Round 16 Lockout Chat

Discuss your moves up until lockout and everything across the weekend in the comments.

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  • Wingard, Hurley or Billings?

  • Upgrading a rook and dealing with fyfe this week. Im looking at bringing in both a top line mid and top line def- premos currently in each line are:
    Titch, j.kelly, gaff, Coniglio, McLean, e. curnow for mids. laird, sic, whit and yeo for def.

    Currently thinking m.crouch and simpson+199k.

    Convince me of any other better combo?

    • Brayshaw instead of simpson. Will average more for the rest of the year ? Totally up to you.

      • Hey mate-i like Brayshaw too, thinking his be means he may be a little cheaper for next week is my only thought!

        • I’m abit worried about Simpson scoring this week. Fremantle defenders didn’t score last week Ryan 35 and Wilson 60. I have a feeling that Simpson may have an under 80 score. But you can’t go wrong both top 6 defenders

          • Fair play for sure. Any thoughts on the fyfe replacement?

          • I’ve got the same issue. Im going to Beams at the moment but I like all the high scoring pies. They have the next 4 at the MCG. Just makes it very tempting so Sidebottom, Adams, Phillips.

          • I hear you- tough run ahead though! Beamer is a legend though… tough calls!

            No real standout options demanding selections hey! All have lukewarm pros and cons!

          • Yeah its interesting. I would say go Crouch but this crack in his hand is concerning. How much do you think they would affect him ?

          • Really depends where it is- and how bad the break is. I wonder whether it is so bad if he trained and played with it last week?

          • Cripps does look good but gaff for my money! Has learned to hug and has an enormous tank top just keep running and running

          • Miyagi-san, I really want to grab Crouch (excellent form and definitely underpriced) but I’m too wary about the hand issue … I’ve decided to see how it goes this weekend and get him next week if it’s all ok.
            I’m getting Westhoff instead. Want him for my forward line anyway (top 6) and he can sit in my mids until I shift him forward. And I figure he’ll be a ready-made replacement if needed for Heeney if he doesn’t get over the concussion (warming the pine this round).

  • Trade out Liam Ryan or Tim Smith?
    Field Ahern or Spargo?

  • Double downgrade this week. Guelfi to Sier and Duman/Redman to Lynch. Should give me enough for a Joel Smith upgrade next week.

    As much as a Gray to Gaff trade is tempting……!

    • Solid moves. Roy had some good stats on Gray last night so hopefully they can become true for his owners.

  • 2 choices.

    1. Get Sier.
    Now that Narkle has spudded, Sier could be the last good cashcow. This week already a bit of a write of for me due to injuries.

    2. Get Gaff
    Miss out on Sier. Stuck with Narkle, could be in trouble if downgrade options dry up.

    • Hows your match up this week? Do like Sier’s js if he produces another half decent game this wk… but gaining gaff (particularly if a rook upgrade) is a gun move

      • Already traded Fyfe to Narkle so Im a premo down. Yes Sier would be on field, hes covering Narkles horrible score on the bench.

        • Ooh, trading a premo down to a rookie is pretry cringe worthy Shags!
          I reckon the only move you can make to fix that up is to grab Gaff – then you’ve done a classic one up/one down … just gotta live with the fact that you (maybe) picked the wrong rookie! Geez, feels like we’ve all felt that particular pain often enough this season lol

    • I like both options. If you require Sier to play on the ground then I would suggest to go to Gaff. GWS are Gaff hardest team to score against. But we all know what Mitchell did to them last week.

    • Get Gaff. You can always go Narkle to Sier next week if you need.

      • I still need to complete the team so cant do sideways like that. Like a few teams big name injures to McCrae, Treloar, Fyfe have hurt me and I am a tad behind on trading since I sideways a few underperformers over the byes. Im still 2 upgrades from complete. Saying that Im not adverse to taking a hit and going two big upgrades next week.

        If rookies dry up, missing out on decent rookie like Sier could be a problem. Still want to have some cash making potential. My bench is screwed with rookie injuries to Redman and Battle and omissions for Phillips T.smith Cummings. Wont be able to finish the team if I have no cash.

        • Yeah, im with you mate. If you need money to complete your team in coming weeks before finals then take a hit this week and bring in Sier. I think hes good for at least 70. Good matchup against the bombers.

  • Pick 2 to field out of these 3:

    – Ahern
    – Apeness
    – Gowers

  • Hey guys should I get Gaff or Patrick Cripps?

  • Goddard or Hurley lads?

    • Hurley, purely because Goddard has the ability to pump out a 30

    • Hurley mate. He could be huge this week. May 14 marks, Harbow 12, Weller 10 against the pies last week. I could see Hurley going 120+

    • I would go goddard, well, already did last week, only as he may get mid minutes. seems solid enough

      • Yep.
        Both have ton-ed in their last 2 against the pies, although Goddard has an overall much better record against the pies. Hurley has also dished up 54, 65 and 67 this year. Goddard is a useful DPP. I expect Goddard to average just a little more than Hurley, but while Hurley is a great low cost option, I have gone for Godard, as an equally appealing low cost option, for his flexible positioning and slightly better scoring expectations.

