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Roy’s Real Estate: Round 10

Welcome to the round 10 instalment of Roy’s Real Estate where my aim is to give us lots to think and talk about on a Tradeday, I mean Friday.

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Welcome to the round 10 instalment of Roy’s Real Estate where my aim is to give us lots to think and talk about on a Tradeday, I mean Friday. There will be a few people looking at trades this week with Kennelly going down as well as many coaches losing their patience with some “guns”. The funny thing about DT is one mans trash is another’s treasure. What I mean by this is, if you pay full price for a gun player that is under performing, many coaches lose patience and send them packing, meanwhile, other coaches are licking their lips to pick them off the scrap heap for bargain basement prices.

One mans trash, can they return to treasure?

Jonathon Brown: A couple of year ago I picked up Brown Dawg for just under 300,000. To this day it is the best trade I have ever done. His form gave no indication that he was a good pickup, however it was Browny, so I did it. He rewarded me with a 100+ average for the rest of the year and actually went back up in value so fast that many people missed the boat. Today he is starting a 6 week program that is slowly re-introducing him to training through the week. He is a must have in any DT, but what week will you swoop?  $310,100 with a BE of 105. A score of 140 is just around the corner and I cant wait. Ps. If you own him and find yourself continuously sooking about his low scores (gutsy and injured) trade him out now because you dont deserve the second half of the year he will produce.

Leon Davis:Leon looks disinterested at the moment, well its either disinterested or he has completely forgotten how to play football. Either way, he is an All Australian who can average 100 points a week. It will only take 1 good week to get his confidence back, or a slight role change to make him a massive bargain. Even if its a week in the magoos, whatever triggers a spark and Leon could return to elite level. $275,200 with a BE of  109, and his two games last year vs the lions were big 100’s so if he gets a game, this could be his week. I wrote this article before team selection so there goes the Lions theory, however I have a good feeling when he comes back 100% and fresh his average will rise dramatically.

Ryan Hargrave: Hates a contested footy, but that doesn’t matter sometimes eg. last week vs the Roos. Hargrave finally rewarded those faithful owners who picked him from the start with a very solid 120+ score. Question marks remain about whether he can continue to score well but many Kennelly owners would be strongly considering the 50 grand upgrade after last weeks effort. $300,100 and a BE of 37.

100+ average and set for a price drop:

Dane Swan: Swannie has a very achievable (by his standards) BE of 133 but his history againts the Lions suggest it wont happen. Compounded by the fact that he looked proppy in last Fridays match (well proppier than usual, if that’s possible) he seems set for a drop over the next week or so. Currently averaging 114 per game, he is priced at $479,300.

Gary Ablett: If there was ever a player to do it, and a ground to do it on, this would be the week that someone could reach 197, which happens to be Gazza’s BE. Gazza’s history against the Demons however, suggest that he doesn’t have to get out of third gear in order for the team to pump them and will most likely back off around the 120-130 mark. So unless someone throws him a challenge this week eg. some dud trys to put a hard tag on him, or somebody bets him he cant beat Brian Lakes score from last week, Gary looks set to drop under his current price of $533,000.

Kane Cornes:Kane is one of the most consistent premiums out there. Rarely does he smash out a huge score but on the flip side he will almost never give you a sub 90. So if you are after some stability to round out your midfield, Kane may well be the perfect unique pickup this week or next. Priced at $402,400 with a handy average of 102 and BE of 127.

The only way is up:

Chris Judd:Juddy is an absolute champion, and this year he is converting it to Dream Team scores. Not only is he fitter than previous years, his uncontested possession rate would be well up due to the extra attention going to Marc Murphy (bigger threat in-front of goal). He is still great value for someone averaging 115, priced at $440,800 with a low BE of 79.

David Hille:If you are in need of a new ruck, its hard to look past the big Hille burger at the moment. A whopping 156 last week is the icing on the cake that Hille likes his new role, and is embracing it. A mix of sitting on the pine, playing out of the square and rucking seem to be the perfect mix for the big fella who has got his average up to 91. He looks nothing like the 2009 Hille who hobbled around the ground as full time solo ruckman, barely getting a touch. His price is $359,500 with a low BE of 16.

Adam Selwood: Looking for a cheepish unique midfielder? With scores of 116 and 123 in the last two weeks, Selwood is hard to ignore. Have a look through your mids and see how many arent averaging 100, because this bloke is up to an impressive 101 with a BE of 48 and a price of $383,600.

Sam Fisher: DT gun who has dropped in price due to 1 bad game. The stronger the Saints get in the run into the finals, the better the Fish will get. He is capable of massive scores and at a price of $321,200, he could be the perfect answer to Kennelly problems.

So, there is some food for thought. Please discuss your potential trades and have a ball with them!


The most successful DTer out of the boys prides himself on his multiple top 200 finishes... nearly as much as he prides himself on his guns! The coach of destROY wants you to follow him on Twitter: @RoyDT.



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