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Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 7

Oi Arggg, a much better week for captain selection and if you are a person that says “Ohhh, who needs Calvin’s Captain, just lock in Ablett” then suck a slug you moron. Ha ha haaarrr cough cough…. Well done those who stuck with me, cause I drilled you some ripper and the boys in my top 5 back my up. Cheers lads!!!

Oi Arggg, a much better week for captain selection and if you are a person that says Ohhh, who needs Calvin’s Captain, just lock in Ablett” then suck a slug you moron. Ha ha haaarrr cough cough…. Well done those who stuck with me, cause I drilled you some ripper and the boys in my top 5 back my up. Cheers lads!!! Last week 30% of coaches were effected by Ablett’s withdrawal and a combined 23% of people took either Stantons 127 or Swanny’s 140. 37% went Jimmy who still did just ok for his 96. Overall 2,212 people voted, which is sweeeettt! Cheers!

Nearly A Record

Last week we also saw the MOST 100+ point scored by players so far this year. 62×100+ were scored beating the old mark of just 50 which was set in rounds 2,3 and 5. Compare this to last year where the most 100+ scores were in a wet Rd. 5 (63) and the next most in Rd.16 (61). This week was greatly assisted by the Tigers, Hawks and Saints who all gave up 8×100+ scores each!! Amazing week really, 2nd most 100+ scores in 2yrs.

Geelong Concern?

Big issue this week with the team with the “Go to” captain’s in Geelong, play the hardest team in the competition to score 100+ points on. Sydney. The Swan have only given up 5×100+ scores to opposition players ALL year and this week, they play the Cats at Skilled Stadium.

Remember that the numbers listed next to the players are their average in the last 3 games they have played this weeks opponent.

Melbourne Vs Westerndawgs

Boyd – 119
Cross – 99
Green – 98
Gilbee – 98
Grimes* – 95
Bruce – 90
Gia – 89
Cooney – 76

Righteo, lets kick off round 7 with the Dogs and the Dees. Greeny has scored 100, 86, 108 in his last 3 against them, biut one thing to note here is that he didn’t play them at all in 2009. Bruce’s average of 90 is solid here with his last two scores being 85 and a huge 141. Grimes has only played these guys once and did knock up a nice 95 though. Cross has a “Don Bradman” here (avg. 99 – this is my new joke) but he onlyhad 69 last time they met. Gilbee smacked up 106 in his last game against them but it’s his 167 (34d, 27k,15m, 6t) that everyone will chase this week. No joke, people will click on him chasing that same figure, good luck with that! Gia also whacked a huge 154 last week but he hasn’t scored over 100 Vs these guys in his last 8 games and might struggle again so history says. Cooney has only cracked 100+ once in his career of 10 games Vs the Dees and did attract the Bartram tag last time they met. But it’s Boyd’saverage of 119 in his last 3 games up there that has you reading this with excitement. In his last 4 games against the Dees he has gone 131, 122, 104, 101. He averages 120 this year but he has missed the last 2 games with a broken hand and should be ok this week, fingers crossed for Boyd lovers cause this might get nasty!!

West Coast Vs Hawthorn

Mitchell  – 131
Priddis – 121
Cox – 119
Sewell – 115
Hodge – 97
Buddy  – 72
Riolli – 72

Oh am I excited about this game. I’ve been waiting all year from Sam Mitchell to play the WCE and for it to be happening at SUBI, I can’t control myself. His last scores Vs them have been 147, 140, 106 for his average up there of 131.  In his last 2 games here he had 40d in each and if that’s not enough to for you… in his last 2 games at SUBI he had 147 and 141. OUCH!!! The WCE are his favourite team of the last 2 years that sees him average 122 in his last 4. But will he play?? He bloody better, cause this is why I have him! Lift and stop being soft Sam! Buddy has a top score of just 80 Vs these guys in his career of 8 games which says that Glass gets the better of him, EVERY single time ! Hodgey has gone 85, 100, 107 in his last 3 and Brad Sewell’s numbers here are crazy like Sam’s. He averages 115 in his last 3 with previous scores of 113, 120, 113 but seriously, not many people have anyway, unlucky for us. Coxis back… he has averaged 98 in his last 3 games this year and faces his favourite team this week, who don’t really have a ruckman! With previous scores of 138, 96, 124, 90, 107, 121, 97, 119 Coxy should go offa. Priddis is another to watch, seriously!! He is averaging 96 this year and the Hawks are his favourite team to play… BY A MILE. For the 5 games he has played against them he has cracked the 100+ everytime (117, 139, 107, 135, 115) not many people can say they have a perfect record! He can! He averages 92 at SUBI this year, but I’ll tell you what… look out cause another 100+ score is pretty much a sure thing!!!
Bounce Back Sammy – Last year after Sam missed a game he bounced back the next week with a 127, fingers crossed he even plays!
Cox Vs No one– Last week even David Hille knocked up 113 Vs the Hawks ‘ruckman’ or lack of… Cox is a sure thing here guys.
Taggers – Not really, Rosa tagged Barlow last week and he walked away with the Medal and 108 points… Sam, Luke and Brad have nothing to worry about!

