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AFL Dream Team Discussion & Chat: Rd 5

Round 5 is upon us and we’re ready to roll. Get some last minute advice in the DT TALK chat room and discuss the happenings of the weekend right here!

Co-captain of DT Talk since we started this thing in 2007. Best finish was 13th in 2009... that was a long time ago. Follow on Twitter: @WarnieDT

Recent Comments

  • Help Me on Fry’s Cash Cows – Rd. 14: “Def: Sheez, Whitfield, NWM, Dale, Martin, Ryan (Parker, Pink) Mid: Gulden, Walsh, Miller, Rowell, Green, Oliver, Clohesy, Boak (Mannagh, Mckaullfie)…Jun 13, 12:11
  • Fry on Fry’s Cash Cows – Rd. 14: “I still have Dowling No. 1 on my rookie target list. He could still wear the vest this week but…Jun 13, 12:01
  • Fry on Fry’s Cash Cows – Rd. 14: “Gift from the fantasy gods! Round 15 by isn’t ideal, but even though his JS isn’t guaranteed beyond this week…Jun 13, 11:59
  • Fry on Fry’s Cash Cows – Rd. 14: “They aren’t bad moves, but I’d rather grab Dowling over Wines this week and maybe that means instead of Simpkin…Jun 13, 11:58
  • Fry on Fry’s Cash Cows – Rd. 14: “Thanks mate! I think I lean slightly towards the first one. I prefer getting Simkpin in over shuffling Ramsden to…Jun 13, 11:56



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