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Roy’s Real Estate: Round 11

G’day guys, welcome to this weeks instalment of Roys Real Estate. Hopefully you haven’t spent the last few rounds covering dirty doughnuts and are in a position to add some serious strength to your lineup for the run into finals.

G’day guys, welcome to this weeks instalment of Roys Real Estate. Hopefully you haven’t spent the last few rounds covering dirty doughnuts and are in a position to add some serious strength to your lineup for the run into finals. After two weeks of of averaging 2200 I thought I was back however last round I scored in the 1800’s which has left my trade finger very itchy!

Why arent people talking about me? I’m smashing it!

Jordan Lewis: After getting knocked out, and then coming back too early Jordan’s price dropped dramatically. Since then however, he put together a nice quaddie of 4 x 100+ scores. He is still a great price for a player who would be handy rounding out the midfield. $378,800 with a BE of  73.

Patty Ryder: Patty is an absolute jet who would have to be the most underrated ruckmen in the competition (DT competition that is). In the last 4 weeks Patty has a lowest score of 99 for an average of 109 in that time. So, although he never gets a mention, he is actually the best possible ruckman based on form and ideal for a unique pick. Priced at $390,300 and a BE of 58, he would have been an absolute steal a few weeks ago and still looks to be good value.

Darren Milburn: Almost every year the Burner makes his way into destROY. This year I doubt it will be possible because he is ripping it up so badly that I cant afford him. Over the last month, Burner has not scored below 94 and has averaged 104. With stats like that he would almost warrant a “c” in my team! He is now priced at $395,300 and has a BE of 85. Speaking from experience, The Burner can piss you off all game, possibly causing you to yell abusively at the screen, only to junk it up like you wouldn’t believe and have you singing his praises all the way to 100 big ones.

Where the hell have you gone? Why are you doing this to me?

Ryan Okeefe: A top score of 76 in the last month, WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT ROK? Many coaches rely on Rok to score his 90+ week in, week out but at the moment he cant even reach the 80 mark. A move back to the HFF has slammed the hand break on his DT scoring so all I can say is come back Daniel Bradshaw, soon, PLEASE? Rok is down to $337,100 with a BE of 117.

Daniel Gia: Similar to our friend Ryan, Gia is back in the forward line since the return of Matthew Boyd from injury. When he was playing in the middle, his DT scores were going through the roof to the point people were making him captain! In the last 3 weeks he has averaged 65 which is very disappointing for his coaches. Gia, your ridiculous good looks score you no points and can only keep you in our teams, and your poster on Warney’s ceiling for so long! Pull your finger out and start scoring again.

Lindsay Gilbee: Gilbee started the year with a bang and up until about a month ago he was averaging 100. In the last four weeks his scores have been between 55 and 89, causing some concern for the Gilbs faithful. It seems Lakey is stealing some of his mark-kicks across the half back line.

You couldn’t do it, but look at the numbers!

Brian Lake: While on the topic, how can you ignore a backman averaging 123 in the last four? Yes, his score of 192 inflates his average however his lowest score in that time is a respectable 84, to go with 2 other 100+ outings. Priced at $445,00 and with a low BE of 36, this could be your last chance to grab him so cheap! I think, with these scores and his new found consistency, its time to take the “not a DTer” tag from Lakey.

Shane Tuck:What does old Tucky have to do to get a gig in peoples teams? I’m not sure if people are concerned about verbal communication with teammates, or the unwarranted lack of job security that seems to follow him each year. Either way, numbers say he is an elite gun with an average of 103 over the last month and a price tag just over $400,000.

Richard Douglas:In his first four years of AFL footy, Dougy has not managed to average over 65. He started this year in similar fashion, however the last month he has decided “well I’m out on the bloody ground for two hours, I might as well try and get my hands on that red thing they all seem to chase”. Good move Dick, a DT forward that can gather 30+ possessions a game is invaluable, let alone one that can score big DT 100s. His last two scores have gone 123 and 126 indicating he may be getting some of Tyson’s midfield time. If this is a sign of things to come, a price of $349,500 is a steal. He wont be around this price for long, as he carries a BE of only 6.

Well I hope you have enough trades left to at least read my article. Feel free to talk about the guys I’ve mentioned, plus some of your own!

The most successful DTer out of the boys prides himself on his multiple top 200 finishes... nearly as much as he prides himself on his guns! The coach of destROY wants you to follow him on Twitter: @RoyDT.

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