My Team 2018: Round 16

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Points for and against – Season

ADE 1588.540.91616.63.61.1

Points for and against – Last 4 rounds

ADE 14652.70.316404.30.7

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  • Which trades??
    1. Banfield to Narkle & Seedsman to Lloyd/Simpson
    2. Banfield to Narkle & Tim Smith/Ed Phillips to Menegola
    3. Banfield to Narkle & Tim Smith/Ed Phillips to Matt Crouch

    Option 1 leaves me with around $130K more left over than the other two trades.

  • What’s better.

    Ahern/ Giro to Sier and Burton to Hurley/Goddard
    Big O to a 170 k ruck and Seedsman to Lloyd/ Yeo?

  • Option 1. Banfield to Narkle and the man of seed to Lloyd’s bank (founded in 1765, Birmingham – home of the sabbath).

    This week I went Cunico to Narkle and Guelfi to Laird (via DPP). I traded Laird out when he broke his hand. Time to bring him back.

  • is it worth paying the extra 120k for simpson over goddard? is goddard safe to average 95 for the rest of the year?

    • Seeing some of the scores that Goddard has had this year does put me off him. Simpson looks to have found a but of consistency in the past few week with three scores in a row over 110. Although he can pump out the occasional 60 he makes up for it with his 120+ scores hence why I think he’s worth paying the extra money for.

  • What’s best.

    1 – Rice to Laird and play Ronke and NicNat
    2 – NicNat to Grundy and play Rice and Ronke
    3 – Ronke to Menegola and play NicNat and Rice

    Other trade is Fyfe to Gaff. Wish I could have 1 week of no premo injuries to upgrade my team and use my bank

    • id say get rice off ya field first after his 26 this week

    • I have a simlar dilemma but have JSmith playing instead of rice.
      Im just getting in Grundy for Nicnat while I have the funds and going to get a proper D6 later. Hoping Ridley gets a game….

  • 1. Who goes first, Savage (@ PA) or Christensen (v CAR)

    Kelly and Billings or
    Lloyd/Brayshaw/Menegola and Dusty or
    M Crouch and Buddy

  • Nic Nat to Big Stef
    Fyfe to Gaff?

    • Fyfe to Gaff as Fyfe will be out for a couple of weeks.
      besides, if you are getting ruckmen in it should be Gawn and Grundy

      • +1, Fyfe has to go and Gaff is the shiz nizzle

        I dont mind Stef Martin tho, Grundy would be the best but if you cant afford him Stef is VS a Kreuzerless Carlton this weekend.

    • cheers lads

  • Scored 2444 on the weekend and pumped now, moved up to rank 217.

    Had Heeneys 18, and took Lloyds VC instead of Titchs massive 195.

    Making a decent upgrade this week.
    Big O – Abbot
    Nic Nat – Stef Martin, would love Grundy but cant afford this week.

    Leaves $38 in the kitty team looking like:
    DEF:Laird, Yeo, Lloyd, Brayshaw, Sicily, Hurn (Smith, Murphy)
    MID:Titch, Kelly, Gaff, Cogs, Neale, Phillips, Zerrett, Crouch (Sier, Wilson)
    RUC:Gawn, Stef Martin (Abbott, Cameron)
    FWD:Smith, McLean, Hoff, Heeney, Rocky, Fristch (Battle, Clarke)

    Next week Fristch is on the chopping block to Simpson, switch Sicily FWD.

    • Heeney has a Thursday night game so may miss

      • If Heeney does miss just field Battle for the week Kingzy

      • Yea saw that, not much we can do about that. Id say its a hold, hopefully he gets up tho.

