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It’s time to go… Josh Hunt

This is Big Brother, the public have voted and it’s time to go Josh Hunt. Or is it? A lot of people have brought up the possibility of trading Hunt this week. Should you?

There was a whole heap of value in picking Josh Hunt at the start of the season. He was a perfect price for a 7th defender… or even on your pine. And now, he has probably maxed out in price with his breakeven of 66 this week. He’s made almost $60K and prime to downgrade, or help upgrade.

Downgrading this week is a perfect option. If he is on your bench, then go for it without thinking twice. If he is your 7th defender, make sure you are happy with what you would get from the guy that will end up being in that 7th position. Most likely a Matt Maguire, Ben Nason… or the new dude who is traded in.

So, who should the downgrade be to? There are three blokes prime for the picking this week. Ashton Hams ($77,800), Phil Davis ($94,500) and Simon White ($77,800) have all played three games and your guess is as good as mine for the best bet there. But here’s my ranking for them:

  1. Ashton Hams: Rd 4 – 48, Rd 5 – 68.
  2. Phil Davis: Rd 4 – 69, Rd 5 – 71.
  3. Simon White: Rd 4 – 58, Rd 5 – 74.

I would only pick Hams over Davis for his name – how cool would that look in your backline? But seriously, their job security is about the same – maybe Davis is slightly better. The big thing for me is the extra cash you can save by going the rookie listed player.

The tough thing with picking a guy for your bench for downgrades, you are unlikely to be trading them again to make cash. You possibly could, but in my opinion, you’ve gotta look at this guy you trade in to play out the season.

If Hunt is on your ground, then you should be looking to sure up that position with a bit of a gun as soon as you can. It would be fine to ride out a Maguire or Nason in that position – as long as you can take a shitful score or two for them over a couple of weeks – and then look at getting on Ryan Hargrave in a week or two for a straight swap from one of them. Hey, Brendon Goddard will be within range soon.

This goes into planning your trades, which I will cover in another blog post soon. But has to be something to think about!

If you’ve got some coin in your bank, how about a straight upgrade to someone? Who could it be? The positive about this trade is that you will have $144,700 in the bank to play with. Plenty of potential for upgrades there!

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