Essendon Vs Port Adelaide

Cassisi – 109
Kane – 97
Jobe – 89
Stanton – 88
Boak – 61
Hille – 55

Right – this will be quick. Not much up there to look at. Cassisi averages well here with 109 in his last 3 and he did that with 105, 89, 133. Kane Cornes’ lowest score Vs the Bombers is just 89 in his last 4 so he looks like getting 90+ easy here. Stanton came in good for me last week after I pumped him up mega. He has had previous scores here of 125, 44, 94 but he is averaging 123 this year. Hille will suck again like his average says… as he has never scored over 100 Vs the Power in his career of 10 games.
Kane Tag – Yep, Kane will tag Stanton, has done before and will surely do it again (really got him when he had that 44, Rd 7. 2008). So after I was saying get on him last week, this week I’m on the other side of the fence saying… be very careful.

Collingwood Vs Kangaroos

Harvey – 102
Pendlebury – 95
Swan – 94
Didak – 84
Shaw – 73

Umm an interesting one here for sure. Liam Anthony has never played the Pies so that’s why he’s not mentioned. Brent Harvey has a good record with his lowest score being just 82 in his last 7, despite not playing them at all in 2009. Heath ‘Not So’ Shaw has only managed 39 and 59 in his last 2 against them, and I did some research, and couldn’t really tell why, but I’m assuming a got a ‘back tag’ that he couldn’t handle… again. Swan, Dane Swan last week had a nice 140 but the Roos are his 3rd worst team. He has only managed 2×100+ scores Vs them in his career of 7 games. He did manage 117 last time they met with his 33d, but to be honest I am slightly worried.
Tags?– Certainly will be!  Pendles is a focus for them. He and Leon Davis. Last time they were focused on by Rawlings and Lower, which makes you wonder why Swanny struggles. Probably not if they target those lads again, he might explode.

Brisbane Vs Fremantle

Black – 108
Brownie – 103
Pavlich – 100
Power – 94
Sandilands – 63
Brennan – 62

Yes! Another quick game to cover with guys with low averages. With a break even of 143 this week, Jonno Brown has a huge job to do, but the big man can do it. He averages 103 here with just 86 in his last game against them. In his last 5 here he averages 113 with that 86 being the lowest of all those 5 games. Luke Power had a poor 65 last time these teams met and finally I have something nice to say about Simon Black. Freo are his favourite team of the last 4 years as he has had 100+ a nice 4 times in a row. Amazing, but might be worth a bet as a smokey. Sandi has a shocking average he although his form is wicked, I’ll have to pass on him in Brisbane. As for Pav, he goes ok with scores of 97, 107 and 97 and might be an ok bet especially how Brisbane let ROK and Bradshaw have 94 each last week up forward. Consider it maybe.

Geelong Vs Sydney

Ablett – 139
Corey – 122
Bartel – 113
Stevie J – 105
Selwood – 88
Chapman – 88
Kirk – 83
Enright – 78
ROK – 74
McVeigh – 67