        • I reckon if you have a spare trade to trade him out and pick him up when his price levels off, his breakeven is going to be huge in his next game, you could swap him out for mena and buy him back in in three to 4 and save some cash

          • I was considering going Heeney to Billings, who seems to be doing ok and for a quick cash grab, and Nic Nat to Stef but I am about 20K short.
            I think ill just hold Heeney.
            I really want Fristch to Simpson next week to

    • Massive score without having Titch captain! You just overtook me, I’ve dropped to 225 😓

  • Got 561k

    Who is the best to bring in for that in fwd, mid, def?

    Was thinking, dusty, de goey, Billings, shuey?

  • Best replacement for Heeney

    Menegola, Hoff, brayshaw or Lloyd?

    • Hoff is on a pretty good streak right now

    • Hoff is probably the most consistent out of those four, similar to Heeney in his ability to have quiet quarters of less than 20 points and still manage to get to 100 most weeks.

  • I am really struggling to complete my team right now, same story all year keep getting smashed by injuries.. last 3 weeks ive had Macrae, Treloar & now fyfe. Its so hard to upgrade when having to sideways all the time..

    Anyway, im still a slim chance to play finals lol

  • What is the best option between the following after trading Cunico to Nankle/Sier

    1 – Fyfe to Josh Kelly/Gaff and have to play Ahern/Guelfi on ground
    2 – Guelfi to Menegola and cover Fyfe this week with Nankle/Sier
    3 – Double downgrade to get Nankle & Sier and benching Fyfe & Guelfi

    I know that I should be trying to improve my team this week but do feel that Menegola vs Sydney and Kelly vs West Coast may limit their scoring for this round?

  • Play M crouch and Mihocek or Hoff/brayshaw/menegola and Sier?

  • Also was Luke Ryan injured or did he just play poorly?

  • Trade in Sier/Narkle (Joel Smith on field as last rookie)


    Trade in Brad Lynch (Paul Ahern on field as last rookie)

    • You’d clearly prefer Ahern on field over Smith, but I think Sier (just over Narkle) would be the best to bring in.

      That said, Lynch’s job security is ok – so as a downgrade you can be ok with that. Do you have solid MID bench cover? If so, ride that out for now and worst case, grab Sier next week.

  • Def: Laird Yeo Lloyd Brayshaw Howe Rice ( Ridley/Smith )
    Mid: Titch Cogs Cripps Phillips Crouch Wines Merrett Rockliff ( Ahern/Mutch )
    Rucks: Gawn/Jacobs ( Big O/Cameron )
    Fwd: McLean Smith Heeney Wingard Guelfi Christensen ( Ryan/Wilson )
    Bank = $ 59k

    Looking at following opions:
    1) Ryan to Sier ( via DPP ) and play on field for Heeney
    2) Guelfi to Sicily
    3) Jacobs to Martin
    4) Rice to Tuohy

  • simpson/brayshaw + sier vs beams/crouch + lynch

  • Battle Injured. DT Gods are you serious? Redman and Battle were great picks, why you do his to me. I’m only 1 or two outs from donuts now …

  • Play Hoff and Sier or M crouch and Ahern?

    Plus heard that Nic Naitanui didn’t train today. Any news that he won’t play??

  • Crouch or Hoff?

  • Going into the Tassie wilderness tomorrow and will be out reception until lockout so a bit worried about trades. Any advice would be great!

    DEF: Yeo, Brayshaw, Whitfield, Hurley, Savage, Doedee, (Redman, Ridley)
    MID: Titch, Gaff, Neale, Zerrett, Tom Phillips, Danger, Parker, Heeney*, (T Kelly, J Smith)
    RUCK: Gawn, Nank, (McInerney, Cameron)
    FWD: Smith, Westhoff, McLean, Sicily, Wingard, Taranto, (Apeness, Ahern)
    $162k remaining

    Got a couple of options, with all of them involving Redman to Sier/Knarkle as the first trade. However, I am undecided on the second trade:

    Option 1:
    Heeney –> the other one of Sier/Knarkle for a double upgrade next week (means I’ll be playing Kelly and Doedee)

    Option 2:
    Heeney –> Laird/Lloyd/Simpson (leaving me with Kelly as my only rookie on and Doedee as bench cover)

    Option 3:
    Heeney –> Cogs/Gibbs/Sidey/Heppell (leaving me with Doedee as my only rookie on and Kelly as bench cover)

    Option 4:
    Taranto/Savage —> Heppell/Adams (with Doedee and Ahern on the ground and Kelly as bench cover)

    What does everyone think the best option is?

