Team Sheets – Round 20


Team sheets will be released at approximately 6.30pm AEST today, with The Traders reacting LIVE on the Official AFL Fantasy Facebook page from 6.05pm AEST!

In the meantime we’ll be updating all the news and rumours here, so if you’ve heard something on the grapevine feel free to tweet at me or use #AFLFantasy!


Team sheets have dropped and we’ve avoided major carnage yet again!  The key word is major as some would still have got burned, Tim Taranto owners have a forced trade on their hands as he’s listed as injured.  Paul Seedsman is another must-trade, he’s had a poor month and is now injured as well.  Dion Prestia, Tom Stewart, Shaun Higgins, and David Swallow will all hurt Draft owners, while popular rookies Colin O’Riordan and Quinton Narkle are also out of the sides this week.

On to the positives though, Ryan Abbott makes his debut, an easy downgrade if you’re rolling with Oscar McInerney or Brayden Crossley.  Also in is the much hyped midfielder Nathan FreemanTom Doedee returns for those who couldn’t shake him last week, as does Brayden SierJack Madgen and Brandon Starcevich also come in as fresh meat.

There aren’t too many big names coming in, Jimmy Webster and David Armitage could be handy in draft.  Luke Shuey is back for those that picked him up in the last few weeks.  Pearce Hanley is back for the Gold Coast, and Michael Barlow has been named on the extended bench…

Finally, Zorko and Beams owners can breath a sigh of relief, Ben Jacobs isn’t even an emergency.


Richmond: Connor Menadue, Sam Lloyd

Geelong: Ryan Abbott, Jamaine Jones

Hawthorn: Harry Morrison

Essendon: Nil

Brisbane: Brandon Starcevich, Ryan Bastinac

North Melbourne: Jarrad Waite

Adelaide: Brodie Smith, Cameron Ellis-Yolmen, David Mackay, Tom Doedee

Port Adelaide: Nil.

St Kilda: Jimmy Webster, Nathan Freeman, Hunter Clark, David Armitage

Western Bulldogs: Roarke Smith, Tory Dickson, Lin Jong

Sydney: Alex Johnson, Kieren Jack, Jarrad McVeigh, Daniel Robinson

Collingwood: Jack Madgen, Brayden Sier

Carlton: Cameron O’Shea, Nick Graham, Pat Kerr, Sam Kerridge****

GWS: Matt de Boer, Jeremy Cameron, Daniel Lloyd, Aiden Bonar, Harry Perryman, Isaac Cumming, Lachlan Keeffe****

Melbourne: Aaron Vandenberg, Dean Kent, Cameron Pedersen, Jayden Hunt, Timothy Smith****

Gold Coast: Callum Ah Chee, Max Spencer, Pearce Hanley, Jack Leslie, Michael Barlow, Jacob Dawson, Ben Ainsworth****

West Coast: Lewis Jetta, Luke Shuey, Liam Ryan, Brendon Ah Chee****

Fremantle: Matt Taberner, Hayden Ballantyne, Mitchell Crowden, Brady Grey, Cam McCarthy****


Richmond: Dion Prestia (Injured), Nathan Broad (Injured)

Geelong: Tom Stewart (Injured), Quinton Narkle (Rested)

Hawthorn: Jonathan O’Rourke (Omitted)

Essendon: Nil.

Brisbane: Ryan Lester (Omitted), Jake Barrett (Omitted)

North Melbourne: Shaun Higgins (Injured)

Adelaide: Jake Kelly (Omitted), Mitch McGovern (Injured), Kyle Cheney (Suspension), Paul Seedsman (Injured)

Port Adelaide: Nil.

St Kilda: Sam Gilbert (Omitted), Rowan Marshall (Omitted), Shane Savage (Injured), Maverick Weller (Injured)

Western Bulldogs: Fletcher Roberts (Omitted), Mitch Honeychurch (Omitted), Marcus Adams (Injured)

Sydney: Robbie Fox (Omitted), Colin O’Riordan (Injured), Zak Jones (Suspension), Heath Grundy (Mental Health)

Collingwood: Matthew Scharenberg (Injured), Jeremy Howe (Injured)

Carlton: Nil.

GWS: Sam J. Reid (Injured), Tim Taranto (Injured), Dylan Shiel (Injured)

Melbourne: Jake Melksham (Injured)

Gold Coast: David Swallow (Injured), Rory Thompson (Injured), Steven May (Suspension)

West Coast: Nil.