  • which one? Brent Daniels or Oscar Allen

    not sure on JS of either but Daniels is cheaper by $12k and also is dpp mid/fwd other than that dont know anything about them

    • If you had to go one. I would go Daniels just because of that DPP. Allen will be in for one week as Kennedy will most likely return next week. Im not fan of either but Daniels for me mate.

  • Hey guys. Stumped on who to play on field this week post trades

    Luke Ryan & Ahern
    Burton & De Goey

    Who would you back in?

    • Great Question, I brang in Burton to sit in the backline over the byes and he was no good. You would think Ryan would be alot better this week but Melbourne are hardest team to score on. Surely De Goey alot better this week, and i do like the fact that the pies play the next 4 at the G. Have you got any other options in mind ?

      • Cheers Adrian. Essentially this week I’m trading one of De Goey or Ryan to the Hoff. The other will go next week. Like you I was creative during the byes and it backfired. No other real options at this stage.

        Ryan and De Goey have decent ceilings but lack consistency. Burton Has a 90 odd score in him, but is it against the Bulldogs? Can Ahern hold the fort for 1 week?

        • After the last 2 weeks, I dont have faith in Burton. But i did see in the press that Clarko might start looking changes to roles so who knows? Im running Ahern this week for Henney who I’ve held. Good matchup against the suns at Eithad should be solid 70

  • Is Gawn a relevant option for captaincy?
    I’m probably the underdog in my matchup and need a risky play to pay off.
    Gawn’s been in great form the past few weeks and is against Darcy, who hasn’t played for nearly a year and gave up loads of points to rucks last year.
    And if Titch can get held to 80 by Touk Miller, surely he doesn’t go much better against the bigger body of Dunkley?

  • Hmmm…Who scores better rest of season (one def one mid)?

    Def: Simpson/Brayshaw/Crisp
    Mid: Cripps/Crouch/Sidey/Gibbs

  • Have to field either Joel smith or brad lynch for one week. Which one should I field?

  • Field Sier, Ahern or Higgins?

  • Umps hate giving a free against dusty first quarter and already a couple clear frees that another player would get against them

  • Crouch seems fine!

  • Good start for most? 439/4 with Lloyd, Laird, Doedee and Parker.

  • Picking Curnow over Gaff a few weeks ago has fully farked me over…

  • Kade Simpson a late scratching – FMDT! Only line I didn’t have cover on, so I went through last weeks match report – Carlton – Injuries, Nil. Checked the upated injury list on Tuesday, no mention of Kade Simpson having any sign of an injury! Should be all good! Why do clubs pull this crap???

    • Ha ha poor fella, got no sympathy for you or farker Thompson. I chose gaff over curnow , got cover for simmo in the name of Hurley . Get back in the kitchen and cook me some eggs bitch, you both would make good wives being the whinging broads you are.

    • lol, don’t stress too much, I’m playing you this week anyway and I’ve got no cover for him either! At least in SC you can make adjustments right up until the start of the game which is what I did there by using some DPP magic.

  • Ed ‘useless-piece-of-crap’ Curnow — arguably my worst post-bye trade in.
    Suddenly I don’t care about patching up Fritsch in the FWD line next week anymore – Curnow is gone next week.

    The guy was averaging 115 before the trade. He just lost 4 points as I write this, for farks sakes. Probably will only get 50 this game (if lucky), which means he’ll be averaging 78 since I brought him in.

    That’s just not fair.

    • Yup…..I really wanted Gaff post bye, but got sucked in with the Curnow hype. Mind u…..really it wasn’t about anything that was written….he had the runs on the board all year. So, against my gut feeling, went with form.

      He’s been Ar$e, whilst Gaff lighting it up.

      Oh well….totally the luck of the draw, which is to a large extent the name of the game.


      • The double whammy is that he’s lost so much, I can’t “downgrade” him to another premo averaging 105+ with the meagre kitty I have in hand.

    • Gone down 80,000 since I brought him in. Could be worse. I think I’ll stick with him for the moment. Need another mid anyway before I part with him.

  • Can someone help me out here please
    I had Simpson as a late out
    I also have t.murphy and b.lynch on the same line as emergencies
    It hasn’t counted my b.lynch score yet.
    Is this because the north Melbourne game hasn’t played yet or is it because t.murphy is named first as my emergency and I ain’t going to get lynch score

  • if there both emergencies the lower score will count

  • If they both play, you will receive the lower of the two scores.

  • what dulcify said is correct

    • Yeah so does that mean coz tom Murphy won’t play even thou I’ve got him and lynch as emergencies I’ll get lynch score ??

      • Do you even read how to play on the website. Even a 4 year old knows what is going on . Why don’t you ask bum farker Thompson. That dried up peach seems to know it all as the only thing he is strong at is typing

      • If you have 2 emergencies on one line the lowest scoring player that plays is the score you get.

        As a general rule I never have two emergencies on one line for this reason

        If one of your emergencies doesn’t play then you get the score of the one that played.

        Yes the rules are on the app/site but surely we are all above acting like ferals?

  • I tell you what jack crisp is really starting to piss me off. Get the ball you useless crab

  • My uniques (relative to my league opponents generally):

    Redden +++
    Crozier +++
    D Smith ++
    J Kelly —
    Curnow —
    Neale —

    Kinda broke even in the end.

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