    • Option 4, Taranto and Savage aren’t scoring much better than rookies lately and are leaking cash. You could also consider going shuey and cogs/sidey/gibbs/cripps

    • I wouldnt be afraid to trade Savage, he hasnt been doing to well.
      Also field Kelly over Ahern, he just scored 119 on the weekend!

  • Phillips to Sier allows for Austin to Lloyd. Can move on Steven, Doedee and Petracca over next two weeks

    Any better ideas?

    Laird, Yeo, Lloyd, Whitfield, Goddard, Doedee (Mihocek, Redman)

    Titch, Kelly, Sidebottom, Neale, Steven, Parker, Merrett, JOM (Sier, Smith)

    Gawn, Martin (O, Cameron)

    McLean, Sicily, Billings, Rockliff, Wingard, Petracca (Ahern, Wilson)

  • Murphy, Duncan, or Crouch?

  • Seriously stuck this week.

    $15K in the kitty

    DEF:Laird, Yeo, Lloyd, Brayshaw, Sicily, Hurn (Smith, Murphy)
    MID:Titch, Kelly, Gaff, Cogs, Neale, Phillips, Zerrett, Crouch (Sier, Wilson)
    RUC:Gawn, Nic Nat (Mcinerney, Cameron)
    FWD:Smith, McLean, Hoff, Heeney, Rocky, Fristch (Battle, Clarke)

    With Heeney out and no cover, need to trade him.

    Thoughts on:
    Heeney – Simspon straight sway via Sicily and dg a rook
    Heeney + Nic Nat – Barker if named or Lynch and field, Grundy
    Hold Heeney, Fristch + Battle – Simpson + Barker and field

    Next week I can go Murphy + McInerney – Heeney + Abbott so I can get Heeney back.
    Then following week Fritsch – Simpson

    Ultimately my plans are:
    Nic Nat – Grundy which can only be done now through Heeney, or wait 3 weeks
    Get Heeney back if traded
    Fritsch – Simpson

    What can Barker score, maybe 60-70.
    And how much difference would that be between him and Nic Nat vs GWS this week??


    • Gws have limited ruck stocks and now with Patton down with suspected acl I’d hold Nic Nat cause he’s is still good for 80-90 and it’s only a matter of time before his tog goes up. If you base his average on that he’s going ok. Your team looks in good shape so I’d still be looking to generate cash right now to upgrade Nic to Grundy type in 1-2 weeks. I’m in similar position but have cover for Heeney but am still thinking dpp Sicily for him and getting Simpson as well and Lynch in also. Also thinking to double down and bring in sier.

    • I just wouldn’t be going a rookie ruck that’s all could pop you a 30’s score easily. Anyway who the hell is barker in ruck ?

      • Thanks for the feedback.
        Doesnt GWS have Simpson and Lobb playing at the moment?
        Nic Nat 76 and 78 in the last 2 weeks has me a bit worried to be honest, seems to be getting pushed around in the ruck.

        Its suppose to be Baker, not Barker, sorry. Autocorrect
        He is the Demons FWD, might be playing this week. Avg 73 in the VFL, last week he scored 126 or something.

        If Baker can get 65, and Nic Nat 75
        But Grundy 120, and SImpson last 3 vs Lions is 81,81,99
        It is much of a much, but I get Grundy now for the rest of the year.

        Its a hard call

  • Lloyd, Crisp or Brayshaw?