What can I say? Look at those numbers… and against Sydney! Headshake headshake, but lets get into it. Adam Goodes has had 117 and 121 in his last 2 against the Cats but it gets worse for the other Swans. McVeigh has played the Cats 9 times in his career, for a top score of just 80 ha ha. Shouldn’t laugh but c’mon!! Bad news too for ROK fans, Geelong is his worst team to play DT wise, not good! But now lets chat about the big boys and those massive numbers up there. Chapman or CHAMPman as I like to call him. He has been in wicked form but only has scores of 73 and 88 in his last 2 here. Joel Selwood’s last 4 scores here are not pretty at all… 69, 124, 71 and 71. Read on to find out why. Joel Corey should be back this week after resting for the last 2, bloody lazy… anyway, he has a wicked average here of 122 in his last 3 with scores of 139, 126, 102 . In fact he has scored over 100+ in 5 out of his last 6 matches, so look out for a big one from him… if he plays! Barnacle Bartel averages well here and has scored 4×100+ scores in a row Vs the Swans with a top score of 124. Impressive Barnacle! Stevie J bounced back last week and rewarded his coaches with a huge score. Against Sydney his numbers are very ‘Katy Perry’ with scores of 79, 149 (Rd. 7, 2009) and 87 who knows what he will bring this week. This man will bring something good… and he will play. Gary Ablett! He averages a massive 139 here, that’s 139 if you missed it. 141, 126, 150 are his last 3 scores and amazingly enough they are his only 100+ scores against Sydney in his career of 10 games. Crazy hey, but it looks like he has finally worked them out. The Swans are his favourite team in the last 2 years and Gazza should do it again this week.
Rd. 20, 2009 Taggers– Last time these guys met alot of interesting things happened and it will be the same again this week, so listen. Kirk always tags Selwood and did it last time holding him to 69. Jack tags Ablett, but it didn’t work cause Gazza had 141 on his head and the Pink Pig who has been in wicked tagging form, goes to ROK which is probably why this is his worst team to play. You have been warned.
Bounce Back Gazza– So what does Gary do after having a week off.. in 2009 when he missed twice, he bounced back with 116 and 121, we’ll take that Gaz.
Sydney V Everyone–  Why is it that the Cats smash Sydney and everyone else sucks bad with their DT scores? I have NO idea! None at all. But they do, and the numbers don’t lie. Sydney have only given up 5×100+ scores this year in 6 rounds, being by far the hardest to score on. Like they are every year, and every year I write this same piece saying how hard they are to score on but the Cats do it everytime. But I won’t be shocked either to see some low ones. Maybe… but hell, those averages are amazing up there.

Adelaide Vs Richmond

Thompson – 123
Edwards – 111
Deledio – 102
Vince – 97
Goodwin – 93

Lets be honest, you’ve already found a captain, so why are you ready this? Please continue, even if it’s for betting purposes. Scott Thompson is your horse here. He has had 124, 115, 129 in his last 3 games Vs the Tigers and we all know the Tigers give up shit loads of 100+ scores. Tyson Edwards should also join the party as he has had 114, 96, 124 in his last 3 games for his average up there of 111. Delids has been a solid contributor lately and with 99, 104, 104 and a lowest score of 89 in his last 5 against the Crows, he should once again feature in the top few this week.

St Kilda Vs Carlton

Hayes  108
Montagna – 106
Gibbs – 103
Goddard – 94
Marc – 89
Dal Santo – 84
Carrazzo – 76
Judd – 76
Gilbert – 66

Who knows what to expect here. Lenny Hayes has started his price rise upwards and with 135, 100 in his last 2 he might be a good bet. Before those 2 games he went 90, 89, 138, 125, 138 with that wicked patch of 3 games there over the ’06 to ’04 period. Lenny is a jet and might be good here. Goddard had 111 last time he played the Blues, BUT, that 111 is the only 100+ score he has had on them in his career of 8 games. Montagnahad a smashing one last time he played these guys with a 137 and Sam Gilbert has never cracked the 100+ mark in his career of 6 games Vs the Carlton mob. Marc Murphy made me proud last week with his first role in my top 5. He gets tagged heavy here by Clinton Jones and his 10t last time they met saved his score mega, watch out if you have Marc. Juddy has registered only 1×100+ score on the Saints in his career of 11 games Vs them and that was before his last 4 games where he obviously never made the mark.  Gibbs had just 83 last time he played here and before that he had a solid 114 and 111. My hot tip here is Carrz. He could get a lot I reckon, but with no 100+ scores in his 3 Vs them, I’m again doubting my own hot tip.
St Kilda Gave Up Shitloads Last Week– 8×100+ scores in fact, their most for this year easy, and it was mostly the ‘backman’ who cashed in. Gilbee 167, Harbrow 129, Lake 111 all took big numbers and add with that a little Gia 154, Hahn 121 and Cooney 119. In fact, over half the team scored 92+. Will this happen again… if so… watch for the likes of Carrazzo and Scottland to have biggies.

Right. This week it has to be Sam Mitchell. I have none of the others. Please note that this is a random group, but a group that will smash it this week, and yeah I know there is no Swanny in there. Last week I had Bartel (who will score well) but I have to roll with Michell – If he plays… Good luck everyone!

Who deserves the Golden Stubby for Round 6

  • Brent Stanton (65%, 1,545 Votes)
  • Steve Johnson (5%, 130 Votes)
  • Toby Greene (11%, 257 Votes)
  • Kyal Horsley (14%, 334 Votes)
  • Dyson Heppell (5%, 112 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,373

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