Fremantle: Cameron Sutcliffe (Injured)

Richmond vs Geelong

Hawthorn vs Essendon

Brisbane vs North Melbourne

Adelaide vs Port Adelaide

St. Kilda vs Western Bulldogs

Sydney vs Collingwood

Carlton vs GWS

Melbourne vs Gold Coast

West Coast vs Fremantle


  • Which rookie to bring in Freeman or Magden?

    • Freeman! Saints will want to get games into him the rest of the season and midfield is fantasy-friendly. Madgen is probably only playing one week while Howe is out and I doubt will go higher than 50 points.

  • Which one to trade of Wingard, Ahern, Curnow, Rocky, Westhoff, McLean or Heeney? Gotta trade one of them to bring in Whitfield…

  • Big choice you’ve got Bomber. I say Curnow – then again of that selection Ahern still a rookie, the rest premos or thereabouts. Ahern got more cash to make and if he’s on the bench that’s totally different to playing D6. BTW which Curnow? Seems that’s your forward line & I was immediately thinking Ed & not Charlie.

    Hmmmmm…I’m not sure how Charlie’s been tracking BE etc, but he’s defo been anything but consistent. I’d still likely go Curnow cause of his extra cash in the trade and Ahern to make a little more in the next week or 2. Mind you, I’d not count on him to score like he did last week – bit of an unknown as a rookie!

  • Pick one pls+thx

    1. McCluggage to Dunkley/Danger/Menegola
    2. Hurley to Witherden
    3. Neale to Kelly/Cripps
    4. Stef to Grundy

    • 1. (to Dunkley). Likely to get you 25-50 pts/week. I can’t see any other the others netting more than 30.

  • McLean to Dunkley (no defender emergency)


    Ridley to Freeman (Joel Smith as emergency)

    • I’d go Ridley to Freeman. McLean to Dunkley might get you, what, 10-15 points? Might even cost if McLean suddenly kicks back into gear. Better to make some money for a bigger upgrade next week and lock down some bench cover.

      • Cheers. After Martin to Grundy (my other trade) I don’t really have any bigger upgrades to do (only planned “upgrade” at this stage is Zorko to Macrae/Oliver/Beams/Crouch next week). The trade is primarily to get the emergency. Still recommend Freeman this week?

  • Which rookie to bring in FWD
    Liam Baker
    Fergus Greene
    Who has the highest ceiling?
    Who has the best security?

  • Or shift McInerney to fwd and bring in Abbot

    Looking for a good downgrade option that I can play the year out with!

    • Polson ave 31
      Baker 34
      Greene 38
      Are u wanting to play one on field?
      If so none of em move Big Mac fwd, do u have any mid/fwds u can move down.

      • All options are for downgrade off field
        Just a (very) little insurance to avoid a donut in a bad situation so I’mm looking for the player who will most likely play the year out and, as a bonus, have a chance of elevating their score

        Oscar will be harvested next week!

    • Move the BigO …..

      As for me I dumped him this week for Abbott. Forced changes with both Savage and bench cover injured this week. So much for being able to strategically upgrade for another week.

      Story of the year!!!

  • Crisp to Hurn
    Walters to Menegola?

    • Geeez…Walters and Crisp both could get a role change any week…I guess Menegola is a better upgrade than Hurn so I’ll say Walters to Menegola.

    • Crisp has average of 84 against swans
      Walters average of 62 against eagles

      On those numbers prob Walters menegola was one of the few to crack the ton a few weeks ago when cats played the tigers

  • Laird yeo Simpson lloyd Brayshaw irishfella (Smith lienert)

    Mitchell Kelly Merrett Coniglio Sidebottom Curnow Shuey Ahern (Sier Narkle)

    Gawn Martin (Abbott Cameron)

    Smith, danger, Westhoff Rockliff McLean Heeney (wilson Clarke)

    Should I go the Irishman to Johnson then Narkle to anyone
    Irishman to hurn then Narkle to Freeman leaving me 184k to finish off team and get any mid i want for Ahern

    • Defo option 2 imo!!!

    • If your set on Hurn I’d say option 2 also.
      But if it was me I’d probably go Ahern to Freeman and Irish to Whitfield.
      I think Freeman will have a similar output to Ahern(both 60-80) for the rest of te season

  • Who do you think will score more between now and the end of the season:
    Dusty, Stef or Ed Curnow?

  • Which defender out of ….


  • All options are for downgrade off field
    Just a (very) little insurance to avoid a donut in a bad situation so I’mm looking for the player who will most likely play the year out and, as a bonus, have a chance of elevating their score

    Oscar will be harvested next week!

  • Johnson or Freeman

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