    • Tough call.. The last 6-7 games from all 3 have been amazing.. Crisp has lower ownership and could be a handy POD in your league matches but Collingwood has a difficult stretch of 5 games, and now they’re without Dunn, so Crisp could be made to play more a traditional defensive role..

      I’d be picking Brayshaw.. 6 100s in his last 8, and the Dees have 4 relatively easier games in their next 5

    • Brayshaw should go huge this week Vs Freo hackers

  • What do people see merrett averaging from here on last 3 111, last 5 107 and prices at 683k, couldhe be a better option than gaff etc if he can keep those numbers up and use the cash to upgrade elsewhere? cheers

  • Simpson or Brayshaw?

  • DEF: Laird, Yeo, Lloyd, Simpson, Whitfield, Ryan (Redman, Smith)
    MID: Mitchell, ,Kelly, Fyfe, Sidebottom, Coniglio, Merrett, Crouch, Rockliff (Banfield, Sier)
    RUCK: Martin, Gawn (McInerney, Cameron)
    FWD: McLean, Heeney, Smith, Wingard, Ronke, Guelfi (Giles-Langdon, Ahern)

    Cash: $88k

    Currently have gone Giles-Langdon (via Rockliff) to Narkle fielding Sier and then Fyfe to Cripps. Thought on trades is Cripps the best mid, I can get any mid. Leaves $204k for next week.

  • pick two to field from sier, guelfi and ahern. cheers

  • Field Rice or JSmith? rice scored 26 last week while joel smith scored 27 the week before so… there is a lot to chose from.

  • With all the carnage I think I will go for a double downgrade this week.

    Grabbing Sparkle Narkle first.

    2nd trade Either Siers or Lloyd from doggies.

    Lloyd potentially fixes my lack of def bench issue and 60 is pretty solid for a def rookie. I think his JS isn’t too bad with all the dogs injuries.

    Sier is looking like a pretty must have rookie though.


    • I assume u mean Lynch from the doggies as it matches ur description. i would personally go with sier as i agree that he is a must have rookie. It looks like u have narkle way ahead of sier, i dont think the gap is that large tbh, in fact i reckon sier is a better choice than narkle if i had to choose one. No Treloar, inside mid, big body – i reckon he will be more consistent than narkle. Menegola Danger Duncan Ablett Selwood – so many big names in that Geelong mkidfield – Also Kelly as well i forgot, cant see narkle getting too much of a run.

      • Don’t actually have Narkle way ahead, just had to trade him in today to get him. Narkle also gives me a bench loophole which just gives him aan extra reason to get in. I also meant lynch yes ;)

  • fyfe and rice to 1) simpson and narkle or 2) hurley and langdon. Which option?

  • DEF: Laird, Yeo, Lloyd, Simmo, Brayshaw, J.Smith (Redman, Brander)
    MID: Titch, Kelly, Gibbs, Curnow, Neale, Merrett, Parker, Rockliff (Wilson, Clarke)
    RUC: Gawn, Stef (McInerney, Cameron)
    FWD: Smith, Westhoff, McLean, Heeney, Bundy, Guelfi (Ahern, Battle)

    158k in the bank.
    Looking at trading Redman and Wilson > Lynch and Sier, leaving 212k for hopefully Guelfi or Bundy > Cripps next week. Thoughts?

  • Murphy, Jelwood or Coniglio?

  • Dudes am I “up”grading Fristch to Wingard (actually makes $9k or something) or keeping Fritta on field for one more week and bringing in Sier to the bench? First trade was Heeney to Whitfield (via dpp.)

    I really like the look of no rooks on field, could always double downgrade the bench next week…

  • Need 1 Premo Forward and 1 Premo Mid: Am only focused on this weeks scores as it’s a must-win game for my league.

    Forward: Wingard vs Rockliff

    Midfield: Laird vs Gaff vs Coniglio vs Neale vs Zorko vs Cripps

    Please pick 1 of each! Thank you!!!

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