VC” on the player you want this week to have a crack at a good score for you. It must be a player from the coming weekend games. Players from either Hawthorn, Essendon, Carlton, Fremantle, Brisbane, Richmond, Kangaroos, Port, West Coast or the Bulldogs.

Step 3 – My “C” Though?

Do not appoint anyone with the “C” if they are playing in those teams above (unless you want them)!! Place your “C” on a reliable back-up who will play next week…. just to be extra safe, and then for some reason if this doesn’t work you’ll be happy! Then wait and see what your VC gets!

Step 4 – Are You Greedy?

After the split round, re-assess if you are happy with the score that the VC person got you. If you are not, simply put “C” on the person who you would like to beat that score for the following weekend. By doing this the “C” over rides the “VC” and this will replace that person. If you are happy… then keep the “VC” score like I did with Carrazzo in round 1 and put the “C” on someone who is not playing on your bench (preferably someone injured so there are no nasty late inclusions). Therefore you will get the doughnut off your captain (bench dud) which will be replaced with the score you wanted, the “VC” one!

Step 5 – Enjoy the Ride!

Laugh and enjoy the fact that you made the right call, or kick your own arse for being too greedy!

Will It Work?

Yeah it will. It did when we had our last partial lock out and this is what I did. I locked in Carrazzo for round 1 with a “VC”. He then smashed out a good 131. I was happy with this and therefore didn’t need to use anyone else for my “C” and played the round without a “C” and therefore Carrazzo had 262. If I wanted to risk it … whoever I then gave the “C” too – just needed to score anything above  131. I made the right call. But where will you draw the line of greediness?

Here I’ll cover the most likely picks you are tossing up over this week with the role of the VC. Sam Mitchell had 129 and 97 in the 2 games he played against the Bombers in 2009. He had a 59 in his last at the MCG though, but his history here looks great! Hodgey will be a huge option for many people this week with scores of 131 and 140 in his last 2 games this year. He hasn’t cracked 100+ in his last 6 against the Bombers and had 84 in his last against them in Rd. 6 this year (lowest for 2010) He did have 131 in his last game at the MCG and will be a massively picked VC this week. The Bombers have given up the most 100+ scores in the last 2 weeks this year as well, topping the list with 11. Stanton had 30d (127pts) in his last game V the Hawks and got the pig tag last week. His last previous scores here are huge with 127, 139, 147, 123, 110, 105 coming in his last 6! He has played at the MCG 5 times this year for a low score of 92. If you are one of the 14,866 coaches who have him, give him the VC now! Jobe Watson avoided the pink pig last week and averages 95 in his last 3 against the Hawkers.  He had 122 in his last against them, but that is his only 100+ score against them in his career of 8 games, but it was his highest score of 2010 despite a tag from Sewell. Bryce Gibbs plays Freo who are his favourite team of 2009 with 140 and 142 coming in those 2 games. Judd averaged 120 on them as well in 2009 too. Marc Murphy isn’t as good as the other Blue boys, but he did have a 92 and 130 in his 2 games against them last year as well. Nothing to turn your back on though! Matthew Pavlich averages 104 in the last 3 against the Blues but does only average 85 in his efforts at Etihad this year and with the efforts of the Blue’s backmen last week he might go ok. Ben Warren kicked 2g from his 17d, 8m and Lindsey Thomas had 7.5g (165pts)! Dean Cox had 119 in his last game against the Dawgs in 2009 and the Dawgs have given up 9×100+ scores in the last 2 weeks this year. Matthew Boyd averages 111 in his last 4 against the Eagles with 94 and 114 in his last 2 in 2009. He doesn’t mind SUBI either with his last 2 scores being 102 and 114.

Next Week…

We have some big guns! Goddard, Hayes, Montagna, Bartel, Ablett, Chapman and Swan all play (which sucks, cause it would have been good to have a double crack with these lads). Stay tunned, as this time next week I will cover the rest of the games, helping you to decide whether to take the “VC” score from this week or take the gamble with a “C” on one of these guys!

Who deserves the Golden Stubby for Round 16

  • Brandon Ellis (23%, 467 Votes)
  • Lee Spurr (20%, 408 Votes)
  • Andrew Carrazzo (23%, 476 Votes)
  • Brett Deledio (22%, 457 Votes)
  • Ryan O'Keefe (11%, 228 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,036

Loading ... Loading ...

So what will you do? Hodgey or Sam for me at this stage, but it depends really who you have. Take the Loop Hole on! Have a crack, it worked before and will again, surely unless they have changed something… but they really can’t. If they have changed anything, please note you are doing this at your own risk. But I will also say that all members of DT TALK are on the Loop Hole train!! Toot toot!

Do you need a Captain? Then Calvin will help you out. Don't want a Captain? Calvin will tell you anyway. The man who digs deep into stats will help you pick a great captain and give you plenty of Fantasy advice. Follow him on Twitter: @CalvinDT



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